After months of hard work and dedication, you've just launched your very own SaaS startup. The product is fantastic, and you're eager to reach out to potential customers and show them what your software can do.

But there's a catch – you're facing fierce competition from established SaaS giants in the industry. They have bigger budgets, larger teams, and a massive customer base.

You need a strategy that catches their attention and convinces them that your product is worth switching to. This is the moment when you realize the power of email marketing and the impact it can have on your startup's success.

In this blog, we've gathered templates of 8 different email categories from renowned SaaS brands that are experts at breaking the ice with their audiences.

8 SaaS Email Marketing Templates to take ideas from

1. Welcome Email

This email serves as the first point of contact with new subscribers or customers in your email list. It presents an excellent opportunity to make a positive impression and establish a connection with the audience.

The email design and email content set the tone for future interactions by delivering a personalized and warm welcome. It also fosters a sense of appreciation for the user's interest in the SaaS product.

What should be there in your Welcome Email? 

  • Personalized greeting with the subscriber's name. 
  • Express appreciation for the user's interest and subscription.
  • Briefly introduce the SaaS product and its core value proposition.
  • Provide clear instructions on getting started or accessing the product.
  • Include links to relevant resources, tutorials, or support for further help.
  • Encourage users to explore the product and reach out for any questions or feedback. 

Grammarly Template

We all should learn how to welcome our customers from Grammarly.

Even if we don't describe the attached “Welcome email by Grammarly,” you'll get to know the reason behind our saying by looking at the email yourself.

Welcome Email Grammarly 165x1024 1

But to make it more simple, clear, and interesting, we want you to know why we chose an email like this as an example of an email marketing template for you.

What's in this email template to get inspired from? 
  • Our eyes are immediately drawn to the visual appeal of the content. Here you can notice that Grammarly has maintained brand consistency by using its signature green and white colours, with other solid colours for detailing.  
  • The warm and inviting words “Today's a great day” create a positive and uplifting tone, making any reader feel good about their day. It is followed by instilling a sense of success and hope to enhance one's professional life. 
  • A significant advantage is that Grammarly doesn't stop at just welcoming you; it takes you on a journey to explore the world of possibilities as a customer. The email explains the offerings, including updated features like Grammarly GO, real-time suggestions, customization, and more. 
  • You can also find a brief description of the benefits of the features of the Grammarly Premium and Grammarly Business versions.  
  • The email assures you that your confidential content is safe, allowing you to control Grammarly's accessibility to maintain your privacy. 
  • Notably, at the end of each content section, you'll find convincing and relevant call-to-action (CTA) buttons to guide you seamlessly through the next steps. 

2. Onboarding Email

The next one in the email sequence is the Onboarding email. These are critical in guiding new users through the SaaS product's initial stages.

These emails provide valuable information, video tutorials, and resources to help users understand the product's value proposition and core functionalities. 

A well-structured onboarding mail series can significantly reduce the learning curve and ensure users achieve their desired outcomes quickly.

What should be there in your Onboarding Email? 

  • Send onboarding emails introducing one key feature or functionality in each email.
  • Offer step-by-step guides and tutorials to help users navigate the product. 
  • Share success stories or use cases to demonstrate how others have benefited from the product.
  • Provide tips and best practices to help users achieve their goals efficiently. 
  • Encourage users to take specific actions to experience the product's value firsthand.
  • Offer personalized support or assistance to address any challenges during the onboarding process.

Jasper Template

What do you expect when you try a new software or tool?

How to use it even, and what can it do and provide benefit to you? Right?

By keeping the same thing in mind, tools send you emails with onboarding content after a welcome email. To clarify your understanding, we've here Jasper, an AI writing SaaS business with its onboarding email with us.

image 286 567x1536 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from?
  • Onboarding doesn't mean jumping directly into explaining the usage process. Considering this, Jasper provides a short welcome and introduction that adds a personalized touch. 
  • It focuses on the next important step – your login credentials, i.e., your email ID, and provides information about resetting your password.
  • Additionally, they offer an email ID for full customer support, addressing any potential queries. This proactive approach shows that they prioritize providing solutions to potential future problems. 
  • Now, let's shine a spotlight on the onboarding content. Jasper begins directly with an explainer cum onboarding video that guides you from A to Z.  
  • This onboarding sequence email wraps up with incentives and a call-to-action button that leads you to Jasper Academy, where you can access more videos to simplify and streamline your navigation and usage of this tool

3. Free Trial Email

For SaaS companies, this email type aims to engage users during their trial period. It reinforces the benefits of the SaaS product and encourages users to explore its full potential.

