Have you ever wondered how a small picture can convey a thousand words? Well, it's time to witness the power of that proverb in action.

You might be thinking, how is it possible to watch a proverb? Don't worry; we've got you covered!

Introducing our top 15 animated SaaS explainer videos that will bring this proverb to life. But before you dive into watching these videos, let us share an astonishing fact with you.

Did you know that a short animated explainer video has helped SaaS businesses generate over 25 million views, $48 million in revenue, and more than 10 million account sign-ups?

It's truly remarkable and almost unbelievable, right?

The purpose behind sharing this fact with you was to let you understand the power of an SaaS video in explainer form and why you should harness that same magic for your own SaaS company.

15 Best SaaS Explainer Video Examples to Watch now

1. SaaS Explainer Video for Xcell Host Azure Stack

It is one of the great examples of how Xcell host Azure stack has used an explainer video to describe how you can protect your business data in less than two minutes in a cost-effective and easy way . Using simple and branded colors gives the video a clean and appealing look that will further catch the visitor's eyes.

  • The video effectively communicates the key features and benefits of Xcell Host's SaaS solution in a concise and easy-to-understand manner . It showcases the functionality of the SaaS product. It does so by providing visual representations of how it works and how it can benefit the user.
  • A technical topic like backup sounds to be boring, and people do not get to understand it. But, this animated video utilizes visually appealing animations and graphics to capture the viewer's attention and maintain their interest throughout the video
  • The voiceover in the video is clear, professional, and well-paced, enhancing the quality and impact of the message .
  • The video has a smooth and logical flow, guiding the viewer through the information step-by-step . Thus, making it easy to follow along and comprehend. The concept of the 3-2-1 backup rule used by the experts of webdew makes it easy to convince viewers and escalate ROI . 
  • The video reflects the branding and style of Xcell Host, maintaining consistency with its brand identity.

What sets this video apart

As discussed earlier, with a duration of 1 minute and 57 seconds, the video ensures that it doesn't overwhelm or lose the viewer's attention. Thus, delivering the necessary information in a concise manner.

2. SaaS Explainer Video for Dropbox

Talking about SaaS explainer videos and not including the famous Dropbox Intro video is impossible .

Before using an explainer video , the team tried to explain Dropbox and generate sign-up beta users- primarily through paid ads . But after they decided to explain Dropbox through an explainer video, they saw immediate results .

This video shows its age by giving an overview of its features using a minimal line stroke-based style . Keeping the end-user experience in mind, the team of  Dropbox tried to explain the concept in a short yet compelling way.

  • The video presents a relatable scenario where people struggle to keep things in one place and find them without stress, comparing it with file management . This approach lets potential customers connect with the narrative and feel attracted to the concept .
  • The video incorporates subtle humor throughout, adding an enjoyable and lighthearted touch to the explanation of Dropbox's features and benefits . 
  • The video emphasizes how Dropbox enhances productivity by streamlining file management. Thus, allowing users to focus on their work rather than on tedious administrative tasks .
  • The video highlights Dropbox's robust security measures. This builds trust in viewers by emphasizing the protection of their valuable data.
  • The video not only focuses on the functional aspects of Dropbox but also aims to create an emotional connection with viewers. Thus, highlighting the positive impact it can have on their lives and work.

What sets this video apart

The selection of the right language, empathy, character, and color gives an enticing look to the video and makes the video marketing strategy more powerful.

3. SaaS Explainer Video for AWS

Everything on the internet relies on coding, so it's crucial to have tools that assist coders in their work in an efficient way .

By keeping this in mind, AWS has introduced the “App Runner” service. It offers a speedy, user-friendly , and cost-effective approach to deploying web applications on the AWS Cloud directly from source code or a container image .

But do you understand what this exactly means? If not, don't worry. AWS has created an explainer video with a product demo to provide a practical understanding of how the service can simplify your tasks . 

This video aims to make it easier for you (the target audience) to grasp the concept and take advantage of the App Runner service . In the end, streamlines your job and enhances productivity.

