• Best Overall


    • SVGator allows you to create scalable vector graphics animations without needing to write any code.
  • Versatile


    • Renderforest is a web-based platform that offers a variety of creative tools for creating and editing animated videos.
  • Top Performance


    • Animaker is a cloud-based video and animation creation platform designed for users of all experience levels.

Marketing is an essential part of any business. If the marketing of products/services is done accurately, the company's overall reputation and recognition can be easily improved. 

Almost everyone uses the Internet to find information and make the right decision. If your brand is not recognized on the web, it is more likely to be forgettable, affecting your business productivity and sales. 

A logo is the foundation of your brand. It gives your brand a visual identity and spruces up your business and its reputation. You can quickly draw tremendous website traffic if your logo is presented properly. 

And in this technological world, designing appealing logo animation has become effortless. Are you wondering how? Well, that's where the logo animation app comes into play. 

Best animated logo maker

Animation software allows you to produce unique motion graphics and logo designs for free, making your brand more engaging and impactful.

However, the availability of numerous logo animation apps in the market makes the decision tough. Which one is the best to create animated logo videos? Or which one can satisfy your business's needs?

Take a look at the list of top logo animation apps that allow you to produce impressive logos without much effort and time. By the end of this article, you will know the perfect logo animation app for your needs.

1. SVGator

SVGator is a free to use animated logo maker with an intuitive WYSIWYG interface. The tool allows you to export your logo animation in various formats, including SVG for the web, .dart and .js for iOS and Android, and soon, Lottie JSON. 

SVGator logo animation app

The app’s asset library, along with its drag-and-drop UI and collection of video tutorials, make it an ideal tool stack choice for both beginner motion designers and experienced logo designers. Use it to create custom branding assets that drive engagement and communicate your identity.


Svgator Logo
  • Easy SVG animation
  • No coding knowledge necessary
  • Player API support
  • Unlimited Lottie exports

While many users focus on creative animation and logo design, SVGator can generate background code. This way, it can fine-tune the path, timing, and logo animation speed.

I also found the keyframe shortcuts super beneficial. For example, you can add, remove, drag, or duplicate keyframes easily. Thus, you can implement the desired animation effect with ease.


  • Very easy to use
  • You can create animated videos without coding
  • Multiple export options
  • Animations are lightweight and load faster


  • Advanced features require a learning curve

But I need to something share something about the export process. I have seen many logo animation apps have such complicated export processes. They are so overwhelming that sometimes it takes me one hour to export.

Yes, you heard it right. But with SVGator, the export process is super easy. You will get a single SVG file in either Javascript or CSS format. They are easy to integrate into your website.

SVGator Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • PRO: $20/month

Moreover, SVGator will also allow you to export to React Native, which is an excellent feature if you ask me. This is great for mobile apps and video, Lottie, and GIF formats.

Why use SVGator?
  • If you want to create distinctive animated logos but don't want to deal with complex animation software or code, SVGator is a great option. The resulting SVG files are lightweight and won't slow down your page load times.

But how effectively can SVGator help you create a logo? In short, amazingly. I have used SVGator before and could do anything with the animations.

2. LightMV

Let's say you're a business owner, and you want to impress your target audience. You want to create excellent animation for your business but cannot find any reliable logo animation app.

It's as easy as completing the process within a few clicks. As LightMV has countless of animated logo templates available, getting logos relevant to your brand is easier than ever. Not to mention, the customization choices are also superb.


So, what should you do? LightMV is my first recommendation for business owners planning to create the best logo animations.


  • Quick and easy process
  • Freshly designed templates
  • High-quality videos
  • Cloud-based storage

LightMV can boost your business's visual identity, helping you create a long-lasting impression on your audience. Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, this animation software will come in handy.


  • Numerous appealing templates for free
  • User-friendly interface with minimal complexion
  • Animation logo creation is quick
  • Cloud-based editing


  • Template customization is limited

I said about templates, right? But saying just one line about the templates won't justify their effectiveness. They're so vast and customizable that sometimes, even I get confused about which one to choose.

