Have you ever wondered about the purpose behind a company creating an employee or customer testimonial video?

Consider this scenario: After receiving positive feedback about the headphones your neighbour was using, you decide to purchase the same from that shop. Why did you make this decision? Simply because you trusted the recommendation of a reliable source.

The same principle applies to testimonial videos. Feedback from experienced individuals is highly valued, as they provide an opinion based on their personal journey.

Testimonial videos are a powerful tool as they showcase real people sharing their experiences and success stories with your product or service as a customer or employee, building trust and credibility with your audience.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 11 compelling testimonial video examples to inspire you to create engaging content. Watch them now.

Watch the best 11 employee and customer Testimonial Video Examples

1. “So Yeah, We Tried Slack …”

“So Yeah, We Tried Slack…” is one of the client testimonial video examples that share a client's experience of using this messaging app.

It has revolutionized how the team communicates and collaborates, works more efficiently, and is streamlined with its intuitive interface, easy-to-use features, and seamless integration with other tools. 

  • The video features real people sharing their honest opinions and experiences with Slack. They don't hold back, and their candid feedback makes the video feel more authentic and trustworthy.
  • The video is lighthearted and humorous, making it more engaging and entertaining. The humour also helps to humanize the participants and makes them more relatable.
  • The video is well-edited and features creative visual elements, such as text overlays and animations, that add to the overall production value.
  • The video features a diverse group of participants, including different job titles and industries. This provides a more comprehensive view of how Slack can benefit various organizations.
  • The video features examples of how Slack has helped participants solve real-world problems, such as improving communication and team collaboration.

What sets this video apart

Unlike traditional testimonial videos, this video employs a captivating storyline to showcase the customer's experience.

Slack's approach involved not only the founder of the client company but also their employees, who enthusiastically highlighted the benefits of using Slack through the use of animated icons. This unique approach sets the video apart from others in its genre.

2. Endless Entertainment: HubSpot Customer Success Story

HubSpot is one of the best testimonial video examples that portray how the customer gained success by availing of the company's services.

It is a powerful tool for businesses to showcase real customers sharing their experiences with the product or service, highlighting the benefits they've gained and how it's impacted their business. This also helps build credibility and trust with potential customers and improves brand reputation.

  • The video includes a compelling story of a small business that has grown exponentially with the help of HubSpot's marketing software. The storytelling makes the video engaging and relatable, capturing the viewer's attention from the beginning.
  • The video involves real customers sharing their genuine experiences and opinions about HubSpot's software. This authenticity can help build trust with potential customers who may be skeptical about marketing claims.
  • The video production evokes emotions, particularly a sense of inspiration and hope. It shows that even small businesses can succeed with the right tools and support.
  • The video shows specific results that Endless Entertainment achieved, such as a 600% increase in website traffic and a 20% increase in sales. This specificity helps to demonstrate the tangible benefits of using HubSpot's software.
  • The video ends with a clear call to action, inviting viewers to learn more about HubSpot's software and sign up for a free trial. This call-to-action helps to move potential customers further down the sales funnel.

What sets this video apart

This video stands out from the crowd because of its captivating introduction. In the beginning, ‘Endless,' a client of HubSpot and Wistia, shares their story of what they do and how they started.
Doing so, they help the viewer understand the importance of HubSpot in their customer's life. This unique opening approach sets the tone for the rest of the video.

3. Wiley Publishing & Hootsuite

As a great video testimonial example, it depicts how Wiley Publishing has been using Hootsuite for several years, and it's been an indispensable tool for their social media strategy.

With the ability to schedule and publish posts across multiple platforms, track engagement, and analyze our performance, Hootsuite has helped them to streamline social media efforts and reach our target audience effectively. 

  • The video features Wiley Publishing, a well-known and respected brand in the publishing industry, which adds credibility to the testimonial.
  • The video includes concrete examples of how Hootsuite has helped Wiley Publishing achieve its social media marketing goals. This provides tangible evidence of the benefits of using Hootsuite's platform and can help potential customers understand how it could benefit their business.
  • The video focuses on Wiley Publishing's specific use case, which is managing multiple social media accounts for various book titles. This allows viewers to see how Hootsuite's platform can be used in a real-world scenario.
  • The video features a Wiley Publishing employee who is genuinely satisfied with Hootsuite's platform. This can help potential customers trust the testimonial and see the value of Hootsuite's platform.
  • The video is only 1 minute and 19 seconds long, which makes it easy for viewers to consume and share. It gets straight to the point and focuses on the key benefits of Hootsuite's platform, which can help keep viewers engaged.

