Cisco predicts that 80% of traffic will be video in 2021, and this percentage will remain unchanged in the coming years. Similarly, TechCrunch reports, YouTube social videos are viewed at least 1 billion times per day.

This is why you should include it in your content marketing plan, regardless of your business. If you have never attempted it, or you have tried and failed to achieve results, where would you begin?

In today's world, we have many resources from which we can choose. Here is a guide to some of these choices. Depending on your business, spending capacity, and social media strategy, you can select one or more of these.

What makes a Video Popular?

There is a simple reason why social media videos are so appealing. In an era where digital messages seem so distant and anonymous, watching a person's face while listening to them speak conveys meaning. This gives a person's message an authentic touch, and it evokes a sense of being close to them. Ultimately, this increases trust.

Also, videos can be used for various purposes. You can create several snippets to serve as visual guides and branding materials for your organization. These can be shared and re-shared over time across multiple platforms.

A quality video will continue to be a competitive advantage, even though there may be many other exciting and fun things to do. It is also possible to keep it largely simple. There are days when a short but impactful post from the solitude of our homes can accomplish a great deal more than a lengthy post or an excessively promotional advertisement.

Getting Started

You may wish to consult an expert or marketing agency for help with a video or YouTube marketing campaign based on the standard you need. I think it is important to thoroughly identify and understand your motivation, regardless of whether you do it.

Every piece of video content has a CTA connected to an important marketing or sales objective.
So, you should ask all these questions related to your video and its CTA:

  • What is the relationship between this strategy and the rest of your organization?
  • How would you describe your CTA?
  • Which form of emotion would you like to see in the video?
  • What role does it play during the buyer's journey?
  • Who is your target audience?

Post & Share your Video

The whole process should be pretty self-explanatory—you'll be able to upload or embed a video to your website or blog. You will want to do quite a bit of video marketing on your social media channels if you want to be more strategic and effective. 

Make high-quality content to get the audience's attention. Use the best online video editors to get quality content at a low price. These tips will help you achieve the best results.

Your homepage should include videos set to autoplay. You should make sure they are silent, and all autoplay videos should have captions. A loud advertisement that interrupts the flow of people's lives does not make sense. Interrupting them while they are busy is unfavorable, as your goal is to get them to listen to you.

  • Mobile is the dominant device these days. Hence, all your efforts should be mobile-friendly and viewable on a variety of devices.
  • Optimize videos for a particular platform following the best techniques and SEO practices.
  • Make sure your YouTube videos are organized in a library.
  • Monitor when your videos are viewed the most and engage people the most. With this information, test them at different times during the day.
  • Add various styles of material to your video to make it interactive.
  • Incorporating additional images can be extremely useful, particularly on social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram, where captions can be added on top of images.

Choosing the right channels based on your goals/brand is crucial. For example, LinkedIn provides ample space for users to post videos, blogs, slideshows, and other types of content. Professionals from your industry can connect with others on LinkedIn.

Keep things organized and quick on Twitter! Make sure to use hashtags and captions developed manually.

Go Live

The live video segment will continue to dominate the traffic landscape in 2021, accounting for nearly 10% of all traffic. Everyone can use Instagram live, the most popular social network at the moment. It is more effective due to the fact that these videos are available only for a day and are updated in real-time. They can also be easily tested.

It is as simple as clicking the Instagram Story button, which will let those who are watching know you're live on the platform. Users can interact and share comments with others while watching Facebook Live, allowing them to participate in real-time.

These tips will help you use Facebook Live:

  • There is a slight delay in comments, but they are live. 
  • It is not suitable for large crowds in terms of interaction, but it can definitely be beneficial when presenting a special event or important announcement directly to the crowd.
  • This works well for basic, concise posts, provided they are not too long.This works well for basic, concise posts, provided they are not too long.
  • Don't forget to inform your audience that you'll be performing via live video.
  • Make sure to share your live video on several key social media platforms.
  • Making a video that can be shared on YouTube means it can be redistributed. You can also edit it once it is uploaded.
  • You can create a better video using comments and engagement. 
  • You can use other forms of content to include the video, such as email blasts.

SEO Tracking and Optimization

You should give a relevant and meaningful title to your video. In addition to what people find on your company's channel, you need to remember that they may also find the same content online.

It is important to include your company name and brand in the title if it is a presentation or product description. Hence, a title with general utility can also attract customers to a brand, but the title must be valuable and relevant. Keeping it as brief as possible is also recommended. The description should contain keywords and be as expressive as possible. You can create a keyword list because it will address both search engines and consumers.

In YouTube's keyword tool, you can find keywords applicable to your content as a whole and use them when you are thinking of new content ideas and linking them to your blog posts and other online content. You can also advertise on YouTube with these keywords.

The Google Analytics program will help you discover how many people are watching your videos and how they are performing. Using this tool will also provide you with an opportunity to find out what social networks your videos will perform best on and which ones are being shared online. Make notes of everything you understand and continually refine your approach.

End Result

For effective results, you should categorize your audience and prioritize your goals when implementing strategies. Businesses can benefit from video marketing in countless ways.

Video marketing allows companies to stand out from the competition, build relationships with customers, and sell their products more creatively. I believe videos are an excellent way to engage customers on social media, explain products and services, and educate users about brands. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

In a recent survey by Statista in November 2022, it was revealed that videos have become a prominent tool in the marketing world. Notably, 86% of marketers utilize videos on Facebook for their promotional activities, indicating the platform's popularity. However, the real standout is YouTube, with a whopping 90% of marketers utilizing it as their preferred social media platform for video marketing. Additionally, TikTok is gaining traction, with 35% of surveyed marketers incorporating it into their marketing strategies. These findings underscore the significant role of video content in the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing.

Video marketing involves creating videos to promote brands and products. These videos are shared on your website, social media, or in ads. For instance, a clothing company can make a video showing how to style their clothes, or a restaurant can showcase its delicious dishes in a video. Video marketing helps businesses connect with their audience in an engaging way, making it easier for people to learn about and remember the brand and what it offers.

The most subscribed-to videos are often product reviews. These videos are a hit on YouTube and have the power to draw in a large number of new subscribers who may not have stumbled upon your channel otherwise. Product reviews offer valuable insights and information, making them a go-to choice for viewers looking for guidance on their purchases. So, if you're aiming to grow your subscriber base, creating product review videos is a smart strategy, given their proven popularity and ability to engage and inform your audience.

Video marketing is extremely important for businesses today. In the ever-growing digital landscape, the popularity of videos, especially on social media, continues to soar. Companies are recognizing the power of video marketing and are actively investing in it. As a result, a plethora of engaging videos are being shared across various online platforms. This trend not only boosts businesses' online visibility but also enables them to connect with a wider audience, making it a vital strategy for success in the digital age. So, if you're looking to stand out in the digital world, video marketing is a must.