Here's the end of June, and we stepped forward towards July. To give a gist to all the new members who joined webdew for the first time, this agency blog is published every month to let people know what webdew does and what their achievements are for the entire month.

And for all the webdew lovers, we are here with the latest updates of webdew. 

The month of June was quite productive, there were various campaigns that we stopped, but there were other campaigns too that we started. So, are you excited to know the updates for the month of June? Continue reading this blog. 

Welcome to the June Updates 

Let's begin….


Social media campaign 

Social media is the foundation of a successful business. If a company has a strong presence on social media, then it becomes really easy to convert visitors into leads. That's why the webdew social media team is working day and night to let people know about the organization. 

As we are continuously sharing content in different forms like stories, videos, and reels, it is helping us to educate people and capture their attention. Now, if you are thinking about the platforms, then yes, for now, we are focusing on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now, let's jump onto the analytics report of each platform. 

Till June, we are a family of 19497 members on LinkedIn. All the aspects of LinkedIn, including unique visitors, new followers, impressions, and custom button clicks, are increased. You can have a look at the below screenshot to understand the LinkedIn impressions for June Month. The rising graph will surely let you know about the LinkedIn improvements for webdew.

linkedin impressions

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Now, If I talk about Twitter, then its performance was quite fantastic. Yes, 100 new members joined the webdew twitter family in June. Now we have 703 members in total on Twitter. In the month of June, we did 961 tweets, got 19.9K impressions, 11K post visitors, and 68 visitors

twitter june analytics

Along with this, both Instagram and Facebook performed really well. In the month of June, we became a family of 503 on Instagram and 1129 on Facebook. On Facebook, our reach increased by 5.4%, and on Instagram, our reach was boosted by 31.8%. 

june facebook instagram analytics

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Learn Teach and Grow campaign 

Learning never ends, and that's what webdew believes. To ensure that everyone in the team, along with the audience, is learning, the professionals of webdew keep on learning and sharing new things through blogs. 

In the month of June, we successfully published 25+ blogs related to websites, videos, marketing, HubSpot Sales, Business, and careers. Each blog is well presented with images that further let people understand the technical aspects of the field.

webdew blogs june

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Search Engine Optimization campaign 

Nowadays, it seems like a business without a website is incomplete, and a website without SEO is what we cannot imagine. That's why one dedicated SEO team is aligned so that all the SEO things on webdew websites are considered properly.

In the month of June, we keep on auditing our website to ensure that all the bugs found on the website can be removed. After resolving the SEO errors, it is observed that the domain authority of the website is increased to 35. 

Along with resolving webdew website SEO errors, our SEO team started evaluating the blogs along with the recommendations that are being resolved by our content team. 

Now, if I compare June and May monthly traffic, then it is observed that users and pageviews have increased by good numbers. In June, users, new users, and page views were 73743, 72367, and 123311, respectively, whereas, in May, users, new users, and page views were 71668, 69535, and 114124, respectively. 

Moreover, the clicks and impressions increased from 44.1K to 45.8K and 5.39 to 6.1M, respectively. 

Here is the list of top-performing pages for the month of June. 

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Webdew website campaign 

Website is one of my personal favorite campaigns because I believe that if you provide a good user experience to the audience, then it becomes really easy to capture their attention. And this can only be done through excellent website design. 

If you are already reading our previous agency blogs, then you might be familiar that we keep on revamping our website. And in the month of June, we have updated our webdew work page. Some new elements were added, and the entire design was revamped to make sure readers could easily get the information they wanted to read. 

Also, we did some testing and found a few issues that were resolved by our web experts. Here is the screenshot of our work page

webdew work


Directories campaign

Getting the reviews and showcasing them in the right way is something that helps businesses to convert visitors into leads and then customers. That's why we at webdew keep on sharing the reviews received from our valuable customers. 

In the month of June, we got 16 reviews in total that included- 

  • G2- 8
  • Clutch- 6
  • HubSpot- 2

Now, if I talk specifically about the Clutch directory, then I would like to tell you all that from the clutch, we got 369 click-throughs, 472 profile views, and 1 message.

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Recruitment campaign 

I always say webdew is not from me; it's from everyone who is working in webdew. Having such a wonderful team is what I have always dreamt of. And to increase the webdew family, we keep on hiring the right talent that helps webdew achieve its goals. And to fulfill this dream, our recruitment team is putting in a lot of effort.

In the month of June, webdew conducted 260 interviews, out of which 5 new members joined the webdew family.

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Internal Knowledge Base

As we are highly focused on learning, that is why internal KB is another campaign that helps webdew professionals to expand their skills and perform tasks without depending on others. Through this campaign, people keep on sharing the way they work so that other people can easily go through it and work accordingly without compromising the quality of work. 

In June, 10 articles were published. Now there are around 592 articles in total. Want to read what internal kb is all about? Click here. 

In a Crux

This is all for the month of June. So, are you guys excited to see the upcoming campaigns? Keep in touch and read our next agency updates blog. 

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