  • The video starts with a relatable scenario that highlights the challenges faced by developers when deploying applications . Thus, immediately capturing the viewer's attention.
  • The video uses visuals and animations in an effective way to show the process of using AWS App Runner. Thus, making it easier for viewers to grasp the concept.
  • The video is an educational resource focusing on the key benefits of using AWS App Runner. These include its ability to simplify deployment, automate scaling, and ensure seamless integration. Thus, showcasing the value it brings to developers.
  • The video presents the features and functionality of AWS App Runner in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner . And guess what? That, too, avoids jargon and complex technical terms.
  • The video exhibits high production value, with polished visuals, smooth transitions, and a well-paced voiceover that enhances the impact and credibility .
  • The video maintains a concise length, ensuring it delivers the necessary information without losing the viewer's interest or overwhelming them with excessive details .
  • The video aligns with the branding of AWS, utilizing its visual style and conveying its reputation as a leading provider of cloud services .

What sets this video apart

The video includes practical examples and scenarios where AWS App Runner can be applied . Thus, illustrating its versatility and how it can address specific needs and challenges.

4. SaaS Explainer Video for Upsend 

This video explains how Upsend-all-in-one customer engagement and communication platforms can help you attract customers with instant chats and messages .

The way, What a story team has explained its features in a short time is something that appeals to the viewers. In this case, the entire video is created by keeping the targeted audience in mind. 

Moreover, if you want to know how you can use screenshots in an explainer video, then you can refer to this saas explainer video example.

  • The video communicated the key features and benefits of its all-in-one communication platform Upsend . They did so by first mentioning the challenges and considerations and then the product as the solution .
  • In this video, motion graphic animation style is used to communicate ideas in an engaging manner . This video does a great job selecting a color, script, charters, and  voiceover .
  • The video should convey how its affordable pricing plans distinguish itself from competitors in the market .
  • The video had top-notch quality, with smooth animations, clear audio, and polished visuals aligned with the brand's design . This high production value added credibility to the video and had a positive impact on the SaaS brand .

What sets this video apart

Its powerful voiceover and call to action with benefits are the two major features that make this video outstanding . The use of benefits like easy to afford, easy to convert, and great customer support, along with a convincing question, led the viewers to take the desired action .

5. SaaS Explainer Video for Uffizio

With a simple minimal visual style, clear characters, and appropriate animation, this video is a great example of how to bring Uffizio- the best label GPS provider, in an appropriate way .

In this 2D animated video, the respective product's benefits are clearly mentioned in pointers form . This further inspires the users to know how the product can help them achieve their goals. 

This video created by the experts of webdew describes the areas in which the product can be used to create a safe tracking system for their business . The clear view of the concept makes it easier for the user to understand and make an informed decision.

  • Effective use of visuals, 2D animations, and graphics enhanced Uffizio's video appeal. Thus, making it more engaging and memorable for viewers.
  • The video should highlight the pain points faced by the target audience and show how the SaaS product solves those challenges .
  • A compelling explainer video portrayed its 100% safe and secure system of tracking. This differentiated it from competitors in the market.
  • High production value, including clear audio, smooth transitions, and polished visuals, adds credibility to the video and reflects positively on the SaaS brand .

What sets this video apart

The use of numbered points to bring the characteristics of Uffizio's GPS tracking service created a great impact on the viewers.

6. SaaS Explainer Video for Rent Vine

Pixel Digital is another explainer videos and animation agency that created this great saas explainer video . In this example, it is clearly defined that Rent Vine- property management software.

The way it started with a problem and gave a proper solution makes it ordinary and powerful. Simple and sophisticated characters, along with the visual themes of the video, help users to understand the concept in a clear manner .

So, if you also want to gain your customer's popularity and loyalty, you can showcase your product benefits via such inspiring SaaS explainer videos.

  • With the animated characters, the Rent Vine SaaS explainer emotionally connected with the target audience by highlighting relatable challenges faced by property managers or rental property owners . This emotional resonance can make the video more memorable and impactful.
  • The video used pictures, animations, or drawings to make complicated property management concepts easier to understand . It showed how Rent Vine's SaaS platform solves these challenges.
  • The video has pacing, music, and transitions that match the pace of any normal viewer. Also, the professional voiceover maintained viewer interest and created a positive viewing experience.
  • The video showcased how Rent Vine's SaaS platform saves time for property managers or rental property owners by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and providing efficient workflows .

