An elegant and professional landing page can certainly improve your conversion rates.

You might have heard something like this before. However, what does “elegant” and “professional” on a landing page mean, anyway? How do you convince your visitors to take the plunge? And when it comes to conversion rates, what's the mysterious x-factor that sets some marketers apart?

Besides, there are so many elements that a top-notch landing page needs, and how you make the “best” of them can often depend on your landing page goals.

So, keeping all these things in mind, we want to show off some excellent landing page examples to inspire you for your next creation. Go ahead and save their most brilliant, slickest, and snappiest elements for your swipe file.

But before we take a look at some of the incredible landing page examples, let’s get into the nits and grits of landing pages.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page offers a prospective client a resource, such as an e-book or webinar signup, in return for their contact information. The objective of a landing page is to get leads while you pull prospects into the buyer funnel.

While landing pages appear to be unique and use various interesting strategies to attract the target audiences, they all serve one principal purpose. And what might that be? Well, landing pages help website visitors convert to the next stage in their buyer's journey.

Unlike a basic advertisement that displays a product or a service, a landing page intends to engage and please a customer by offering them something related to what they are looking for. As they fill out the form and earn exciting content as a reward, they will be more inclined to trust your brand and convert into a client.

Why does your website need a Landing Page?

Wherever you look today — whether it's a small-time agency or a giant like PayPal–you'll find that a landing page platform is increasingly accomplishing all those tasks. Industries of all sizes use these action-oriented, single web pages to move people through every stage of the buyer's journey. Why?

Well, let’s have a look at these statistics to know why the rush.

  • Landing pages are the least favourite kind of sign-up form, but they produce the highest conversion rate of 23%.
  • Highlighting client fears on landing pages can improve conversion rates by 80%.
  • Websites having 40+ landing pages get 12x more leads.
  • You can increase your leads by 55% by increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

Some Incredible Landing Page Examples

When it comes to creating a powerful marketing strategy, most of us take ideas from industry experts, and we can do the same while creating landing pages.

We consider the top of their funnel to understand how they get people to subscribe to their newsletter and convert prospects into leads. We have to dig deeper to discover how they sign visitors up for a trial of their service and how they persuade those leads to buy.

Below you'll find eight incredible examples of some of the best website landing pages. Please take a look at them to learn what to do to create a highly compelling post-click landing page of your own.

1. webdew contact us

When you think of excellent website design, you think about a website's homepage, blog, or product pages. But what about the ‘Contact Us' page?

Website designers often give the least priority to the contact page, which is a huge mistake. Your ‘Contact Us' page is perhaps the main page on your website. And for most businesses, it's possibly one of the frequently visited pages.

Indeed, less is more and that is exactly why webdew is one of the best landing page examples. webdew's contact page is fresh, elegantly composed, and does exactly what it should do. They understand that most people who land on their contact page are looking for the easiest way to connect, so they haven't let any distracting design get in the way.

They ran an extra mile to make their visitor's lives much simpler by letting you use your WhatsApp or social media log in, thereby abridging the conversion path.

2. HubSpot

If you provide services to multiple industries, it’ll perhaps be difficult for you to create a single landing page that caters to all the industries.

In that case, you can either have a dedicated page for each service, or you can have a single landing page that leads every visitor to a personalized page based on what they are looking for.

HubSpot is following a similar strategy. They don’t have an over-the-top landing page design, no beating around the bush. It’s no secret that HubSpot has a plethora of features and services to offer. However, rather than putting all those services up on their landing page, they have kept their landing page minimalistic. 

Instead of getting into great detail about how various industries can use their product, HubSpot created one short landing page to direct every visitor to their own customized demo. Incredible, right?

This kind of landing page design is suitable for all those organizations that have multiple services to offer and whose client base is not restricted to a particular category. Because no one wants to see a cluttered landing page, irrespective of how many services you have in store.

3. Slack

Most people consider Slack as a workplace chat platform. However, this example shows how a landing page can transform the way people think about your products or services.

The page describes the Slack platform as a “collaboration hub” where you can “form a channel for every discussion” and “find what you need instantly.” In only a few minutes, the page completely transforms your opinion of Slack and presents a convincing case for why your company needs it.

