Brands worldwide struggle to grab their target audience's attention, follow their clients' hearts, and win their loyalty. The competition today is cut-throat and getting even hotter. 

Organizations have started realizing that traditional marketing doesn't work with clients anymore. They want something refreshing and innovative. They are finding new ways to introduce their products, offering entertainment, fun, and excitement to clients simultaneously.

Now the question is, what's the secret of successful marketing in this digital era?

There is no particular answer to this. However, several powerful tools of engagement may help achieve the desired: animation and video content. Combining these two powerful tools gave birth to a new trend of video marketing – animation videos.

Why Does your Brand need Animation Videos?

Any brand or company continually attempts to achieve the best for itself. Services and products are improved continuously to impress the existing customers and build new ones, although communicating these modifications to the consumers is equally important. And the most reliable way to convey a message to the users is through videos. 

Any marketing expert will assure you that video marketing is flourishing right now and will continue to do so over the coming few years. Almost half of the buyers fancy watching videos from their favorite brands. 

So if you haven't already started creating video content for your business, now is the time to start. Yet, when it comes to creating an excellent video, you have countless choices to make about how you want it to look. 

While there are several types of videos used in several ways, animation videos can significantly benefit you and your business. Perhaps the most significant decision you'll need to make in this process is picking the video animation styles and figure out when to use each.  You can use 2d animation3d animation videos, explainer videos, whiteboard animation videos; the list goes on and on.

This article will provide you an insight into when is the right time for you to use animation videos for your brand. Read on to learn more about why animation videos are incredible to incorporate into your video marketing strategy.

Viewer’s Attention

Internet users have limited attention spans and won't spend much time on a video or an article. Animation videos bring out emotions that connect with the target audiences. They start conversations and make your viewers want to follow the story.

Moreover, nowadays, people are used to marketing advertisements. Animation videos, however, are less known to be a marketing tool. So people are more inclined to pay attention to animated videos than to conventional advertisements.

Simplifies Complex Topics

Animated video brings ideas to life in a way that text or live videos can't. Just think about it for a moment: you can make your animated characters do whatever you want. Using an animation video, you can easily show how various processes work.

It’s Fun

Who doesn't love being entertained? The more engaging your video on social media, the more people will share it. Animation multiplies the entertainment by ten-folds.

Watch this fun animated video created by webdew to get motivated. It is engaging, fun, and entertaining. All it takes for a video to be a sensation and spread across social media like a wildfire.

One Size Fits All

Animation turns out great for any marketing requirement, whether it's an explainer video, infographic, or a product release announcement. Marketers from leading companies acknowledge the trend of animation videos for marketing.

And this is why today, almost every business organization uses animated explainer videos.

Affordable to Produce

One of the main perks of using animation for videos is that they are comparatively affordable. You don't need an actor, props, a fancy location, or a huge budget to create an animation video. All you need is a sound script, a good sense of creativity, decent video animation software, and voila; your animation video is ready!

When is the right time to use Animation Videos?

Now that you know why does your business need animation videos, let’s move on to the question of the decade, “When is the right time to use animation videos for your brand”. Honestly, it’s right now!

But, if you are still contemplating trying your hands on animation videos, I will give you some pointers as to when you need to consider animation videos for marketing. So, let’s get started!

When you want to connect with your Clients

It's essential to understand that animated videos can create a deep emotional connection with whosoever is watching them. Videos with animation can take them back to the good old days of their childhood and invoke memories that relate to the product being advertised.

This tremendous psychological impact that animated videos have makes them a truly excellent choice for your social media marketing campaign.

When you want to expand your reach

As an entrepreneur, you need to connect with as many clients as possible. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to connect with millions of people from all across the globe.

Using animation for videos, you can, without much of a stretch, spread the word about your product or services. And the best part? You get to do all this in a fun and exciting way.

When you want to create an Impression

Would you rather prefer looking at the same old boring PowerPoint presentation or an engaging animated video? Animations are exciting and fun to watch, no matter how old you get.

Starting your presentation with an animation video in a meeting is an exciting way to get your message across to your prospects and perhaps even close a deal successfully. Moreover, offering a fascinating animation during your presentation is perfect for attracting people and beginning conversations with them.

When you want to Promote your Brand

Animated videos offer an opportunity to perfectly coordinate brand logos, color schemes, and images into your video. With animation videos, you can use any character or settings without modifying the foundation of these things. Considering this, you can create and develop repetitive themes and brand icons over a series of animated videos.

Whether you are a newbie in the business world or an established professional, reap the benefits of media forms you can use for marketing. Animated videos are indeed a powerful marketing tool that will help your business, product, and mission.

When you want to explain Something

We suggest using animation videos to explain a particular process, how-to instruction, or even define a complicated idea. Why? Because it is easier to illustrate specific points instead of having someone explain them, as that can seldom draw up the confusion.

When You want to bring an Idea to Life

Using animation for videos, it becomes effortless and practical to reveal your story. Besides, visual illustrations, graphics, and voice-over make product or service explanations much more straightforward.

Wrapping Up

In this fast-paced digital age, video, specifically animation videos, is attaining a newfound sense of popularity. An animation video is an effective practice that can bring a breath of fresh air to your marketing strategy and benefit your business.  Animated videos help create a powerful brand image, gain customer trust and loyalty, boost conversions, and improve overall client satisfaction. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you a clear picture of when you should consider creating animated videos for your brand. Wondering how to make animation videos? Get in touch with us now and get ready to impress the world with your amazing animation videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create an animation video, you can follow these general steps:

  • Plan your video: Develop a storyboard or script to outline the scenes and actions.
  • Choose animation software: Select animation software or tools that suit your needs and expertise level.
  • Create or import assets: Design or gather characters, objects, and backgrounds for your animation.
  • Animate: Use keyframes, timelines, and animation techniques to bring your assets to life.
  • Add audio: Include sound effects, music, and voiceovers to enhance the viewer's experience.
  • Edit and refine: Review and adjust your animation as needed, ensuring smooth transitions and storytelling.
  • Export and share: Save your animation in your desired format for sharing or publishing.

Animation videos are visual representations of stories, ideas, or concepts created through the manipulation of images or objects to create the illusion of motion. These videos can be 2D or 3D and are often used for entertainment, education, marketing, and various forms of visual communication. Animation videos encompass a wide range of styles, from traditional hand-drawn animations to computer-generated graphics, stop-motion, and more.

There are several options to create animation videos for free or at a minimal cost. Some free animation tools and software include Blender, Pencil2D, and Synfig Studio for 2D animation, as well as HitFilm Express for compositing and visual effects. Additionally, online platforms like Powtoon, Vyond, and Biteable offer free versions with limited features and watermarked videos, making them accessible for beginners or those on a budget.

The best animation video maker varies depending on your specific needs and skill level. Some popular choices include Adobe After Effects, Blender, Vyond, and Powtoon. Adobe After Effects is known for its versatility and professional-grade capabilities, while Vyond and Powtoon are user-friendly and offer pre-built characters and templates for creating animated videos. Blender, a free and open-source software, provides powerful 3D animation capabilities. The choice ultimately depends on your project's complexity and your familiarity with animation software.