What sets this video apart

The video of Rent Vine followed the smooth process of depicting common problems people face in property management, introducing Rent Vine, giving reasons to use Rent Vine and, thus, the ways to use it to achieve goals .
This way, the SaaS brand accomplishes its task to target specific industries or niches in the best way possible .

7. SaaS Explainer Video for Hawksearch 

The eye-pleasing and clear animated cartoon style allow viewers to understand the benefits of using Hawksearch . The way script and animation are linked makes this video extraordinary. 

The creative team of Breadnbeyond explained the entire concept of Hawksearch in around 1 minute . This further created an overwhelming experience. 

Its smooth sailing process is targeted towards specific markets that are clearly understandable for the target audience. 

  • The video delivers its message in a clear and concise manner. It communicates the key features and benefits of Hawksearch without overwhelming the viewer with excessive information . Thus, making it easy to understand and retain the main points.
  • The background voice used in the video, along with the simple animation style, grabs the audience's attention and converts them into potential customers .  
  • Through visual representations and animations, it breaks down these concepts into easily understandable and digestible information .
  • The video showcases the value that Hawksearch brings to businesses by highlighting how it improves search relevance, boosts conversion rates, and enhances the user experience on websites . It effectively communicates the positive impact that Hawksearch can have on businesses.

What sets this video apart

The feature that sets this video apart is its explanatory power. The script of the video was carefully crafted to include every possible situation, making it relatable to a wide range of viewers.
This approach ensured that the video resonated with different types of audience, ultimately winning the race in terms of relatability and engagement.

8. SaaS Explainer Video for Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a name that must be known by various readers here.

But do you actually know what it is?

It is another SaaS software that helps you manage store operations more efficiently .

This company chose a simple but effective approach by including highlighting how Hootsuite excels as a solution for social media marketing and management.

  • The video clearly communicates the key features and functionalities of Hootsuite in a concise manner . It highlights features like scheduling posts, managing various social media platforms, and monitoring analytics, showcasing the comprehensive nature of the platform .
  • The video targets social media managers and businesses that face challenges in managing their social media presence . It addresses their pain points and positions Hootsuite as the solution to their needs . Thus, making it relevant and engaging for the target audience.
  • The use of vibrant colors, smooth transitions, and appealing character designs keeps the viewer engaged throughout the video . Using bold typography and bright colors creates a sense of energy and vibrancy that captures viewers' attention .
  • The video breaks down technical information about Hootsuite's features and functionality into easy-to-digest chunks . Thus, making it more accessible to viewers who may not be familiar with the platform.
  • Using real-world examples and relatable scenarios makes viewers feel more positive and connected to the Hootsuite brand .

What sets this video apart

Relatable ideas of social media and parties and objects like club entry, popcorn, tablets, and pets make the viewer realize to choose Hootsuite for their social media marketing and management .

9. SaaS Explainer Video for Beezer

As one of the best SaaS product videos, this animated saas explainer of the Beezer tool has set a different approach even among the animated videos .

The use of a character as the mascot of Beezer and using an entertaining storyline makes this video outstanding.

  • Cartoon-style animation can be visually appealing and attractive to viewers. Using vibrant colors, dynamic characters, and smooth animation transitions can create an enjoyable viewing experience and leave a lasting impression .
  • The video likely focuses on communicating the unique value proposition of Beezer. This majorly includes the power of the service to create any app within minutes.
  • The video is likely tailored to the specific target audience of Beezer, addressing their pain points of the chaotic process involved in creating and sharing your app . Thus, providing itself as a solution.
  • This is a well-crafted explainer video that has the potential to be shared across various online platforms and social media channels, increasing its reach and visibility . This can lead to greater exposure for Beezer and will help to boost sales opportunities.

What sets this video apart

With no doubt, its concept of using cartoon plus gaming animation style to portray the use and benefits of the product . Not even 1% of this video will make viewers bored or disinterested.

10. SaaS Explainer Video for Tacklebox

Notice how a complex SaaS product named Tackle Box becomes simple and productive by utilizing screenshots in a motion graphic video .

The Tacklebox saas explainer video likely starts with a captivating introduction that immediately grabs the viewer's attention . This could be achieved through visually engaging graphics, compelling narration, or a thought-provoking statement.

