Why use social media ads?

Each Social Media ad created by our professionals helps you promote the services and reach the target audience through social channels. We ensure to produce videos that are engaging, informative, and productive. 

high reach

Our social media ads help you to reach a high percentage of the target audience easily. You can narrow down the audience and reach them on the basis of interests, behavior, demographics, connections, etc.


You can also increase the conversion rates through our social media ads. It attracts people and captures a high chance of converting them into leads and then into loyal customers.

cost effective (1)

We allow you to create high-quality social media ads without investing much. Social media ads also allow you to experiment with many forms and ad placement, reducing the marketing cost. 

brand awareness

All the social media ads we create are focused on the customer pain points and specific issues that make the content more attractive and informative. It not only increases bottom-line profits but also generates additional world-of-mouth awareness. Our every video assists people in knowing the concept better.


We create social media ads by keeping the business ROI in mind as social ads directly contribute to your business sales. Our affordable social media advertising services help companies to engage people better and convert them into leads and then into promoters. Thus, we always create ads that are both successful and profitable.


We ensure to create simple and attractive social media ads that engage the visitor and generate quality leads quickly. Our fun, engaging creative ads allow visitors to stay on the videos till the end and inspire them to make the right decision. Thus, create simple social media ads to increase the number of the fan base and build strong relationships efficiently.


frequently asked questions

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The Manifest crowns webdew as the most reviewed Global 2D Animation Company 1-01

The Manifest crowned webdew as the most reviewed Global 2D Animation Company

We Love You! It goes without saying that we owe this achievement to our clients and the creative minds working tirelessly for all the clients across the globe. webdew has been helping brands be in the spotlight for over 6 years and with your constant support, we shall carry on doing the same in the future as well.