By providing personalized recommendations and showcasing success stories, the email persuades users to convert into paying SaaS customers before the trial ends.

What should be there in your Free Trial Email?

  • Remind users about the benefits and features of the SaaS product.
  • Highlight any time-limited offers or discounts during the trial period.
  • Showcase success stories or testimonials from other satisfied users.
  • Encourage users to explore different aspects of the product and its capabilities.
  • Provide clear instructions on upgrading to a paid plan before the trial ends.
  • Offer personalized follow-up emails based on user interactions during the trial.

Semrush Template 

The next turn is of one of the most attractive and convincing types of email – Free Trial email. For example, we have included an email from a renowned SEO marketing software – Semrush.

By not exaggerating about the brand in the text, Semrush opted for something cut to the point and clear to convert more customers. This is why we chose this successful SaaS email marketing example as an inspirational template for you.

image 287 600x1248 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from? 
  • This email copy focuses on its banner, inviting readers to “Become a pro” in the SEO world by subscribing to Semrush Pro. Beyond the literal message lies a hidden meaning that encourages recipients to master SEO skills with the help of Semrush Pro.
  • The email establishes a connection and piques curiosity about what comes next by personalizing the message for free account customers and motivating them to succeed. 
  • The winning element of this email lies in its feature comparison between the free plan and paid plan. Highlighting the superior features of Semrush Pro significantly impacts the customer's mind, enticing them to consider upgrading and gaining access to more benefits.
  • The strategic display of benefits positions the Pro plan as the clear winner and triggers interest in exploring the upgrade option.  
  • Don't think we forgot the email's hero – the Free Trial! The next section of the email revolves around the Free Trial offer. Semrush doesn't just ask readers to start the free trial but provides essential information beforehand.
  • Flexible export options, including popular video formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, and social media-friendly formats like GIF and YouTube.
  • The call-to-action gains meaning and value by creating the right context and environment. A 7-day free trial allows potential customers to experience the features firsthand before buying. This approach boosts conversions and ensures a positive user experience. 

4. Promotional Email

What exactly do you mean by promotion? 

Let us tell you. It is simply a way to put your products or services in front of your customers in loud and clear words or actions.

Promotional emails effectively attract new customers and drive revenue growth. Thus, be creative and ensure the email leaves a lasting impression so customers are eager to learn more about your product.

The goal is to craft an enjoyable experience to promote your SaaS that encourages customers to take action. 

What should be there in your Promotional Email?

  • Create a sense of urgency with time-limited offers or limited-quantity deals. 
  • Communicate the value and benefits of the promoted offer.
  • Use persuasive language and compelling visuals to capture attention.
  • Include clear and visible call-to-action buttons for easy conversion.
  • Tailor promotional emails to specific segments or user preferences.
  • Follow up with reminder emails for users who haven't taken action.
  • Upsell or cross-sell additional products or features

Powtoon Template 

Promotional emails are essential for attracting customers and presenting your product's value. So, they should be appealing and not too salesy. 

Keeping this in mind, we've given you an email example from Powtoon. As limited-time offers are the ones that majorly attract the customer, like season sales, powtoon used the same technique to create a promotional outline for its animated graphics and video creation brand.

image 288 530x1536 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from?  
  • Immediately upon opening the email, you'll feel the vibrant and lively energy that reflects the creative spirit of the design company. The choice of colours stands out.
  • As mentioned, Powtoon emphasizes the “SUMMER SALE 25% OFF” and “Get it now” messages, creating a sense of urgency to grab the offer before it's gone. The banner design makes it clear that this deal is perfect for you. 
  • This lead nurturing email then explains the sale and highlights the features of the Powtoon Professional plan.  
  • The email cleverly creates a “Fear of Missing Out” effect, also known as FOMO, not once but twice. First, right after the banner and again after the “Get 25% off” call to action button. This indicates that if you do not grab this offer now, maybe you will never. 

