Guest posting and forum posting are two different ways to promote yourself and get it ranked on search engines. Indeed both have the same purpose, but one thing that varies is the outcome, due to which it becomes a hassle to decide which one to choose.

Being in the marketing field for the last many years, I understand how challenging it is to decide on the right approach to hit the goals. But, to help you out, I would like to share some pointers by going through which you can make the right choice for your company. 

Well! If you are reading this blog, then you might be facing difficulty in understanding whether you should go for guest posting or forum posting. Need not fret! 

Let's understand both the concepts separately to understand how to boost SEO with which posting style.

Guest posting for SEO

What is a Guest post?

Guest posts play an essential role in increasing the traffic to your websites. Guest Post is also an excellent method for building your authority and increasing your brand presence. 

It gives you confirmation that your website traffic will increase if we get high-quality links to our sites. In this approach, one outreach to webmasters according to their niches, share content, and get it posted on their website. 

After some months, one can look back and see that there are various links through which you will traffic to your website. 

Yes, getting hundreds of website visitors becomes simple through guest posts, but yes, it is a time-consuming process. It might take 4-5 months to get some results. 

Types of Guest Posts

Paid Guest Post 

  • Content
    In this type of guest posting, you can share fresh content to the webmasters that might suit your and their website. In return, you can get a backlink on your main keyword. 
  • Link Insertion
    In this type of guest posting, you can get the backlink on the content which is already written on the webmaster's website. 

Unpaid Guest Post

  • Link Exchange
    If you want to get a link without paying anything, then link exchange is one of the best options. In this type of guest post, you can get a backlink on the webmaster's website, and in return, you can give a backlink to them. 

How to do Guest Posting?

  • When you start a Guest post, it is essential to understand what you want which Niche websites are yours, for example:- SEO, Video, Health, Technology, etc.
  • Search websites according to your niche.
        For example, your niche is SEO.
  • Open google and search “SEO + write for us.”
    The format is basically “keyword” + “write for us.”
    (Google is one of the best search engines to find guest posting opportunities.)
  • There are thousands of websites on your SERP.
  • Select one of them and check D.A.(Domain Authority), P.A.(Page Authority), Spam Score & Traffic of the websites according to your requirements.
    (Use Mozbar for checking DA, PA & Spam Score.)
  • Now, it's the time to outreach the webmaster. Go to the contact page of the selected website and copy the email address. and send them a guest post request mail.
  • As per the reply received from the webmaster, you can further do the communications. 

Advantages of Guest Posting 

  • Guest posting allows you to build quality and natural backlinks that are relevant to your brand.
  • It allows you to strengthen your online authority and improve your brand exposure. 
  • With guest posting content, you can easily capture new audiences and gain potential customers' attention.
  • Guest posting also helps you boost referral traffic and generate revenue.
  • With guest posting, you can build a strong network with various webmasters and bloggers.  

Forum Posting for SEO

What is Forum Posting? 

Forum posting is all about generating quality incoming links by showing the engagements in different online discussion forums. You can share new posts and share feedback on the previous ones just to generate traffic to your site. 

You understand it correctly! Forum posting websites are online discussion sites where people visit and put their questions and queries, and other people reply to their questions and queries answers to get relevant solutions. 

In SEO, forum posting plays an essential role as it's a good and effective method to generate backlinks. It is the proven best off-page SEO activity that is used by many marketers to drive traffic to your site. 

Mostly, forum posting sites are crawled almost daily in search engines. It is the right place to get knowledge or relevant information.

How to do Forum Posting?

  • When you start Forum Posting, first, you need to search on google “Forum Posting Websites”. You will see lots of websites in SERP. Open one of them who has a good DA and low spam scores. Always find out the relevant niche forum posting site for online discussion.
  • Once you open the forum posting websites, make an account. You can use your personal/ business Email id and verify it.
  • Now it's time to create the profile. Add your personal information, website URL, company name, social media profile links ETC.
  • Once you complete the profile, you are now ready to post your query & content. It also adds some pictures relevant to the content.
  • Add a Hyperlink to your targeted keyword, and you will get quality backlinks.
  • Also, you can add your website URL (LIKE Visit:-

Benefits of Forum Posting

  • You will get high-quality backlinks even after participating continuously in a forum posting which will further improve your search engine rankings. 
  • With the help of forum posting, you can also enhance your writing skills. 
  • Through forum posting, you can collect a lot of information that generates quality backlinks. 
  • With the help of forum posting, you can easily understand the needs and requirements of people in a specific niche.  

Say, if you go for forum posting, then make sure you-

  • Choose proper title
  • Select appropriate forum 
  • Add your link
  • Follow forum guidelines
  • Incorporate the right keyword
  • Don't focus on direct marketing 

To Conclude

Improving website SEO is one of the major concerns that many marketers face, as there are different marketing strategies that one can follow to boost SEO.

And one such confusion is between forum post and guest post. Indeed, deciding one between these strategies is challenging, but hopefully, now you can easily decide which one to opt for your business. 

Well! When we do a guest post, the guest post is paid. It assures you that you will get authentic backlinks and increase your brand awareness in a short time to get more traffic. 

While in the forum position, there are no charges. It's free. You can obtain quality backlinks, and in a forum posting, you can gain knowledge or relevant information. It takes time to get traffic.

No one is perfect. That's why pencils have erasers. You need to understand that every procedure has its profit. So, go understand your needs and choose the best fits you and your business. 

Need any help in improving your website SEO? Feel free to contact us.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Guest posting offers valuable benefits for SEO and your broader marketing strategy by enhancing your brand profile and, consequently, increasing brand visibility. When you demonstrate your expertise and collaborate with reputable websites, you have the opportunity to establish credibility among readers, influencers, and Google alike.

Forum posting is crucial for SEO because it allows you to acquire a wide range of valuable backlinks for your website while also driving traffic. By strategically focusing on forum posts, you can increase traffic, especially for topics that may not receive much visibility in search engine results.

Guest posting serves as a potent strategy for constructing valuable backlinks to your website. It is imperative to carefully choose the appropriate websites for publication and craft top-notch content. Additionally, you have the option to employ alternative techniques for establishing links via guest posting.

Forum posting enables you to establish connections with a precise target audience, ensuring that your messages strike a chord with the individuals who hold the utmost significance for your business. Engaging in relevant community forums also contributes to your marketing efforts and enhances your link-building strategies.