Couple that with convincing social proof and case studies, and you can effectively establish your position in the users' minds.

4. Shopify

While qualifying leads, your sales team can be quite tempted to ask every possible question to know more about them. However, asking too many questions can make anyone want to click away immediately. 

This landing page of Shopify shows that indeed less is more. Instead of scaring people away with a huge form of questions on the landing page, Shopify makes it a cakewalk to get started with a Shopify free trial. All you need to do is enter your email address, and— voila,  it's done.

If the very thought of cutting down on your form makes you anxious, remember that you will still be able to gather more information from your leads later during the sales process. This basic landing page is just a way to get their foot in the door.

5. Lyft

What attracts a visitor to your webpage? Fancy graphics? Animations? Key features? Or perhaps a landing page that focuses on what exactly they have in store to offer? 

That's exactly how Lyft has designed its landing page, focusing on the drivers and how they can earn money easily.

Besides, creating a driver profile is nothing short of a cakewalk. Further, in addition to the “Apply Now” form, drivers can calculate how much money they can make in a week. All they ought to do is enter a city and the number of hours they would drive for. 

And, the best part? As soon as the visitors fill out all the information and hit “Calculate,” they get the total amount there itself followed by a call-to-action button to “Apply Now. Interesting, right?

6. Resource Guru

Landing pages should be designed to make it easy for potential clients to understand the features and benefits of your products or services. One approach to do this is to include videos, images, or even animations to your landing page—all of which can help make conversions.

Resource Guru is following the same strategy. Its landing page is compelling because it welcomes the visitors with a giant play button as soon as they arrive. And hitting that play button is quite natural. Voila, enters a high-quality landing page explainer video that does all the talking, then instantly requests an action from them.

Remember, it's always a smart move to have a backup. So, you can reemphasize all the focus points from the video in the text. This guarantees that even if the video has a low play rate, your prospects can still find out about your offers without having to play the video. Whether they left their headphones at home that day or prefer text, it's good to have a backup plan.

7. webdew Resource Download

Since we were young, we were instructed not to judge a book by its cover—but no one said anything about its landing page.

The moment we click a link for any downloadable content, it’s the landing page that helps us select what to do next. In a perfect world, the choice is simple: fill out the form and get the stock!

But what if it’s not so obvious? What if bad messaging and complicated design disrupt everything? 

When you look at this e-book download landing page of webdew, there’s not a whole lot going on. There are no flashy illustrations or strong claims. Apart from a picture of the e-book cover, only one component stands out: the white submit button.

Concerning the layout, the page deliberately gives even space to both e-book information and the download form. This well-balanced design enables visitors to look for relevant information without being pulled away from the form. 

At the end of the day: this page is simplistic yet functional. It informs the readers what all they will learn from the ebook. 

8. Zoho

While evaluating B2B tools, business leaders seldom make a purchase based on the first landing page they see. It takes thorough research of all possible options before making a final decision.

That’s why competitor landing pages have become a thing nowadays. The concept is simple: bid on a competitor keyword using Google Ads and build a landing page that directly compares your products or services. 

Although you can’t really use your competitor names in your ads, you can have them at the top of your landing page to make it more relevant. It’s an intriguing approach, with multiple companies even bidding on their own brand names to fight off the competition.

Wrapping Up

These are some of our favorite landing page design examples. Got some inspiration for creating a landing page? However, not too sure about your designing skills? Well, HubSpot provides professionally created landing page templates.

New to HubSpot and need help with creating a remarkable landing page for your website? Get in touch with us now! We are HubSpot certified diamond partner agency. Our HubSpot team will be happy to help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A landing page is a particular web page created for a specific marketing campaign. An example could be a page designed to capture user information for a newsletter signup or promote a product with a call-to-action (CTA) button.

A landing page typically includes a form, a concise description of an offer or product, compelling visuals, and a call-to-action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up or making a purchase.

An example of a landing page URL could be something like “” or “” These URLs are often designed to be simple and reflect the specific offer or content the landing page is promoting.

The format of a landing page typically includes a main headline, a short description of the offer, a form for capturing user information, engaging visuals, and a clear call to action (CTA) button. The specific format may vary, but it's focused on encouraging visitors to take a desired action, such as signing up, downloading, or making a purchase.