What sets this video apart

The perspective game played by Hootsuite in the video is the winner in this video. After the client mentioned the benefits they gained from Hootsuite, one of Hootsuite's employees mentioned how they satisfied their customers by designing the best solution.

4. webdew Client Review | Travelopia | – #webdew

When customers speak, their results in the form of testimonial videos help companies attract visitors and convert them into leads. Happy customers and their success stories are quite remarkable. 

In this example,  Sreekandh Balakrishnan, one of the technology directors of Travelopia company. He explains how webdew has helped to work around Hubspot and Hubspot automation.

Also, he discussed how webdew had accepted the challenges, delivered quality video services, and helped him generate powerful results. 

  • It's a simple video that starts with a shot of a happy and satisfied customer who shares his experience working with webdew. He speaks emotionally and shares how his business has transformed after getting their services.
  • The video features customer testimonials with different businesses, goals, and challenges. This diversity in testimonials can showcase the broad range of services webdew offers and how it has helped different businesses achieve their objectives.
  • The customer in the video shares specific results and achievements he has received with the help of webdew's services. This can provide credibility to the brand, and potential customers can see that they can expect tangible results from working with webdew.
  • The video is well-produced, with high-quality shots, clear audio, and engaging background music. The visuals and transitions complement the testimonials and make the video more engaging.
  • The video ends with the appearance of webdew's logo to promote branding overall.

What sets this video apart

Its outstanding feature is its simplicity, with no extra inclusion of music and effects. Letting the viewer focus on how the brand helped that customer and how it can help them become prospective customers.

5. LifeLock Member Review: Jamie A | LifeLock

Being a LifeLock member for over two years, Jamie shared how their services have given her peace of mind regarding her identity and financial security. Their proactive approach to monitoring and alerting her of suspicious activity has been invaluable. 

The video involves a real-life customer, Jamie A, who shares her experience with LifeLock. Her candid and genuine feedback about the company and its services can help potential customers trust the brand more.

  • This effective testimonial presents how she has faced identity theft in the past, which can be a relatable concern for many people. Her story can connect with viewers who have experienced similar issues, making them more likely to consider LifeLock's services.
  • Talking about the specific benefits she has received from LifeLock, such as her alerts about her credit score changes and potential identity theft issues. This can provide credibility to the brand, and potential customers can see they can expect specific benefits from using LifeLock.
  • Jamie shares how using LifeLock has given her peace of mind and helped her feel more secure. This emotional appeal can resonate well with the audience and connect them to the brand.

What sets this video apart

The customer's confidence, Jamie, lets others understand her pain points first and then how LifeLock helped her stay protected. The reason behind mentioning this is to let the other viewers resonate with her and urge them to try LifeLock at least once. 

6. Love Yer Dog, Honestly Healthy Pet Products Testimonial (Stimpy)

It is not necessary that the product testimonial video can be shot by someone gaining personal benefits, but it can also be around someone who can't speak but needs help more than those who can.

One example is this Love Yer Dog testimonial video, where the customer is the street dog who was saved by a person who used the product and saw great and healthy results.

  • The video features a customer of Love Yer Dog, who appears genuinely pleased with the product. The authenticity of the testimonial helps to build trust with potential customers, as they can see that the positive feedback is coming from a real person.
  • Stimpy's owner expresses deep gratitude and relief at the positive effects the product has had on their dog's health. This emotional appeal can resonate with pet owners seeking solutions to their pet's health problems.
  • Throughout the video, Stimpy's owner highlights the product's benefits, such as improved digestion, energy levels, and overall health. This provides concrete evidence of the product's efficacy and can help convince potential customers to purchase.
  • The video features a cute and endearing dog, which helps to capture viewers' attention and keep them engaged. Additionally, visuals such as product packaging and footage of the dog playing can help reinforce the product's benefits and create a positive association in viewers' minds.
  • The video is relatively short and to the point, with Stimpy's owner conveying their message clearly and succinctly. This helps to hold viewers' attention and makes the video easy to watch and share.

What sets this video apart

The detailed insight into the recovery of that street dog with the help of the company's product perfectly shows why and how a brand can greatly impact prospects by making such a testimonial video.

7. ALDI – Testimonial Video: Amanda

A testimonial does not only mean they are of customers, but they can also be of employees. As employees and their feedback matter a lot for the successful working of a company.