5. Product and Features Update

A product or feature update email is valuable communication from SaaS companies to inform users about the latest enhancements and improvements to their product or service. 

These emails are a powerful tool to keep customers engaged, informed, and excited about the ongoing evolution of the SaaS offering. 

The content of such emails should be clear, concise, and focused on highlighting and marketing features, benefits, and value that the new updates bring to the users' experience. 

A well-crafted product or feature update email can reinforce the SaaS company's commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, fostering a stronger relationship with its user base.

What should be there in your Product and Features Update Email?

  • Inform users about new features, enhancements, or improvements in the product.
  • Highlight how the updates benefit the user and improve their experience. 
  • Including visuals like screenshots or videos can enhance understanding and create a visual appeal.
  • Provide links to relevant resources or guides on using the new features.
  • Encourage feedback and suggestions regarding recent updates.
  • Use visuals to showcase the changes and make the email visually engaging.
  • Send regular updates to keep users informed about the latest developments.

Vimeo Template

Ready to get updated? 

If yes, look at this one of the best email templates by Vimeo that brings its AI feature to the notice of its customers.

image 289 600x1340 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from? 
  • ✅ The email has a captivating dark mode design with a black background and white text, instantly drawing your attention. Three key words – “WRITE, RECORD, and EDIT” – give a sneak peek into what the email is all about, piquing your curiosity.  
  • ✅ In the first block of the screenshot, you'll find a transcript feature. Although, there is a GIF that shows how the tool generates a script for a video, records it, and then edits it. The visuals quickly showcase the new features, making them easy to understand.  
  • ✅ The email dives into the details. Each process – writing, recording, and editing – is explained with accompanying images. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the tool's capabilities. 

6. Newsletter

Newsletters are valuable for nurturing leads and maintaining customer engagement. Every SaaS company can position itself as a thought leader and maintain a strong relationship with its audience by providing relevant and informative content, such as industry news, best practices, and tips.

What should be there in your Newsletter Email?

  • Include a mix of content, such as industry insights, tips, and product-related news
  • Segment newsletters based on user interests or behavior for targeted content. 
  • Share success stories, case studies, or user-generated content to build trust. 
  • Add visually appealing images or videos to make the newsletter engaging. 
  • Include links to relevant blog posts or resources for further reading. 
  • Provide options for users to manage their email preferences or subscription.

HubSpot Template 

It's the turn of a very talented and renowned tool of the year (not just the year but since it came into the picture) – HubSpot. This CRM, content marketing, effective email marketing, sales, and marketing automation service provider will lead you to understand the game of content through email.

Look at the points below and the email template we provided here. 

image 290 408x1536 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from?
  • HubSpot's Newsletter email, “The Lead,” is thoughtfully crafted to keep customers informed about industry news and trends.  
  • This simple email stays true to the brand's identity using HubSpot's signature orange and white colors
  • A concise two-line summary sets the tone for the content, building anticipation for what's to come. 
  • The email keeps the focus on the valuable content, avoiding any distractions. It seamlessly transitions into a mini marketing case study of Kim Kardashian company's successful moves, shares the latest news from social media apps, presents HubSpot's recently created report, and links useful blog topics.  
  • Notable, when mentioning their report, HubSpot includes a visual ad for it. This smart approach puts their content in the spotlight without being overly sales-oriented. 

7. Educational Email

Educational emails offer educational content and resources that empower users to maximize the value of the SaaS product. By providing guides, tutorials, case studies, and success stories, SaaS companies can show their expertise and offer actionable insights to users, encouraging them to become power users.

What should be there in your Educational Email?