LightMV Pricing Plan

  • Trail: $0

  • Monthly: $29

  • Quarterly: $39

  • Yearly: $179

The huge template collection features various styles and themes. Whether you need a vibrant look or a more traditional appearance, LightMV has everything. You won't get bored as they add fresh and free logo animation templates frequently.

Why use LightMV?
  • If you need to create a video quickly and don't have a lot of experience with video editing software, LightMV is a perfect solution. The pre-made templates and drag-and-drop interface make it very user-friendly.

You can also customize the logo motion to represent a distinctive message and voice for your business. You can change the colors, typos, motion effects, images, texts, and music to make it more relevant to your brand.

3. Renderforest

When it comes to the application that is the best and most loved by people, Renderforest comes at the top. It not only allows you to create logo animations for free but also offers different types of templates that can be customized easily. With this app, you can also give your logo an animated effect or even edit it.


Remember to create an account. On the homepage, click on the Create Your Intro option. You can either create an account or log in to your existing account.


renderforest logo
  • Various 3D animations
  • Logo collection
  • Whiteboard animation toolkit
  • Trendy typography

To get started with this app, you need to create an account. It is a great application, especially for beginners, as it is easy to learn and use. So, if you are making a logo or video or want to transform a normal 2D animated video with a 3D animation video, you can always have Renderforest on your bucket list. 


  • Accessible to beginners without any experience
  • The template library is vast
  • Edit videos directly in your browser
  • Pricing is much more affordable


  • The free version comes with watermarks

Renderforest has amazing features and tools for creating eye-catching animations. The best part? The process is simple; even a beginner logo animator can create excellent animations.

Renderforest Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Lite: $6.99/month

  • Pro: $9.99/month

  • Business: $19.99/month

I strongly believe that Renderforest's user-friendly interface is one of its best benefits. Unlike other confusing and complicated logo animation apps, Renderforest provides a smooth experience for beginners. You can also use the whiteboard video toolkit.

Why use Renderforest?
  • Like LightMV, Renderforest offers a user-friendly approach with pre-made templates and drag-and-drop editing. This makes it perfect for beginners or those needing to quickly create videos without extensive editing experience.

But how easy is that you ask? Just choose whatever template suits you and customize it. That's all—Renderforest will handle the rest. However, make sure you choose a suitable layout before you begin.

4. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another logo animation maker aiming to give your logo or videos a finishing touch. Adobe Express gives a creative look to your content, whether it's a logo intro or a video title. It owns huge and beautiful font collections that can be edited easily. 

Adobe Express

It is the best logo animation app for both beginners and professionals. Besides logo animation, this sophisticated software can create posters, flyers, social media videos, and more.

Adobe Express

  • Generate AI
  • Eye-catching video templates
  • Supported on all devices
  • Custom fonts

This application allows you to download any image from Adobe Cloud or anywhere on the web and make updates accordingly. Moreover, it also categorizes templates by tags. So, start creating a perfect logo by having fun with colors, icons, texts, fonts, etc. 


  • Packed with features for different needs
  • The animated videos look super professional
  • Uses Creative Cloud integration
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for ease of use


  • No free plan

Adobe Express comes with a huge toolkit. It can flawlessly create eye-catching web pages, visuals, films, and more. It can enhance your creative thinking and help you create intuitive animated logos.

Adobe Express Pricing Plan

  • Free trial: 30 days

  • Premium: $9.99/month

  • Teams: $6.49/month

But remember to choose dynamic logo templates. They evolve continuously, preventing you from getting bored. These templates are the best in the market for creating a distinctive animated logo for your company.

Why use Adobe Express?
  • If you're already a Creative Cloud subscriber, Adobe Express integrates seamlessly. This lets you tap into some of your Creative Cloud assets within the platform, enhancing your design workflow.

The logos can also be personalized to a further extent. Just go through the different options and you can implement top-notch personalization.

5. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is one of the best products from Maxon. While Maxon offers different types of add-ons, the Cinema 4D is undoubtedly the best option for logo animation app.

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D provides users with numerous tools to create a wide range of professional projects, including 3D logo animation. 

Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D
  • Excellent speed and performance
  • Easy to learn
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Award-winning mograph

With this user-friendly platform, novices can get up and running fast. With weekly webinars and tutorials to assist consumers in exploring its plethora of possibilities, customer service is exceptional.


  • Built-in team render for better collaboration
  • Perfect to create animated motion logos
  • Powerful features with higher speed
  • It has an active and vast user community


  • The pricing structure is extremely complicated

The features of Cinema 4D are astounding, particularly the integrated Adobe connection. To execute this application, your computer must be powerful, with the RAM and other hardware to match.

Cinema 4D Pricing Plan

You are proficient in generative modeling, realistic virtual reality game development, and motion graphics production. I recommend choosing the most suitable plan to leverage its best benefits.

Why use Cinema 4D?
  • Cinema 4D is a powerful and versatile 3D animation software with a user-friendly interface. It's a great choice for beginners and professionals alike, especially those who create motion graphics.

Furthermore, I also like the customer support team of Cinema 4D. They are more than capable of solving your queries. As they posses technical knowledge, your questions won't remain unanswered.

6. SideFX Houdini

For high-end productions, such as virtual reality, motion graphics, and even movies, SideFX Houdini is a great option. But that's not the end. Houdini is also an excellent animation software that you must try.

SideFX Houdini

If you're a professional animator, you should really give SideFX Houdini a try. Want to know how popular it is? Professional animators have used it to create the animated film Frozen.

SideFX Houdini

  • Artist friendly tools
  • Node-based workflow
  • VFX and simulation
  • Asset creation tools

While the logo animation features provided by Houdini are great, you need to face a strong learning curve. But that's a great thing, as you will get more hands-on experience.


  • Highly effective procedural workflow
  • Exceptional customization options
  • Powerful simulation tools
  • Activity community and resources


  • Steep learning curve

As a result, you can create more professional animated logos. This way, you don't need to stay bounded by simple drag-and-drop logo animation software.

SideFX Houdini Pricing Plan

Fortunately, there are many tutorials available to help you overcome this obstacle. It is also more user-friendly because of its various automatic features.

Why use SideFX Houdini?
  • Houdini's simulation tools are top-notch. Whether you're working with fluids, smoke, fire, destruction, fur, or even crowds, Houdini allows for highly realistic and nuanced simulations that are perfect for visual effects or scientific visualization.

The node-based workflow on Houdini will easily help you with simple, high-quality animated logos. However, remember that Houdini is a technical software. So, you will need some coding knowledge.

7. Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is another popular logo animation app that creates animated logos easily. The beginner-friendly interface is great for even those without any animation experience.

The overall process involves only three steps. Yes, you got that right! You can create catchy animated logos as quickly as possible, and you don't need to worry about any technical jargon.

Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal
  • Beginner-friendly
  • No software download
  • Easy to understand
  • Various templates

Browse the gallery and choose a template suitable for your logo design. You can also customize the templates. Changing the colors and content of the logos and images is a breeze.


  • The interface is simple and clutter-free
  • Hundreds of templates to choose from
  • you can download unlimited videos
  • No need to worry about plugins


  • The free version has watermarks

After you customize the template, don't forget to preview the animation. I used to make the mistake of skipping the preview, only to realize it's an important step to ensure everything's in order.

Tube Arsenal Pricing Plan

  • Base Price 720p: $9

  • HD 1080p: $4 add-on

You can download the animated logos in MP4, MOV, and GIF file formats if you like the animated logos. I personally like MP4 as it's one of the most used animation formats. However, payment is required before you can download the logos.

Why use Tube Arsenal?
  • With pre-made templates and a drag-and-drop interface, Tube Arsenal allows you to create animated videos quickly. This can save you valuable time compared to designing them from scratch or using more complex editing software.

