Animation is a powerful video marketing tool that can bring impressive results. Studies show that 87% of animation users say video marketing has increased traffic to their websites. Yet, some marketers are still hesitant to apply animation.

They typically cite high cost as the main factor preventing them from harvesting the benefits of this technology. So, how much does animation cost, or how much do animators cost? And is using animation videos or animated logo worth it? In this article, you'll find the answers to all these questions and many more. 

Animation as a Video Marketing Tool

Studies show that 17% of people do not use video marketing because they do not know where to start. We can help you out with this. First, let's cover the basics and understand what the animation is

Animation is all about simplicity. It communicates information in a brief and understandable form. Using it, you can easily explain even the most complex things. Simplicity makes animated videos an effective marketing tool that allows you to:

Explain- A video is an extremely simple formatted information squeeze that saves users time. In 30-60 seconds, a person can find out:

  • The type of product/company
  • The needs a product satisfies 
  • Delivery options
  • The pricing options 

Educate- Animation allows you to translate any idea into a video.

Sell- You must attract a person's attention first to get them to buy your product. The animation is perfect for this. Create compelling content to help increase conversions and leads and reach capture leads.

Entertain- The animation causes positive emotions, so users enjoy it. In entertainment, you can create an entire cartoon or add videos with animated elements. 

Attach- Animated videos allow the company to talk about their philosophy interestingly. This positions customers to the brand. Thus, using animated videos can speed up the achievement of the desired image.

What determines the Animation Cost?

If, after reading the above, you decide to create a unique animation for your brand, then read on. Next, we consider what affects the formation of prices to help you save money. 

Studios and artists, when creating animated videos, take into account two key characteristics:

  • Duration: A unit of the timeline is often taken 60 seconds. If the video is longer, then the second minute will be cheaper. All because part of the graphic was already drawn. The amount of work is less. However, in most cases, 30-60 seconds are enough to transmit the desired message. A longer animation is only suitable for educational materials.
  • Style: The more complex and detailed the picture, the higher the cost. For example, most budgetary is 2D motion graphics. It looks like animated typography. However, this does not deprive the video of simplicity and attractiveness. The most expensive is the 3D animation, including the image of characters or creatures.
  • Miscellaneous: Also, some pitfalls will increase the cost. Some studios charge an additional fee for making changes or limiting their number. Be sure to clarify this point. Otherwise, it may turn out that the price announced at the beginning of cooperation will eventually accelerate by one and a half to two times.

How to reduce costs? Homework for companies

The best way to avoid unwanted expenses is to pre-define animation requirements. Before contacting the studio, consider the details, including the following: 

  • Video duration – 30 seconds
  • Animation style – flat design using a multi-coloured palette and cut-out technique
  • One character
  • The presence of voice-overs and musical accompaniment
  • Copyright protection

Determine the real budget (by examining the prices in the market) that the company can devote to creating animations. Look for studios and find the one you prefer. Ask what options they can offer within your budget.

How to make animation for a company?

Option 1 – Contact a Studio

This method does not require high commitment from you. This is especially good if you have a busy schedule. You can also trust the work of professionals. Therefore, the probability of getting high-quality animation is much higher.

Modern studios offer tremendous opportunities. You can make a video of various lengths and styles. Flat graphics and 3D surround images are available, so hiring is unnecessary.

Typically, you'll find a list of services and portfolios on the studio's website. Portfolios allow you to find the most-suited options, which will help you understand which direction to move. It is also a great way to evaluate the quality of work for a deliberate decision on the swatch.

How do professionals create animations? A team of professional specialists is working on creating the animation. They write a script, text, voice dialogues, select music, and combine everything into a finished video. The customer only has to evaluate the work.

The disadvantage of this method is its high cost. Creating an animated video can cost you between $ 2,500 to $ 16,000, depending on the studio. Not every company can allocate such a budget.

Option 2 – Contact Freelancers

Are you wondering how to animate a logo or create a video animation at a reasonable price? Hiring a freelancer is a great option for customers who don't want to get involved in the process and can't afford to create an animation in a studio.

