We all want our website to rank higher in search engines, mainly Google. Several practices have gained popularity, but nothing holds more importance than link building. In this article, you will find a timeline of the development of guest posting versus the traditional approach as a link-building method. 

To be specific, it is one of the top three factors that impact ranking even today, so you need to build an eminent strategy to grab high-quality links to your website. 

We have adapted our effective guest posting strategy over the years, and now we offer a tailored service to our clients to land powerful posts on highly trafficked sites.

First things first, let's discuss BACKLINKS.

Backlinks and its Importance

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink pointing to a page on your site. In layman's terms, “A backlink is a scenario where one page on the internet references a page on your website and includes a clickable link to access that page.”

Here are some points how quality backlinks will benefit your website:

  • Backlinks bring direct traffic to your website.
  • Google spiders will easily find your website.
  • Your website will appear higher when someone looks for your offered product and services. Or we can say that it establishes your brand in your online marketplace.
  • Backlinks also give you bragging rights.
  • Your website will get more credibility than those of your peers.

Why is Backlink Important?

The worldwide web is practically built on these links, and Google uses them as an important ranking signal. If any other reputable websites link back to yours, your website must be reputed, too. And you'll rank higher in search results accordingly.

Google itself says they're super important – “Make sure that other sites link to yours.” But all backlinks in SEO are not created equal.

Two popular Ways of creating Backlinks

  • Traditional Link Building
  • Guest Post Link Building

In this context, we will highlight both of these processes in detail. What are we waiting for? Let's hop in. First, we will discuss the old school or traditional link building process:

Traditional Link Building

The traditional link-building process is the one in which backlinks are created on other websites. It may sound unchallenging, but it is difficult as you have to decide which websites will help you rank and which will not. Many websites allow backlinking but are not worth it.

So, choose the one that offers high-quality links so that you can gain more traffic and visibility on the search engine. Some other aspects of Traditional Link Building are as follows:

  • In most cases, they are free.
  • Very easy to get one.
  • Requires tools to find credible websites
  • Anyone can create these links.
  • Tire linking and all.

How we make Traditional Backlinks?

We make Traditional backlinks by finding free websites that permit us to create backlinks. This is relatively easy and mostly free, and anyone can do that with minimal technical knowledge. 

Depending on the web site's popularity on which we have made backlinks, Google spiders will index that link. In most cases, backlinks are automatically indexed, but in some cases, we have to put a request in Google web admins.

Guest Post Link Building

Guest blogging is a process in which people write content for another website with high traffic and Alexa ranks. 

Guest posting has a range of advantages. You get to share your expertise on popular platforms. By this, you can build new customers and get more visibility in the market that will help you gain brand recognition and improve brand value. 

Creating backlinks from credible websites boosts your domain authority and improves your SEO rankings.
Let us discuss some aspects of Guest Post Link Building:

  • These are mostly paid and hard to find.
  • You get more traffic from these credible websites and boost domain authority.
  • Get recognized in the industry.

How do we make Guest Post Backlinks?

As the name suggests, we reach the webmaster of popular websites and ask them to place a backlink on their website, which helps boost the popularity of our websites. These websites are popular, and these backlinks are easily indexed in Google, thus driving more traffic to your websites. 

We have to approach the websites with DA (Domain Authority) more than the website for whom we are taking guest post backlinks. Like, If we need a guest post for our websites that have DA 30, then it is crucial to take a backlink from the website having DA more than 30. This will make back-linking solid requirements.  

If you want to improve your website's DA, try to upload quality content to your website and do proper search engine optimization by searching keywords of your competitor's website.

Why should your Business be Guest Post-Link-Building?

Build wider Reach

One of the most, if not the most important factors, to think about when building links is relevance. Securing a link to a product page on a website with high traffic is excellent, but it won't add much value if that website has nothing to do with your company's target page. 

Guest posting lets you improve the relevance of your links with a greater degree of control than other link-building methods out there. Guest blog posting also allows you to target the right audiences for your link.

Just one link on a relevant site puts your business in front of high-quality leads, improving the value of your link in the process.

Puts Business in Driver's Seat

A crucial benefit of guest posting is that it gives you greater control over the links you build. The most substantial backlink profiles are a dynamic makeup of anchor texts: branded, generic, exact match, and partial match.

Guest posting allows you to build a backlink profile that meets your customers' needs. It also lets you choose the annotation text surrounding the link. 

The copy around your links signals to Google's algorithm, informing it about the target web page's content and relevance. Writing a guest post lets you provide the exact annotation text you want for your link, helping you build backlinks that add genuine value to your domain.

Get more Bang for your Buck

Quality will win over quantity more times than not when it comes to quality guest post-link-building. Quality links are sustainable, and they continue to add value over time, rather than simply providing a brief spike of traffic to your website followed by a drop.

Yes, you could build hundreds of links on private blog networks (PBNs.)

You won't gain the quality of backlinks built through guest blog posting (and can skyrocket in price.)

The setup cost and the resources needed to build a PBN can be several times required for an optimal guest post-link-building campaign and often deliver fewer links. 

We won't deny that building quality links at a larger scale through guest posting can be challenging, but it's not impossible. 

In the end, guest posting gives you a more significant amount of quality links with a smaller price tag.


Both link-building processes will help you grow the traffic to your website, and you can track the real-time progress in the Google search console and analytics. The best way to invest in both processes and decide afterward which has more impact and then go with that process. 

One thing to note here is that choosing high-quality websites in both types of link-building is an essential point. Still need any help? Feel free to contact us

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Frequently Asked Questions

Begin by clearly outlining your objectives and goals for utilizing backlinks. Determine what you aim to accomplish, whether it's boosting website traffic, improving search engine rankings, or enhancing visibility. Subsequently, select a link-building service that aligns with your SEO goals and tailored objectives. Ensure your expectations are well-defined, so you can identify a service capable of delivering the desired results.

Guest posting offers a potent strategy for cultivating valuable backlinks to enhance your website's SEO. The key lies in judiciously choosing websites for publication and crafting top-notch content. Additionally, diversifying link-building tactics within guest posting can yield robust results.

Ensure links are pertinent to the content, accompanied by effective anchor text for search engines to grasp their context. Our guides are designed to streamline your link building and SEO endeavors, providing valuable assistance.

Guest posting can be both beneficial and potentially harmful, depending on how it's approached. When done right, it can boost website traffic, enhance credibility, and expand your audience. It allows you to tap into a new readership and build relationships with other bloggers or websites. However, it can be detrimental if not executed carefully, leading to spammy content, irrelevant backlinks, or a mismatched audience. Quality and relevance are key factors in determining its impact. Therefore, guest posting isn't inherently good or bad; its effectiveness depends on strategy, content quality, and the ethics of the approach taken by both guest authors and host websites.