Keeping this in mind, we have brought you this ALDI employee testimonial video example, where Amanda shares her great experience of working  as a store manager.

  • This type of testimonial video looks professional and feels personal. The impactful voiceover leads the audience to get carried along with it to know what Amanda has to say till the end.
  • Amanda is the Store manager trainee at ALDI who shares her experiences and opinions about working at ALDI. This makes her relatable to people looking for a similar job.
  • Amanda's testimonial seems genuine and unscripted, which can make the viewer trust her more and feel that ALDI is a trustworthy working place.
  • Amanda highlights the benefits of working at ALDI, where she got promoted twice in the two years of her job. Reflecting the positive, acknowledging, and appreciating the environment.

What sets this video apart

The live-action video is shot professionally with the use of kinetic typography technique in between, and the presence of a clear voiceover in the original voice of the employees makes it seem persuasive and engaging. Thus making it also one of the great live-action video examples.

8. Employee Testimonial: What Makes Motorola Solutions an Exciting Place to Work

Hello Moto! a tagline that everyone knows about. Today this tagline will be used to welcome the thoughts of the employee working at Motorola – the popular mobile phone company. Without wasting a second, let us know what these employees say about the brand and its working culture.

  • The video features several employees who speak candidly about their experiences working at Motorola Solutions. The authenticity of their testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool, as it shows potential employees that the company values its workforce and provides a positive work environment.
  • The employees featured in the video come from various backgrounds and hold different positions within the company. This diversity of perspectives can help viewers see themselves in a potential role at the company and can appeal to a wider range of job seekers.
  • The video features engaging visuals of employees at work, which can help bring the testimonials to life and make the company seem more dynamic and exciting.
  • The clubbing of the scenes of different employees and their editing seems smooth and flowing with no disturbance for the viewer in between.
  • The video can positively associate with the Motorola Solutions brand by featuring happy and fulfilled employees. This positive association can help attract top talent and improve the company's reputation in the industry.

What sets this video apart

Rather than the typical format of a testimonial video with a single speaker, this video chooses the path of a unique view of roads and traffic with a timer to take the viewer further to know the employees' feedback.
This approach distinguishes it from other videos and encourages viewers to engage with the content actively instead of just passively listening.

9. TFE Employee Testimonial Video 2016

The need for an employee testimonial lies in knowing the company's culture and values. In this case, TFE's employee testimonials can help spread the word about the company's healthy and friendly work environment, attracting potential employees who view TFE as their dream company. Overall, employee testimonials offer a unique marketing approach that can contribute to a positive brand image.

  • The video features real TFE employees sharing their experiences, which authenticates the testimonials. This authenticity helps potential customers to trust the brand and its offerings.
  • The video features diverse employees, including people of different genders, ages, and positions. This diversity helps potential customers to see that the company values and respects people from all backgrounds.
  • The video uses storytelling techniques to convey the message. It also appeals to the emotions of viewers by featuring heartfelt testimonials. This emotional connection helps potential customers to feel more connected to the brand and its offerings.
  • The video has high production value, with high-quality visuals and audio. This professional appearance helps to enhance the credibility of the brand and its offerings.

What sets this video apart

Considering the visuals and audio, everything is well-structured with no gaps or waste of time in between. Every second has been wisely utilized to add the important opinions of the employees.

10. We Are FabFitFun: Employee Testimonial Video

As the company's name suggests, FabFitFun must have a fun working culture, but it's time to see whether this condition is true. To do this, we have a great testimonials from employees of different genders, ages, nationalities, and positions that will give real feedback.

  • The video features actual employees of FabFitFun sharing their personal experiences and thoughts about the company, which adds a level of authenticity and credibility to the testimonial. This helps potential customers to trust the brand and its products more.
  • The video showcases employees from different backgrounds, genders, and roles, reflecting the brand's commitment to inclusivity and diversity. This can help the brand to appeal to a wider audience.
  • The testimonial video is designed to target viewers' heartstrings by showcasing the employees' passion and dedication toward their work and the brand. This emotional appeal can help to create a deeper connection between the brand and potential customers.
  • The video effectively tells the story of the brand through the eyes of its employees, highlighting the unique culture, values, and mission of FabFitFun. This can help potential customers to understand and connect with the brand's ethos and purpose.
  • The video is well-produced and features visually appealing footage and graphics, which helps to keep viewers engaged and interested in the content. This can increase the likelihood that potential customers will watch the entire video and be more receptive to the brand's message.

