YouTubers are pervasive nowadays—regardless of whether they are giving makeup tips, video game battles, or daily vlogs, they are piling up millions of views and a loyal fan-following. However, YouTube channels are not restricted to cosmetics, gaming, or entertainment.

YouTube is free and can be accessed easily. Further, the visual content is presented precisely, which reaches more than one billion viewers. This makes YouTube an incredible platform for a brand to reach wider audiences and grow more.

From the benefits of youtube educational videos to the steps on how to create educational videos on youtube, you’ll find it all here.

So, let’s get started!

What are Educational Videos?

Educational videos are intended to educate people about some particular issues they are facing or related topics they might be interested in. These videos are great for presenting your brand as a dependable source of information as well as one that cares about the needs and concerns of the audiences.

From a marketing point of view and the global pandemic, educational videos and explainer videos provide businesses an incredible opportunity. 

Benefits of Educational Videos

Educational videos have a lot of advantages, such as:

  • Higher chances of conversions
  • Increased SEO search ranking 
  • Holding viewers on your page for longer
  • Getting the word out about you and your brand, since videos can easily be shared on social media

Why YouTube?

Regardless of whether you're a private venture, a teacher, or an entrepreneur hoping to educate your crowd, YouTube is an unquestionable platform to have your learning video content. Your videos can be how-to-videos, tutorials, product descriptions, explainer videos, or educational videos. 

Wondering if YouTube is worth all the time and efforts? 

Totally. Now is the ideal time to start using YouTube or revive your present YouTube channel.

YouTube is free. So why not gain benefit from it? In case you've been putting it off, there's no reason not to begin, regardless of whether you start little.

How to get Started?

Now that you know how YouTube educational videos can prove beneficial for you and your brand let's see what all you need to do to get started. Here, we'll look at the steps on how to make educational videos on youtube and how to create content for a successful educational YouTube channel to growing an engaged, genuine, and lively community. 


Before clicking the record button, you need to plan out the essential pieces that will support your YouTube channel. 

You need to comprehend why you are creating this channel and why YouTube educational videos specifically. Ask yourself who your target audience is and what kind of success you are looking for in your channel. Posing these questions will help find your objectives and your channel niche.

No matter what your goals are, make sure they are specific.

Identify your Target Audience

The target audience is a particular group of people having common attributes like age, gender, interests, or profession. Target audiences need to be identified to narrow down your attention to a core audience. This will help you make your messages more personalized and successful.

Before starting your channel, find out who your ultimate target audience would be. Once you know who you want to reach, you can create more successful strategies by conducting research on your target audience and finding out the best ways of connecting with them.

Stay Consistent

Irrespective of your audience’s age, location, or demographic, they desire consistency when consuming content. Consistency indicates that your channel is reliable, easy-to-follow, and credible. This certainly helps your audience trust both your channel and the content you post. And trust comes first when you are educating your audience. 

By figuring in your crowd's inclinations, and the time it takes to produce quality YouTube educational videos, you can create a schedule. Then all you need to do is upload your educational videos on YouTube consistently to keep your audience engaged.

Stand Out

The beauty of YouTube is that anyone can create and upload a video on YouTube. However, the thing that actually creates a difference is if people are watching your content or not. This is why just uploading content won't be sufficient. 

You have to create content that stands out in the crowd, and your target audience can't resist watching the whole video.

One way you can stand out is via a hook. A hook is a captivating statement or visual at the start of a video to catch the attention of the audience.

One more way you can stand out is with passion. Since YouTube is a visual platform, audiences can see when a YouTuber is thrilled about what they are speaking about. The more passionate you are about your content, the more convinced your audiences will be.

Establish Trust

While creating an educational channel, keep in mind that your audience is putting trust in your content. Your audience believes that your instructions, statistics, and lessons will be correct and broad enough for them to get familiar with a new skill or solve a problem. 

Building up this trust from the beginning is immensely important. There are a few ways to start off on the right foot.

One way to gain this trust is by setting realistic expectations. By being straightforward and setting realistic expectations, your audience will know about the obstacles. This will make them be patient, rather than quitting out of frustration.

Another way you can gain their trust is by being transparent. Be transparent and honest with your audience by associating only with the organizations that align with your channel’s overall objective.

Engage your Audience

By now, you have identified your target audience, objectives, format, and tempo. Your content has fascinating hooks, authenticity, and passion. Now, you need to grow your YouTube channel from a series of videos to a loyal community.

Engage with your viewers in the comment section of your videos or by giving your email or social media links.

Do not engage with your target audience because you should—instead, connect with them as it serves to improve your channel and the audience truly appreciates it. They will honor your engagement with loyal views, referring their peers to follow your content, and giving honest feedback.

Wrapping Up

With billions of viewers and long hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube is a fairly overwhelming yet thrilling opportunity to take advantage of. Based on our experience, here are some tips for creating a successful YouTube channel for educational videos on YouTube:

  • Plan your YouTube educational videos channel with a particular objective and target crowd, create a practical schedule, and stay consistent in your video formatting.
  • Stand out with a fascinating and convincing story.
  • Set practical expectations and maintain transparency to gain the trust and loyalty of your followers.
  • By insightfully planning your objectives and creating unique content, you can create a successful YouTube educational videos channel that will help your business reach a wider audience.
  • Do let us know if you find this article interesting. And if you need help creating educational videos, get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

The most-watched educational video on YouTube can change over time, as new content continually gains popularity. However, as of my last knowledge update in September 2021, one of the most-watched educational videos was “Baby Shark Dance” by Pinkfong. While it's a children's song, it gained immense popularity and had billions of views due to its educational content aimed at young learners.

There are numerous interesting educational YouTube channels covering a wide range of topics. Some popular ones include:

  • Vsauce: Michael Stevens explores fascinating scientific and philosophical questions.
  • CrashCourse: Offers in-depth educational content on various subjects like history, science, and literature.
  • TED-Ed: Features animated lessons on a wide array of topics delivered by educators.
  • Smarter Every Day: Follows host Destin Sandlin as he delves into science and engineering mysteries.
  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: Provides beautifully animated explanations of complex scientific concepts.

The most interesting channel for you depends on your personal interests and the subject matter you want to explore.

Yes, YouTube videos are valuable teaching resources. Educators can use YouTube to supplement their lessons by incorporating relevant videos to enhance learning experiences. YouTube offers a vast library of educational content across various subjects and grade levels, making it a versatile tool for educators. However, it's important to ensure that the content aligns with the curriculum and is age-appropriate for students.

YouTube can be a useful study tool when used strategically. It provides access to educational content, tutorials, and explanations that can aid in understanding complex topics. Many educators and experts create educational videos on YouTube, making it a valuable resource for self-paced learning and exam preparation. However, it's essential to manage your time effectively and use YouTube as a supplementary study aid rather than a primary source of information. Additionally, be mindful of potential distractions and ensure that the content you access is accurate and reliable.