While Tube Arsenal is undoubtedly great for beginners, I wish I could say the same about professionals. Don't get me wrong—the features are superb. However, its lack of personalization makes it a not-so-good choice for professionals.

8. Animaker

Animaker can also help you bring your logo to life. It offers various ready-made templates that are easy to customize. This online logo animation tool allows you to create excellent logos within a few steps. 


One of the key things that sets Animaker apart is its intuitive UI. With its drag-and-drop system, creating interesting videos is easy without any technical knowledge. The platform's user-friendly interface, with a simple menu and toolbar, allows users to personalize their videos immediately.


Animaker logo
  • Animaker AI
  • Unique video templates
  • 25+ video editing tools
  • Premium music tracks

Animaker has an extensive library of templates. Some of the most popular ones include explainer videos, product demos, and social media videos.


  • Animaker AI to streamline the logo creation process
  • Simple character builder
  • Video templates to get started
  • Video editing tools with the best customization


  • The free plan has watermarks

This logo animation app also gives users access to 2000 props and 30,000+ animated components. Additionally, you will get 3000 backdrops and more professionally made intro video templates.

Animaker Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Basic: $12.5/month

  • Starter: $25/month

  • Pro: $39/month

  • Enterprise: Contact sales

With capabilities like action and smart move, you only have to click a button! Only four steps are required to animate a logo. Just customize an introduction template that suits your business.

Why use Animaker?
  • Animaker is all about speed and ease. With its drag-and-drop interface, pre-made templates, and extensive library of assets, you can create professional-looking animations quickly.

Include music in your video to set the bar higher. You can add one by choosing a tune from Animaker's library of free music tracks or by uploading your own. If the animated video satisfies your needs, download it.

9. Offeo

If you are looking for a logo animation app that combines both a creative mind and perfect handcraft, then the Offeo is for you. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable options help the beginners animate the best of the logos without investing huge time.  


As it is entirely hi-tech and cutting-edge, therefore it becomes easy to manage things and give an energetic and young look to your company. To get started, you need to Sign In for the first time. 


  • High-resolution video
  • 1000+ animated graphic assets
  • 1000+ graphic assets
  • Reseller license

An essential component of a brand's image are logos. With Offeo, you can design imaginative and distinctive logos for your company. To build the ideal logo for your brand, select from dozens of styles and add your company name and tagline.


  • Offeo provides effortless animated video creation
  • Integrates with Shutterstock images
  • Pricing is affordable
  • Simple and easy-to-understand interface


  • More focused on short video creation

Moreover, you can also control the speed of animation according to your requirements. While it's a free animated logo maker, paid plans are also available. If you want to animate your logo and download it, you need a premium version. 

Offeo Pricing Plan

  • Monthly: $19/month

  • Yearly: $12.42/month

You may enjoy a lag-free, user-friendly experience with Offeo. The tool is simple to use and comprehend. You receive a seamless editing and design process and finish up with professionally made videos of excellent quality.

Why use Offeo?
  • Offeo offers features like one-click animation and background removal, allowing you to create more dynamic and visually appealing videos compared to static images or basic text posts.

It just takes a few minutes to produce web video material, thanks to the rapid and efficient method. Unlike other logo animation apps in this article, Offeo is more cost-effective.

10. Canva

While Canva was introduced in 2012 for graphic designing purposes, they have quickly expanded their genre. With its wide range of tools and features, users can create excellent designs for flyers, posters, and social media graphics, among other purposes.


Canva's Animated Logo Maker is undoubtedly an excellent option for businesses seeking to create an animated logo. It's perfect if you're looking for an online logo animation app.


Canva 1
  • Beautiful templates
  • Easy download
  • Easy to create logos
  • Various animated logo styles

While the Canva Editor may look basic, I wholeheartedly adore it. Do you know why? It's because you don't need to face any technical difficulties.

Why opt for something technically complicated when you can get the same results from the basic editor? Not only is it simple to use, but also enjoyable. Just drag and drop the elements you need.


