The year 2021 was a much more experimenting year for webdian’s as there are various campaigns that we ran to achieve the business targets and win the audience's heart.

Well! sharing all the loopholes and insights about each campaign that webdew is running is not a cakewalk. But as I believe in maintaining transparency and providing better assistance to the clients, I made the decision to come up with this agency updates campaign. 

If you are following webdew from last month, you might have gone through our previous agency updates in which we discuss marketing, service, operations, and sales updates. I know that till now I haven't shared about the sales metrics but, in the year 2022, you will surely get the insights about the same. 

Now, let’s end this year with the milestones that we have achieved in the month of December, 2021. 

Welcome to our December Updates

Let’s begin… 


Learn, Teach and Grow Campaign

Learning never ends and individual growth is directly proportional to the learnings. This is what webdian’s believe. That’s why everyone in the team is always ready to learn and share. And that’s what the Learn, Teach and Grow campaign stands for.

We started this campaign in the month of April and till now, we have seen a good growth in our organic traffic. Thus, in the month of December, we have successfully published 15+ articles on webdew blog related to website, video, marketing, HubSpot, sales, business, and careers.

One again, thank you, all webdians, for your immense support for the LTG campaign. By looking at the success of this campaign, we will keep this campaign running forth. To make this campaign one step forward, we have certain plans for which you need to stay in touch with us. 

webdew blog december

Social Media campaign

For the last 2 months, I have been investing a lot of time and resources on social media. And the best part is we have seen excellent results on our social media

To give a boost, we focused more on sharing our personal life experiences in the form of content along with statistical images, reels, infographics, etc. 

In December our main focus was more on LinkedIn. So, to give a boost to it, we have started a LinkedIn Ambassador campaign in which our goal is to hit 10k LinkedIn followers. In this campaign, the 10 members who will top the rating chart will be declared as the webdew LinkedIn Ambassadors. If you want to know more about this campaign, you can read this KB article.

Now, if I talk about the number of followers then, in December, we are now the family of 305 on Instagram, 1228 on Facebook, 1550 on LinkedIn, and 415 on Twitter. 

Talking about the analytics of LinkedIn, we have seen an increase of 108% unique visitors, 214% new followers, 11% post impressions, 93% custom button clicks but seen a decrease in search appearance by 2.6%. 

And, when it comes to twitter, the December summary includes 137 tweets, 7601 tweet impressions, 5491 post visits, 7 mentions and 0 customers.

Due to all the efforts put in by Indians, we have seen tremendous growth in the number of LinkedIn followers in comparison to previous year. Don’t miss to have a look at the following graph. 

SEO campaign

“Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.” 

That’s why we keep on working on our website SEO. In December, we removed 56 broken links, resolved all the SEO errors from our directory pages, updated meta title and descriptions. 

I always believe that link building is the base of SEO. That’s why our SEO team invests a good amount of time in getting high quality links for our website. In December, we built 91 good quality links on websites having DA more than 40. If you also want any help in running a link building campaign, feel free to contact us as it is one of our marketing services

Have a look at the top 5 blogs that are performing excellent on Google Search engine. 

Moreover, With sincere updation efforts put in by various members, our website's domain authority has increased from 34 to 36.

Yes, besides all the updates, we have something big in the coming months. Excited? Don’t miss to visit

HubSpot Community Campaign

I still remember the day when we started this campaign and planned to help HubSpot users by sharing our knowledge around HubSpot on this platform. On the first day we were standing at 60th position, but now, we are in 4th position. 

It’s all because of our webdian’s who participated in the campaign and made it a success. In the month of December, we have answered 184+ questions and helped in getting their queries resolved. 

Now, have a look at the rankings that we achieved on HubSpot community:

All Time: 4th rank

december all time rank community

Last Year: 2nd Rank

december all time rank community 1

Six Months: 2nd Rank

webdew blog december community 6 months rank

Three Months: 2nd Rank

webdew community rank december 3 months

30 days: 2nd Rank

30 days webdew community rank december

7 Days: 2nd Rank

7 days webdew community rank december



As I said last month agency updates, we have something big this year when it comes to website campaigns. To get that implemented successfully, our web team is putting their best efforts to strategize things and make it a success. 

In December, our main focus was to create a strategy for the upcoming plan and fix all the website errors. 

Along with this, we have updated our website grader page in which we added some points to our footer. To know more about website grader, go to

HubSpot Tutorials

For the last 2 months, we are not putting much effort into taking this campaign a little forward, but in December, we are back on track. 

In December, we resumed our plan. Now, our HubSpot team is working on creating new videos that will be shared with you all on our Youtube page in the coming month. But for now, we have published 28 how-to videos related to HubSpot.  

Along with this, we have also started working on the SEO perspective of all the HubSpot videos that I believe will help us in giving a boost to the HubSpot tutorial video


Review Campaigns

Review campaign is one of the 3rd most essential campaigns for generating revenue. That’s  why every one in the team is putting their efforts to offer high quality service and generate reviews on different directories that are g2 Crowd, HubSpot, Design Rush, and Clutch. 

In the month of December, we have received 7 reviews on Clutch, 8 reviews on HubSpot, 6 on G2.  

Hard Work pays off and in December we have completed 100 reviews on clutch directory.

Moreover, if I talk personally about clutch directory, we have got 107 click-throughs and 254 profile visits. Also, 0 contact forms were submitted.

Internal Knowledgebase Campaign

If you have gone through my first agency updates blog then you might be familiar with the reason for starting this campaign. Yes! We always believe in sharing knowledge and transferring it to the candidates so that everyone in the team gets the opportunity to learn and grow. 

In December, we published 46 more articles in our internal knowledgebase campaign. Also, it is one one of the campaigns that will be continued in the coming year as well.

You can visit our internal KB page to know more about it. 

Recruitment Campaign

Indeed, “your human talent is your most important talent.” Having a strong team will not only help you in offering good services to the client, but also makes it effortless to build a positive environment. This is the reason we always open doors for talented people. Want to start your career with webdew? Go visit

Now, if I talk about the numbers, In December, we interviewed 285 candidates. Also, 8 new members joined the webdew family. 

Moreover, if you are still confused about choosing the right career path for yourself, don’t miss watching this video-

Wrapping Up

This was all for December. Now we are all set for the year 2022 with a lot of new campaigns and strategies that will surely help webdew to hit the targets of the year 2022. 

So, stay tuned and keep getting the updates through this blog. 

Visit to know more about webdew. Also, if you have any more queries, feel free to contact us