Marketing is one of the most essential parts of any business. If the marketing of products/services is done accurately, you can easily improve the company’s overall reputation and recognition. 

Almost every individual goes to the internet to find the information and make the right decision. If your brand is not recognized over the web, then there are more chances that your brand can be forgettable, affecting your business productivity and sales. 

A logo is the foundation of your brand. It not only gives your brand visual identity but also spruces up your business and its reputation. If your logo is highly effective and presented in a well effective manner, you can quickly draw tremendous website traffic. 

Well! In the past, creating a logo was not so easy, especially for a regular person. People take the help of the best explainer video company to design animated logos with ease and without breaking the banks.

But in this technological world, it becomes effortless for people to design appealing logo animation. Are you thinking about how? Well! That’s where the logo animation app comes into play. 

Logo animation apps allow you to produce unique motion graphics and logo designs for free that will make your brand more engaging and impactful. Now, without any further discussions, let’s take a look at the list of top logo animation apps that allows you to produce impressive logos without putting in much effort and time.

8 Best Logo Animation App

Let’s roll!


When it comes to the application/software that is the best and most loved by the people, then the Renderforest comes at the top. It not only allows you to create logo animations for free but also offers different types of templates that can be customized easily. With this app, you can also give your logo an animated effect or even edit your logo.

To get started with this app, you need to create an account. It is a great application, especially for beginners, as it is easy to learn and use. So, if you make a logo, video making, or want to transform a normal 2D logo with a 3Deffect, then you can always have Renderforest in your bucket list. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another logo animation maker whose main objective is to give a finishing touch to your logo or videos. No matter whether it’s a logo intro or a video title, adobe spark gives a creative look to your content. It owns huge and beautiful font collections that can be edited easily. 

This application allows you to download any image from Adobe cloud or web from anywhere over the web and make the updates accordingly. Moreover, it also categorizes templates by tags. So, start creating a perfect logo by having fun with colors, icons, texts, fonts, etc. 

Design Free Logo 

It is another online application which is among the top list of logo animation. It is a 3D animation logo maker that is available for free. It offers different types of customized and pre-defined 3D logo samples and a catalog that further helps you create excellent logos without putting much effort. 

By downloading this application, you can easily look for 3D logo samples from the gallery, or create your own logo, or can even choose the most appropriate logo for your company. Even novice users can access this application and create logos without any expert guidance. 

Logo Maker Plus

Are you looking for an android application that helps you create unconventional emblems? If yes, then you can add a logo to make plus in your bucket list. It offers hundreds of templates that help beginners in creating logos with a unique image or inscription. 

By using this application, you can apply multiple visual effects that will further give an eye-pleasing look to your logo. One thing that might disturb you is its annoying ads. To use this application on android mobiles, you need 4.2 and up. So, start paying wisely and create logos for your company that suits best for your brand. 

Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is another app on the top list of people who want to animate logos for their company. It is quite similar to Renderforest. The quality of animation and its effects in this application are awe-inspiring, which further captures visitors’ attention. It is 24*7 available and allows the users to create their animation in just three simple steps. 

Furthermore, you do not need any specific designing skills. Its easy-to-use interface will help you produce logos and short videos quickly and without hiring a professional. 


Animaker can also help you animate logos that will give astonishing looks to your website, video, or presentation. It offers various ready-made templates that are easy to customize. With the help of this online logo animation, you can create excellent logos within a few steps. 

Its easy to drag and drop interface allows all the users to animate logos, add effects, music, etc., without any assistance. The best part about this application is that it supports more than 50 languages and can be used worldwide. Furthermore, it also gives the option to upload animations to social platforms like Youtube and Facebook. 


If you are looking for a logo animation app that combines both a creative mind and perfect handcraft, then the offer is for you. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable options help the beginners animate the best of the logos without investing huge time.  

As it is entirely hi-tech and cutting-edge, therefore it becomes easy to manage the things and give an energetic and young look to your company. To get started, you need to Sign In for the first time. 

Moreover, you can also control the speed of animation according to your requirements. You can use this tool for free. But if you want to get unlimited high-quality video downloads, you need to get a premium version, which starts at $19.


Last but not least, the application that is on the top list of people is Canva. It is not only popular but one of the most straightforward tools to make logos. It allows you to download different types of graphic designs, GIFs, or other images that will further help you animate different logos for free. It offers thousands of editable templates that can be customized easily. 

The logos you create with the help of Canva can easily be shared with friends and business partners. Moreover, it also allows you to organize your designs into different folders. 

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Now that you learned some of the top and fantastic logo animation apps, you can easily create logos and intro videos without experts’ assistance. Before you make any decision, don’t forget to analyze your business needs. I hope by evaluating the features mentioned above, you can easily make the right choice, improve brand awareness, and attract new clients. 

Excited? Get ready to produce amazing logins without breaking the banks. Still, if you want any help in making the decision or using any king of tool, feel free to contact us. Our experts will guide you in the best possible way. 

Happy animation!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several excellent apps and software options to create animated logos, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs and skill level. Adobe After Effects is widely considered the industry standard for professional logo animation due to its powerful features and versatility. However, if you’re looking for user-friendly options, online tools like Canva, Kapwing, and Renderforest offer logo animation templates and customization, making them suitable for beginners and small businesses.

Animating your logo involves using animation software to add movement and effects to its elements. Start by importing your logo into the chosen software, then use keyframes, transitions, and effects to create the desired animation. You can animate components like text, shapes, or images, making them move, scale, rotate, or change opacity. The process allows you to bring your logo to life, making it more engaging for your audience.

You can animate logos for free using online animation platforms and tools that offer basic animation capabilities. Platforms like Canva, Kapwing, and Renderforest provide logo animation templates and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to create simple logo animations without any cost. While these free options may have limitations compared to professional software, they are accessible for those with limited budgets or animation experience.

Various tools and software can be used to animate logos, ranging from professional animation software like Adobe After Effects and Blender to user-friendly online platforms like Canva and Kapwing. Adobe After Effects is favored by graphic designers and animators for its advanced features and versatility in creating intricate logo animations. Online tools provide simplicity and accessibility, making logo animation achievable for those with limited design or animation skills. The choice of tool depends on your project’s complexity and your familiarity with animation software.

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