  • Can make videos with a simple drag-and-drop feature
  • Pre-made templates for various uses
  • The animations are eye-catching
  • Multiple video formats


  • You cannot download videos on the free plan

In addition, you don't need to worry about starting from scratch. Canva is famous for its free templates, which can help you get inspired. Choose a template, a visual element, change the color, pick a font, and you have an appealing animated logo.

Canva Pricing Plan

  • Free: $0

  • Monthly: $12.99/month

  • Yearly: $9.99/month

To personalize your logo animation, alter the text, font sizes, animation styles, designs, and video backgrounds. Choose the effect you want.

Why use Canva?
  • Canva's animated video maker is a great choice for creating quick, engaging animated content for social media or presentations. It's particularly suitable for beginners due to its user-friendly interface.

You can either animate the text and the other components independently or all at once with the design. Once you're happy with how your logo looks, download and save it as a GIF or high definition MP4 file.

11. PixTeller

PixTeller is a software for animated logos that may make your brand stand out. It is owned by a Romanian firm and has free logo editor that anyone can use. You don't need to be particularly creative to create original animated logos.


PixTeller can help you create GIF animations. Moreover, you can also embed them on websites and blogs.


PixTeller logo
  • 100,000+ templates
  • Gradient colors
  • Pre-made animated video templates
  • Animation timeline

PixTeller has 100,000+ logo shapes available in their library. The collection is extensive, and you will always find something according to your needs.


  • The PixBot can automatically create animated video templates
  • Highly effective animated video timeline
  • Advanced animated logo-making features
  • Various images and illustrations


  • Templates are repetitive

The software comes with premade animated logos you can download and customize for your brand. Customizations include fonts and colors.

PixTeller Pricing Plan

  • Pro: $7/month

  • Diamond: $12/month

You can also change the animation mode and switch frames around to see which one best suits your brand.

Why use PixTeller?
  • Unlike professional design software with a steeper learning curve, PixTeller requires minimal design knowledge. Even if you're a complete beginner, you can easily create engaging social media posts, presentations, flyers, posters, and more.

Also, you don't need to worry if you haven't used any logo animation app before. PixTeller will take you through each and every step meticulously. From choosing a logo to a color, PixTeller will simplify the process of creating animated logos.

Ready to use a Logo Animation App?

Now that you have learned some of the top and fantastic logo animation apps, you can easily create logos and intro videos without experts' assistance.

However, make sure you determine your business's needs before you make any decision. Some tools mentioned on my list are free, whereas some are paid. So, choose accordingly.

I hope you choose the right video animation software to make your logo appealing. The perfect one can improve brand awareness and attract new clients. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several excellent apps and software options to create animated logos, and the best one for you depends on your specific needs and skill level. Adobe After Effects is widely considered the industry standard for professional logo animation due to its powerful features and versatility. However, if you're looking for user-friendly options, online tools like Canva, Kapwing, and Renderforest offer logo animation templates and customization, making them suitable for beginners and small businesses.

Animating your logo involves using animation software to add movement and effects to its elements. Start by importing your logo into the chosen software, then use keyframes, transitions, and effects to create the desired animation. You can animate components like text, shapes, or images, making them move, scale, rotate, or change opacity. The process allows you to bring your logo to life, making it more engaging for your audience.

You can animate logos for free using online animation platforms and tools that offer basic animation capabilities. Platforms like Canva, Kapwing, and Renderforest provide logo animation templates and user-friendly interfaces, making it easy to create simple logo animations without any cost. While these free options may have limitations compared to professional software, they are accessible for those with limited budgets or animation experience.

Various tools and software can be used to animate logos, ranging from professional animation software like Adobe After Effects and Blender to user-friendly online platforms like Canva and Kapwing. Adobe After Effects is favored by graphic designers and animators for its advanced features and versatility in creating intricate logo animations. Online tools provide simplicity and accessibility, making logo animation achievable for those with limited design or animation skills. The choice of tool depends on your project's complexity and your familiarity with animation software.