You must draw up the terms of reference independently and think through all the details. Plus, you will see the results of each stage of work.

To create a full-fledged animation, you will need a team of specialists. You will have to find a copywriter, illustrator, and motion graphics designer to receive part of the work from each of them.

This option is significantly cheaper. An animation created by a freelancer will cost about $400. The studio will ask for about $ 1,000. But there are also disadvantages. Firstly, it is challenging to find a responsible freelancer. That is, a reliable, punctual, and experienced specialist. 

Option 3 – Do it yourself

The solution is perfect for small businesses. Today, many budget applications allow you to create animations from the recommended elements. In some of them, an annual subscription costs $300. You can create an unlimited amount of animation.

However, you will not be able to get a unique product with this method. Turning to a studio or an experienced freelancer, you get a video created by individual orders. It reflects the style of your brand. Consequently, he presents it in the best light.

Applications for creating animation does not show your authenticity. Therefore, no matter how inventive you are, the imprint of the application itself will remain. You can also find videos of other brands created in the same program. You will probably recognize them by their elements and appearance.

You can also try to master professional programs. It will allow you to create high-quality video and get a skill that can bring you money. You can craft an online store and promote your videos for additional profit income, which is especially appropriate in the current situation.

Animation in Marketing: Statistics

People are afraid of the unknown, and it is normal. You're an entrepreneur who submits to your fear of the unknown. Here's what you fail to realize – this fear can result in your company's slower development and decreased revenue. 

The bottom line is that being afraid of the unknown is okay if it doesn't hurt your business. And this is what 59% of entrepreneurs fail to realize when planning to implement video marketing but never starting. 

If you're unsure whether the animation is right for you, let's look at what numbers have to say. 

Research suggests that video marketing techniques, including animation, have several benefits: 

  • The loyalty of marketers: 99% of professionals who used video marketing in 2019 will continue to do so in 2020, while 95% intend to increase/maintain the budget.
  • Payback. 81% of marketers said that the time spent on the page has increased. 80% noted the direct impact of video on increased sales.
  • User interest. 89% of respondents said they watch videos in their free time or at the end of the day to relax. 72% of consumers prefer to learn about the product through the video.
  • Value to customers. Users were asked how they wanted to see the video content of companies more often. 86% of responders said they would like more video content from brands in 2020. Out of these, 36% want to see more educational videos. And an increase in the number of demo products was supported by 14% of users.
  • Versatility. In 2019, videos were named the key B2B leadership tool. At the same time, rollers with a length of 30 seconds performed well in 68% of cases; they were examined until the end.

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Got a Clear Picture of the Cost of the Animation Video?

Animation is an amazing way to communicate with customers, whether its 2d animation, 3d animation or 2.5d animation. It is simple, informative, and allows you to convey any idea to your audience. Therefore, adding animations to your company's to-do list is helpful. 

The bottom line is to create an engaging and visually appealing animation. After all, just like in our day-to-day lives, the first impression can only be made once.

If you think that choosing a professional agency would be right to create amazing 2D animation videos, contact us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of animation varies widely depending on factors like animation style, complexity, duration, and the animators' expertise. Simple animations can start at a few hundred dollars per minute, while high-quality, complex animations can cost thousands or even tens of thousands per minute.

The cost of a 1-minute animation can vary significantly. A basic 2D animation might cost around $1,000 to $5,000, while more intricate or 3D animations can go well beyond $10,000. The exact price depends on the level of detail, style, and the animator's rates.

The cost of hiring an animator varies based on their experience and the project's complexity. Freelance animators might charge hourly rates ranging from $20 to $150 or more. Studio animators often have higher rates. To get a precise quote, discussing your specific project details with the animator or animation studio is best.

The cost of a 30-second animation can also vary considerably. It can start at a few hundred dollars for basic animations and go up to several thousand dollars or more for complex, high-quality work. As with any animation project, the final cost depends on factors like style, detail, and the animator's rates.