What sets this video apart

The blend of employees sharing their opinions in the work scenes is something that makes it interesting to watch. Unlike watching a single person speak for an extended period, this combination keeps things engaging, making the video stand out.

11. What's it like to work at Google?

Google is the most popular and favorable company, and acts as a showstopper for our list of best testimonial video examples.

This well-structured video involves the say of more than one Google employee who happily shares their experience of working at this tech giant. The criteria for knowing about Google is to get more inspired to do hard work and get in here. As who doesn't want to work at ‘Google'?

  • The video features real employees of Google sharing their personal experiences and perspectives, which adds a level of authenticity and credibility to the testimonial. This helps potential job candidates to trust the company and its employment opportunities more.
  • The video gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to work at Google, showcasing the company's unique culture, work environment, and perks. This can help to generate excitement and interest among potential job candidates.
  • The video features employees from different roles, backgrounds, and locations, highlighting the company's commitment to diversity and inclusivity. This can help to attract a wider range of job candidates who value diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • The video effectively tells the company's story through the eyes of its employees, showcasing its mission, values, and impact. This can help potential job candidates to understand and connect with the company's purpose and culture.
  • The testimonial video is designed to evoke an emotional response from viewers by showcasing the passion, enthusiasm, and sense of community among Google employees. This can help to create a deeper connection between the company and potential job candidates.
  • The video is well-produced and features high-quality footage and graphics, which helps to keep viewers engaged and interested in the content. This can increase the likelihood that potential job candidates will watch the entire video and be more receptive to the company's message.

What sets this video apart

The employee testimonial video, “What's it like to work at Google?”, is an impressive marketing asset that skillfully utilizes the voice of employees to showcase the company's employment prospects.
With its sleek visual design and captivating background music, the video successfully highlights the employees' experiences while maintaining viewer engagement.

Get ready to create a testimonial video to boost your video marketing game

These are the best customer testimonial videos that use best practices to attract, engage and delight visitors and improve the game of video marketing. The ideas included in the testimonial mentioned above video examples will help you build trust and strengthen your business. 

Hopefully, all the above ideas will help you create a high-quality testimonial video that converts. Always create videos that let the quality of your products or services speak for itself just by going through the experiences shared by successful clients. 

I have shown how top brands use testimonial videos and harness word-of-mouth advertising to reach customers and increase brand awareness. 

Now that you have a list of ideas start evaluating your goals and create testimonial videos that convert your efforts into sales. 

Still, if you have any second thoughts or want to learn more about utilizing testimonial videos for your business goals, feel free to contact us. You can also share your queries in the comment section added below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you provide a video testimonial, it's essential to be clear, concise, and specific about your experience. Start by introducing yourself and explaining how you came across the product or service. Then, focus on its positive impact on your life or business. Share specific examples of how the product or service helped you solve a problem or achieve a goal. Be genuine and honest in your delivery, and include any data or statistics that support your claims. Finally, wrap up your testimonial with a recommendation to others who may benefit from the product or service.

Writing a testimonial video requires careful planning and execution to ensure it effectively communicates your experience with the product or service. Begin by identifying the key benefits and features that you want to highlight. Think about the specific problems the product or service helped you solve and the positive outcomes you achieved. Consider including data or statistics that support your claims. As you write your script, focus on being authentic and genuine, using natural language. When filming your video, use a clear and professional-looking setting, ensure good lighting and sound quality, and aim to deliver your lines confidently and enthusiastically.

Testimonials come in many different forms and can be found in various industries. A customer testimonial may feature a satisfied customer sharing their experience with a product or service. A celebrity endorsement can serve as a testimonial, with the celebrity attesting to the quality or effectiveness of a product. Testimonials can also come from employees or team members who have positive opinions about a company or organization. Additionally, testimonials may be in written form, such as reviews on a website, or video form, such as testimonials featured in a company's marketing materials.

A testimonial video is a marketing tool that features a customer, employee, or other individual sharing their positive experience with a product or service. These videos aim to build trust and credibility by featuring real people who have had positive outcomes from using the product or service. Testimonial videos may be included on a company's website or used in social media or email marketing campaigns. They often include shots of the person speaking and footage of the product or service in action. A testimonial video provides a relatable and trustworthy endorsement of the product or service, helping persuade potential customers to purchase.

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