I always believed that setting goals and targets not only helps in focusing attention on desirable results but also assists in managing expenses. That’s why I prefer defining SMART goals for my team.

Every month I set some targets for each team so that webdew can better assist the clients and achieve the objectives. Well! Besides helping the clients to keep ahead of their competition, I always try to come up with new ideas and goals that make it easy for me to scale the growth of our organization.

I believe everyone wants to progress in life. For that some businesses create their own strategies to reach the goals, whereas others copy their competitors. However, we at webdew believe in doing things differently and create our own path.

By keeping this in mind, I took the initiative to publicize all my goals and achievements through this agency updates blog. I will be publishing this blog every month in the Marketing, Sales, Services, and Operations hierarchy by keeping the HubSpot flywheel model in mind. However, since the sales numbers are pretty confidential, I am still planning a way out to share those metrics with you all. 

Till then, you can have a look at the milestones achieved in rest of the categories. 

Welcome to our July Updates

Let’s take a look at what’s all-new this month besides the sales and marketing metrics.


Learn, Teach and Grow (LTG) Campaign 

Before I talk about the metrics, I would like to give a brief about what LTG stands for and why I planned to run this campaign. 

From some time, I have been noticing that people are rather reluctant to share their knowledge with others on an industry level. Knowledge transfer is one of the biggest challenges that people face, especially in growing companies. That’s why I made it mandatory to learn and share their knowledge with each other in my organization.

To make it successful, I started a Tuesday training campaign internally. In this campaign, each team member has to share the concepts/ideas with his/her team so that everyone can learn and grow together. 

To continue to build that zeal of learning and teaching after the pandemic, I started this new campaign named LTG, which stands for “ LEARN, TEACH AND GROW.”

The primary objective behind starting this campaign is to inspire each team member to enhance their knowledge, share it with others and help both candidates and clients in solving their queries through blogs.

We started creating and publishing blogs related to website services, video production services, marketing, HubSpot, sales, business, and careers. We have successfully completed our first quarter and published 85+ blogs on our website until the month of July.

After sharing technical content on our website, I found that members within the agency take less time to implement the tasks and have improved their career curves. Also, people outside the agency having similar issues get the right solution to their queries. 

Everyone in the team has their targets, and I totally understand that it is really challenging for each member to represent their blog more professionally. To sort things up, the content team (Richa and Divya) has helped me manage things to the next level. 

While running this campaign, I found that everyone on the team is not happy while flaunting that extra feather in their cap. So, to make it interesting and competitive, I planned to appreciate each team member by running a contest in which the author of the blog with the highest traffic will be awarded a prize on quarterly basis.   

By looking at the success of this campaign and the learning growth of the team members, I decided to run this campaign in the next quarters as well. 

If you want to read out the blogs written by webdian’s, you can visit https://www.webdew.com/blog.

Social Media Campaign 

A few months back, I did not take social media too seriously. We just used to post updates related to employees' birthdays, joining anniversaries, events, etc. Of course it is essential to build strong relations within the company, but lately i realized how important it is to have strong brand visibility on different social platforms. 

Behind doing all the new activities, my primary goal is to help our clients and build strong relationship with them. In addition, we started sharing statistical images, infographics, reels, stories, slides, etc.  InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook to ensure that people can quality and engaging content.

After we started new activities, we have achieved new heights in terms of engagement and followers. 

In July, we are now a family of 250 on Instagram, 1095 on Facebook, and 1321 on LinkedIn

Our engagement rate on LinkedIn is increasing gradually. And now we have a solid engagement rate of 21.58%. 

Our reach on Facebook has increased by 1300%

And I have seen a similar spike of 1300% in the Instagram reach as well. 

SEO campaign 

Indeed, SEO plays an essential role in making the website stand out from the rest. July month was very special from the perspective of the SEO campaign. 

Want to know why? 

Well! In July, webdew achieved 101 high-quality backlinks. The surprising part, each website is of good quality and has high DA (Domain Authority). So, if you want to run a link-building campaign for your website, feel free to contact us as it is one of our marketing services

Due to this success, various informative blog pages are ranking on the top page of google for the keywords- 

Do you want to know about those blogs? Have a look- 

We continuously work on our website to improve its ranking and keep it in the top Google search results. In the month of July, we have updated page titles and descriptions of more than 200 Pages on our website, after which we have received 20.1K clicks from 3.05M impressions, and we are still going up.

If I compare the website's performance from the previous month with July, then we have seen an improvement of a 3.10% increase in users, 6.28% increase in sessions, and 48.90% decrease in bounce rate.

HubSpot community campaign

HubSpot community campaign is another derivative of Learn, Teach, and Grow campaign. Through this campaign, we want to grow by teaching all those people who directly or indirectly work around HubSpot.