  • The way it utilizes flat icons is inspiring and explains the concept in a much more simplified way. This helps the audience to visualize how the software works and how it can benefit them.
  • The way Optious explains the product with colorful illustrations and simplified characters in an extremely engaging manner. 

What sets this video apart

Moreover, this explainer video is an excellent holistic example of how users can use the product to generate leads and boost their sales performance.

The use of screen-recording style to explain the whole concept of the usage of Tacklebox actually tells how this SaaS product, like its name, can easily tackle the problem of automating and enhancing the presentation of Excel analysis.

11. How Google Wifi keeps your Wi-Fi Fast

One great animated explainer video example shows how Google Wifi uses a network of access points to create a seamless mesh network that eliminates dead zones and keeps your Wi-Fi fast.

  • The animation shows how each access point communicates with nearby devices, creating a strong and stable connection throughout your home . With Google Wifi's advanced network technology, you can enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi anywhere in your house .
  • Wifi's advanced network technology, you can enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi no matter where you are in your house .
  • The video provides a clear and straightforward explanation of how Google Wifi works to keep your Wi-Fi fast . The language used is easy to understand, and the animation visuals make it easy to follow.
  • The video makes excellent use of animation to explain the technical aspects of the Google Wifi system . 
  • The video has engaging visuals that keep the viewer's attention. The animation is colorful and fun to watch, making it easy to stay engaged throughout the video.
  • The video pays close attention to detail, which helps to clarify complex technical concepts . For example, the video utilizes visual cues to show the viewer how to navigate the Google Wifi app, making it easier to understand how to use the product .
  • The narration in the video with clear and professional voiceover is well-paced, allowing the viewer to absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed . 

What sets this video apart

Using animations to explain such a technical process makes it really interesting for the viewers to understand the concept easily and move toward purchasing the service . Thus, making it an attractive marketing tool. 

12. SaaS Explainer Video for Mailchimp

MailChimp stands out from the other SaaS explainer videos on our list by taking a unique approach . Rather than creating a single video, they produced a short series that focuses on the benefits of their service for different customer segments .

In each video, the narrative starts with the phrase, “Imagine you run a business…” and presents a specific problem that MailChimp can solve. This concise and targeted approach allows MailChimp to effectively communicate the value of its service in a brief and engaging manner.

  • The video employs visually appealing and lively animations that grab the viewer's attention .
  • The characters, iconic colors, and overall design are engaging, and most importantly, they align with the branding of Mailchimp . Thus, making the video eye appealing and memorable.
  • The video effectively conveys the key features and purpose of Mailchimp in the short video of 30 seconds .
  • The script is well-crafted, using simple language that resonates with the target audience, ensuring they understand the value proposition of the product .
  • The narrative structure and progression of the video keep the audience engaged and eager to learn more . It showcases the common challenges faced by businesses and how Mailchimp provides solutions to overcome those challenges .
  • The background music and sound effects used in the video enhance the overall viewing experience . They create a sense of energy, evoke emotions, and complement the visuals, making the video more enjoyable and impactful .

What sets this video apart

The voiceover of the video provides this video an upper hand over others. It guides us through the features of MailChimp and demonstrates how it can address various business-related issues.

13. SaaS Explainer Video for Xendle 

This motion graphic animation explainer video for Xendle created by Rip Media Group is a stunning example of bringing SaaS-based products to the market .

Instead of explaining the points here, we would let you watch the video and understand the below-mentioned key features that the video provides.

  • The features explained in this video give a clear idea about how online file management can be done in a much more effective and professional way . 
  • The streamlined way of solving the problem is expressed in an excellent way. Its amazing design style and simple animation will make your business more productive.
  • The line-style animation combined with a plain grey background in this video maintains a clear focus on the concept without any distractions .

What sets this video apart

The hook present in the introduction of the video is the best of all. The combination of visuals and storyline wins the game by holding the attention of the viewers to take them further on the journey of understanding how Xendle can solve the issues of file management along with team collaboration .

14. SaaS Explainer Video for Xobin

It's one of the best Saas explainer video collections of What a story creators. This video does a great job of explaining how Xobin- the ultimate screening platform, can be used by organizations in various formats . 

