I strongly believe that #Revive2021 was much necessary to bring that human touch to work! And finally, the October revival gave wedians a reason to work more productively for the coming months. 

Are you excited to know what's new about webdew's achievements and goals for November month! Pull up your socks and get ready to enter into the transparent world of webdew. 

Welcome to webdew November Updates!


Social Media Campaign 

Social media presence! The term that I always admire. Winning the audience's heart and building strong relations with the viewers on different social platforms is honestly one of the toughest tasks, but all thanks to the social media team. Their sincere efforts and dedication has given a new look to your social platforms. 

By giving a personal touch to all the posts like infographics, videos, statistics, reels, etc., helped a lot in increasing the brand visibility and closing more leads. In the month of November, we are now the family of 2354 on Linkedin, 1127 on Facebook, and 298 on Instagram. 

If I talk personally about LinkedIn, then we have got 994 unique visitors, 339 new followers, 42.8K post impressions, and 96 custom button clicks, which is a great improvement from previous months. 

We have seen a good spike of 3520% in the Instagram reach.

Along with this, our reach on Facebook is 5900% by 30th November. 

Moreover, If I talk about the analytics of Twitter, then 166 was the total number of tweets, 9297 tweet impressions, 5316 profile visits, 13 mentions, and 3 new followers

Learn Teach and Grow Campaign

It is one of my most favorite campaigns of marketing. Not just because it helps in increasing website traffic and subscribers but also allows you to transfer knowledge and build strong relations. 

In the month of November, we have published 17 more articles on the webdew blog page. The best part about each technical content is that it helps both the writers and readers to upgrade their skills and help clients to the next level. 

By looking at the success of this campaign, I will surely run this campaign in the coming months as well. If you want to read out the blogs written by webdian's, you can visit https://www.webdew.com/blog

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Campaign

I believe that letting search engines know your brand is one of the most challenging tasks. But, if you keep on working on your website and updating small things like page title, meta tags, etc., then the SEO of your website can easily be improved. 

In Nov, the SEO team did good research on the website and found 30+ broken links and removed them from the site, working on meta tags and URL redirections. After putting in all the efforts, we have seen a good boost in the website SEO analytics. 

We compared the traffic on our website in November 2021 to the traffic in November 2020. We have gained 161.48% users and 169.85% more sessions. Also, the organic bounce rate of our website has been reduced by 83.74%. 

In the month of November, the highest number of clicks in a single day was 1564. 

Now, here comes the backbone of SEO. If you are thinking about link building, then yes, you are right! In the month of November, we built 54 backlinks for our own site. Due to all the efforts, we have seen a huge improvement in blog rankings. 

Have a look at the top 5 blogs of webdew- 

Do you also want to boost your website SEO and looking for the best agency to work with? Feel free to contact us

HubSpot Community Campaign 

webdew always aims to be in the good list wherever the term HubSpot is listed. By keeping the knowledge transferring at priority, we continue to share the answers and resolve viewers' queries around HubSpot through the HubSpot community portal. 

In November, we continued to hold the 4th possession by getting 308 solutions in total. Have a look at the rankings of webdew on the HubSpot Community. 

All-time rank- 4th

Last Year- 2nd 

Last 6 months- 2nd 

Last 3 months- 2nd 

Last month– 2nd 

Last week– 3rd 

Last Day- 3rd


webdew website campaign

Websites are the foundation of every business. That's why we are planning a big event for the coming months. To continue to improve the site performance, we keep on twigging in November.

In November, we were experiencing a mobile usability issue on the website, which was also affecting our page experience. By keeping this issue on priority, we investigated the root of the issue and discovered that it was caused by the AMP pages. 

In November, we were able to resolve this problem after optimizing the pages.

To come back with a new version of the webdew website, we started prioritizing the tasks. Looking forward to what next we are planning for? 

Oh… sorry! You have to wait for the next agency update blog. 


Reviews campaign

It's well said- “Make feedback normal. Not a performance review.”

No matter whether the review is good or bad, it has the power to spread quickly. More visibility, the better the result. That's why our service leads are highly focused on this review campaign. 

If you are a regular reader of webdew, then you might know that we have listed our services on different directories such as HubSpot, Clutch, g2 Crowd, and Design Rush. So, the number of reviews received in the month of November are- 

  • Clutch- 4
  • HubSpot- 3
  • G2-5

Moreover, through the clutch directory, we have got 173 click-throughs and 204 profile visits. Also, 1 contact forms were submitted.

Internal Knowledgebase campaign

I believe that we can deliver good service to the clients only if our internal team is strong and works in a productive way. And this can only be done if they have proper knowledge about the process. 

That's why we at webdew have a single platform where each team member shares the way they work so that new team members can learn and work in the same way. In the month of Nov, we have published 10 more articles. Now we have 158 articles in total in our internal knowledge base.

Recruitment campaign

It's true that “Great vision without great people is irrelevant”. That's why we strongly believe in hiring talented people who can help us in serving better services to the clients. We have built a presence on the LinkedIn recruiter page that helped a lot in hiring the best talent. 

To know the loopholes and make this campaign more successful, we have started collecting reviews from candidates on different platforms to know what actually they are actually looking into. 

Thus, in November, we interviewed 220 candidates. Also, 5 new members joined the webdew family. So, if you are confused about choosing the right career path for yourself, then you can always go to our Youtube platform to make the right decision.

The Final Say 

No matter whether it's marketing or a website campaign, we have seen a good improvement in analytics. As we know that we have reached the end of 2021, and new goals are about to be made, so, excited to know what we have planned for 2022? 

So, stay in touch and wait for our next HubSpot agency updates blog. 

Visit webdew.com to know more about webdew. Also, if you have any more queries, feel free to contact us.