Basically, HubSpot community gives the opportunity to all the users to put their queries, where anyone can help them in getting resolved. So, webdew tries to help each individual by sharing the right possible solution and get their queries resolved.. 

To encourage the team to answer more queries and get them marked, we always appreciate and reward each individual. Till today, we have answered 700+ questions.

I am really proud to announce that the rankings of webdew on the HubSpot community have achieved a good height. 

All time rank- 11; dated- 31st July

Six months rank- 3; dated- 31st July

Three months rank- 2; dated- 31st July

Last 30 days rank: 2; dated- 31st July

Last seven days rank: 2; dated- 31st July

Paid Ad Campaigns

Though webdew is a strong believer in inbound marketing strategy, we recently experimented with paid ad campaigns in July. However, these ads did not give us the kind of results we expected, I had to take this step since I always believe in balancing the marketing world.  

We have started sharing different types of Google and Facebook ads that are successfully running and helping sales team with leads.


webdew Website Campaign

Website is one of the most valuable assets that can help agencies to build identity, create a brand and generate leads. As the website is an ongoing evolving process, I always keep revamping and adding new things to make it more user-friendly and appealing. 

While keeping the website campaign on priority in July, we tried to make it better by taking the clients' inputs and did our best to provide what customers actually require.

We have created our website in HubSpot CMS, and I didn't get much time to update it. But finally, last month, we kicked off our website and started converting it into boilerplate. Almost 70% of the website is done, and within one more month, we will successfully convert the entire website into a HubSpot boilerplate

The primary objective behind making this big change is our audience. We want to make both Google and visitors happy.

Converting the website into HubSpot boilerplate will help us in improving our user experience and increase the loading speed of each page. Each information added to the website will get more organized. And the best part, the marketing team can manage the entire website independently without depending on the developers. `

HubSpot Apps Campaign 

I always believe in helping people with new tactics and strategies. And for webdew, the launching of HubSpot apps is one of the most awaited moments. Now the wait for all the HubSpot app lovers is over!

In July, webdew has launched and updated three different apps in HubSpot named-

All these apps are listed in the marketplace. The objective behind creating this app is to help HubSpot users to run their business effortlessly and more productively. 


Review Campaign

I believe that reviews have the power to influence customers' decisions and strengthen a company's credibility. Besides this, it also helps me in measuring the work performance of the services team. Reviews are one of the best ways to understand whether our services team has delivered good services to our clients or not. That's why I always keep the review campaign on priority.

We have listed our various services on various directories where our focus for July was g2 Crowd, HubSpot, Design Rush, and Clutch. 

In the month of July, webdew got 19 reviews in total on different platforms, including

  • HubSpot: 6 
  • G2Crowd: 7 
  • GoodFirms: 1 
  • Design Rush: 2 
  • Clutch: 3 

If I talk specifically about design rush, then through this directory, webdew has got 51 impressions, 64 profile visits, and 12 clicks. 

One of the proud moments for webdew in the month of July was getting listed at the top of the clutch directory for the best video production companies in India.

Also, from clutch directory, we have got 167 click-throughs and 415 profile visits. 

To ensure that the reviews campaign gets more focus, I have some plans for the future. At the backend, I am planning to create a statistical graph so that I can share it with the audience of webdew.

Internal Knowledgebase campaign

webdew believes in sharing knowledge and works around the goal of “Grow Together.” For this initiative, webdew has created an internal knowledge base to ensure that each team member in the company gets familiar with the system and can grow independently.

To achieve this goal, we have published 104+ articles in our knowledge base and found tremendous growth in their organization. I always admire to launch webdew’s own academy in the near future.

Recruitment Campaign

From my experience, I observed that recruitment is one of the major challenges while taking the company to the next level. To ensure it does not happen in webdew, I evaluated the concerns and found that getting salary on time, job security are two main concerns that people face while joining a company. 

Since I started this company, I ensured to resolve all these challenges and planned to create an ecosystem in my organization that will make people believe their job is secured in webdew besides they have to worry about their salaries.

I believe that the growth and complexity of the company depend on both employees and employers. This is the reason I focus on giving opportunities to both freshers and experienced candidates.  

To ensure the ecosystem is well maintained, 4 members ( Pavandeep, Prabhjeet, Rahul, and Reena) from the team of 55 are highly dedicated to running this recruitment campaign successfully. Along with the team, I personally spend most of the time getting things more aligned. 

To achieve the goals, the recruitment team of webdew has successfully interviewed 209 candidates in the month of July. The cheery on the cake is that 8 new members have joined the webdew family in the month of July. 

The Final Say 

There you go folks! That was all about webdew july updates. Stay tuned with us because we have a lot more coming in the month of August. 

So, don’t miss out on reading the upcoming webdew Agency updates in August 2021. And to know more about webdew, you can visit webdew.com.

Happy Connecting!