The way it simplifies the problems and solutions for the audience without actually using any screenshots makes it more exciting.

  • Colorful illustrations and effective transitions made this video more powerful and entertaining.
  • The color scheme, characters, script, and sound effects make the video more engaging and awesome .
  • What a Story, as the name suggests, tries to create a storyline that makes the viewers feel associated. Using the same concept here, it focused on representing Xobin as the hero of hiring people.

What sets this video apart

The 50 seconds duration of the video is its main attraction. As, it seems to be an optimal length to explain each and everything without asking the viewer to spend an extra second.

15. SaaS Explainer Video for Slack

The promotional explainer video for Slack delivers a powerful message: “Use Slack to do amazing things .”

If you're curious about how a messaging app can present itself in a fantastic way, this explainer video example is a must-watch for inspiration .

The video effectively showcases the company culture by highlighting key features of the Slack platform . It demonstrates how Slack enables users to create dedicated channels for various teams and projects, share files and messages, and seamlessly integrate with other apps and tools.

  • The video delivers its message in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. It breaks down the complexities of Slack's features and benefits into simple and concise explanations, ensuring viewers grasp the value proposition quickly .
  • The visuals in the video effectively depict how Slack brings teams together and enhances collaboration . Through animated characters and visual metaphors, the video communicates  the seamless communication and real-time collaboration that Slack enables .
  • The artistic 3D animation design employed in the video emphasizes the versatility of Slack, indicating that it is suitable for any team .
  • The video consistently  integrates Slack's branding elements, such as its logo and color scheme, to create a cohesive visual identity . This reinforces brand recognition and helps viewers associate the video's content with Slack as a product .

What sets this video apart

It is the clever use of visuals without relying on words or letters, making it universally understandable

Ready to Boost your Sales with Impactful SaaS Explainer Videos?

All the above-added video examples for inspiration in 2023 are  proven to be the best way to explain complex concepts in a much more effective, precise, and informative way .

SaaS explainers are great types of marketing videos not only drive your target audience but also allow you to generate excellent results . 

So, if you also want to create a unique brand value and generate high-quality leads, don't miss the chance to leverage the power of explainer video content in your marketing strategy . 

If you are new to all this, you can always hire the right explainer video production company to have successful videos .  

Still, if you want suggestions for making a high-quality explainer video for your brand, please contact us . Our experts will help you achieve your business goals with excellent explainer video ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SaaS explainer video is a concise and engaging video that aims to explain the features, benefits, and value of a Software as a Service (SaaS) product or service. It simplifies complex concepts, showcases key functionalities, and highlights how the SaaS solution can solve specific problems or meet customer needs. These videos typically use visuals, narration, and animations to deliver a clear and compelling message, making it easier for viewers to understand and connect with the SaaS offering.

Creating SaaS product videos requires a strategic approach. Start by identifying your target audience and their pain points. Then, outline the key messages and unique selling propositions you want to convey. Next, script your video, focusing on concise and compelling storytelling. Consider using visuals, animations, and screen captures to demonstrate your product's features and functionality. For production, you can use video editing software or SaaS video creation tools like iSpring or Screen-O-Matic. Finally, optimize your video for distribution on various platforms, such as your website, social media channels, or email marketing campaigns, to reach your target audience effectively.

Explainer videos serve a crucial role in conveying complex ideas or concepts in a simple and engaging manner. They are designed to educate, inform, and engage the audience about a specific product, service, or topic. Explainer videos use a combination of visuals, animations, voiceovers, and storytelling techniques to break down complex information into easily understandable chunks. These videos can help viewers grasp the value, benefits, and unique features of a product or service, increasing brand awareness, generating interest, and driving customer engagement. Explainer videos are commonly used in marketing, onboarding, training, and customer support to communicate messages and create memorable experiences for the audience effectively.

Yes, Netflix can be classified as a SaaS company. While traditionally known as a streaming service, Netflix operates on a subscription-based model where users access their content through an internet connection. Users do not download or own the content but rather stream it on-demand. This aligns with the fundamental characteristics of a SaaS business, where the software or service is centrally hosted, maintained, and delivered to customers over the Internet.