Marketing Video - How to Effectively Create One?

There is no substitute for video marketing in today’s era. Online videos will be around 82% of the total internet traffic by 2022 as per the study. You will regret in the future if you do not spend your time, learning video marketing or implementing it now. The figure below shows you the portion of traffic divided as per the types of video. 

video_traffic_statsImage Source: Technology Blog

It is possible to completely outsource your video marketing tasks and still achieve desired results, assuming that you pick the appropriate video marketing company. However, I recommend you to know the basics of how you should create marketing videos. 

By acquiring fundamentals of marketing videos, you will not only be able to create decent marketing videos, but you will also be able to select the right marketing video agency along with the quality of the video. 

Step-By-Step  Instruction to create a marketing video

Creating a marketing video is not only about using video editors, organizing media files, and publishing it. You need to consider plenty of factors and go through the organized steps for creating compelling marketing videos consistently.

Here are the steps to create compelling marketing videos consistently:

1. List your goals and objectives

Before moving forward with creating your video, you need to list down your business goals and objectives. 

What is the reason for creating a video? Is it for building brand awareness, increasing leads, boosting sales, or for other purposes? You can have multiple goals for making a video. List down your goals and objectives at first, as it will give you a direction on where to go next. 

tutor2uImage Source: tutor2u

2. Understand your audience

After you are aware of your goals and objectives, you should research your target audience. Try to know whatever information is necessary for you to reach out and persuade them to take actions effectively. 

Try to know the interests of your audience, gender, education level, age group, their pain points, and more. By knowing a lot about your audience, you will be able to customize your message and video, according to the need. For instance, it is not an effective strategy to use a vast range of vocabularies if you are trying to market your product to non-native English speaker. 

3. Choose the type of video that you want to make

The third step is to select the model of video that will best serve your purpose. There are a lot of the kinds of videos that you can choose from, which may be a 2D explainer video, live-action video, talking head video, whiteboard animation video, and so on. 

postcornImage Source: Postcron

Before selecting the type of video, you need to consider the nature of your product, audience, marketing budget, and other factors that are necessary to take into consideration. In addition to that, you should also check out the best marketing videos in your niche to get an idea about the type of video that can work for you. 

4. Choose a video length

It is crucial to decide the duration of your video in advance to create a useful marketing video. You should select the most appropriate duration based on the sophistication of your product, ad budget, audience, a media platform that you want to promote, and so on. 

It is best to be straightforward with your video, instead of beating around the bush. Below is the figure that presents the relationship between video length and engagement. 

wistiaImage Source: Wistia

It is not that only video of a shorter length works better, but the key here is not to extend your video length if it is not necessary when you are marketing with videos. Check out the marketing video examples to get an idea about how you can create a useful video without inserting a lot of filler. 

5. Make a summary of your video

After choosing the video length, you should write down the short review of your video, listing down the main points that you want to convey. It will help you in optimizing the length of the video, creating a storyboard, and other aspects of the video. 

6. Write down an appealing video script 

The next step is to write a persuasive video script for your video. It is one of the most important factors that decide the effectiveness of your marketing video. Numerous script templates will help you generate a custom one for you. Search for script templates in your niche and customize it as per your need. 

You should break down your master copy into different parts for various scenes, which will help you create a compelling story. Your script must present the background of the problem, story, solution, and call to action. There are many crappy scripts on the internet, so you should only select the one that will work out. 

If you do not have any idea about copywriting, there is always an option of hiring a copywriter or booking a consultation with them. 

7. Create a storyboard

A storyboard is a set of visuals in an order that will bring your script to life. It is all about organizing different scenes that are the part of your video systematically to get an idea about the overall video. It will help in minimizing the mistake and maximizing your chances of success. Here is a sample storyboard that will help you create one for your project. 

You can use marketing video tools to generate visuals for you. 

marketing_video_toolsImage Source: Wyzow

8. Publish and market your video

Most of the publishers often miss out on having a concrete plan for promoting their videos. After you finish making your video, you need to export it via your video editing software and then publish it in various online platforms like YouTube, company website, Vimeo, and so on. 

You must have an idea about reaching out to a large number of the targeted audience as there is no point in creating a top-notch video if no one is viewing it. Many marketing video tips are available for you to access, or you can consult with digital marketers to help you with promoting your video. 

The study showed that 64% of the users who watch a compelling video are likely to make a purchase. For that, you need to reach out to them via your video.  

9. Adjust if needed

Finally, your job is not over, even after publishing your video. If there are valuable feedbacks and correction that you need to make, do it and edit the video. The marketing video, unlike other videos, is always in need of minor revisions. 

My Final Thoughts

If you thoroughly follow the steps that I’ve mentioned, you will be able to come up with a marketing video that will work just fine. However, you need to understand that only learning the steps is not enough for mastering marketing videos. There is a requirement for a lot of practice. 

For starters, you can start by creating a basic marketing video that will work OK for you. Over the period, you can learn in-depth about video marketing from various courses or books to continually improve your skills. You should also keep in touch with video production companies for consultation or for outsourcing this task. 

I believe this article has helped you out. In case you have anything more to say to us and our audience, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. 

Chehak Wadhwa

Chehak Wadhwa is a Creative Head at webdew and has an intensive 10+ Years of Experience in Designing & Animation. She has produced 500+ Videos with her team including some of the well know brands in the market like: UBER, Microsoft, T-Mobile, Calendar etc.

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