  • Offer in-depth guides, tutorials, or e-books on specific topics related to the SaaS product. 
  • Provide educational content that helps users solve problems or achieve their goals
  • Offer access to webinars or online workshops for skill-building. 
  • Encourage users to interact with the content or participate in knowledge-sharing sessions
  • Use storytelling techniques to make educational content more engaging and relatable. 
  • Measure engagement with educational emails to understand their impact.

ClickUp Template

It isn't necessary that SaaS companies can only provide information and education just through blogs. Proving this right, the ClickUp brand, like some other good brands, provided researched and relevant information through their email. 

Look at the points and educational template attached below to better understand.

Educational email ClickUp 330x1536 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from?  
  • ClickUp's email dives into the topic of “Resource Allocation Techniques,” striking a perfect balance between simplicity and creativity.  
  • Using their signature designs and vibrant colors in the images, ClickUp adds an element of attractiveness, enticing readers to engage. 
  • The content employs clear and straightforward language, making it easy for readers to grasp the topic.  
  • In addition to the main guide on the topic, the email includes three sub-blogs, offering readers a comprehensive understanding all at once.  
  • To avoid confusion, ClickUp consistently emphasizes that the concept falls under Project Management.  
  • To further enhance the email's usefulness, ClickUp provides a Resource Plan Template, benefiting the reader. 
  • This marketing email concludes with a bold and straightforward CTA, encouraging readers to follow the link and get the Chrome extension for easy use.  

8. Customer Experience Survey Email

A one-sided conversation is not at all beneficial as it just conveys the points of one side. Due to this, customer surveys are created and play an important role, especially for a SaaS business. 

Such emails play a pivotal role in gathering customer feedback. By understanding the customer's pain points, satisfaction levels, and suggestions, SaaS companies can improve their product and service offerings, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What should be there in your Customer Survey Email?

  • Clearly state the purpose of the survey and the importance of the customer's feedback.
  • Use a concise and user-friendly survey format to encourage participation.
  • Offer incentives for completing the survey, such as discounts or exclusive offers.
  • Ask both quantitative and qualitative questions to gather comprehensive feedback.
  • Follow up with a thank-you email for users who completed the survey.
  • Analyze survey results and use the feedback to improve the SaaS product and customer experience.

Semrush Template 

Being insightful data helps the company to know what their customers think about their product, what they liked, and what they didn't, and also helps you to make that right for them and retain them for a lifetime.

Considering this, Semrush has created a short, crisp, to-the-point survey email. Let's have a look.

Customer Survey Email Semrush 3 600x1501 1
What's in this email template to get inspired from?
  • The email begins with a captivating storyline, adding a unique touch of personalization and sparking interest as it leads readers to answer a few questions. 
  • The email seamlessly transits to the survey questions, addressing why the customer didn't opt for the pro subscription. Using multiple-choice questions instead of subjective ones streamlines the process for the customer. 
  • The choice of colors aligns perfectly with the brand guidelines, complemented by easy-to-understand language and terms. 
  • In addition to the survey, they include a compelling call-to-action line, urging the customer to start a free trial without delay
  • The email's conversational tone is the highlight, making the content engaging and avoiding any sense of monotony. Such a tone reflects the essence of a conversation, effectively enhancing the email's purpose. 

How are Email Marketing Templates good for SaaS companies? 

1. Creative Inspiration 

Examining templates from various companies, whether email marketing software, AI tools, CRM service providers, project management tools, SEO marketing platforms, etc., exposes SaaS marketing specialists to various creative and innovative designs.

It sparks inspiration and encourages them to think outside the box when building an email for themselves. 

2. Design Best Practices

Templates created by successful companies often follow design best practices. By analyzing these templates, SaaS brands can learn about effective layouts, color schemes, and visuals that can enhance their emails' overall appeal and engagement.  

3. Time-Saving

Leveraging existing templates saves time and resources for B2C SaaS or B2B SaaS companies. Instead of starting from scratch, they can swiftly modify and customize these templates to align with their brand and campaign objectives.  

4. A/B Testing Ideas

Companies that have successfully succeeded with email campaigns often regularly test and optimize their templates. SaaS companies can gain insights into the types of elements, subject lines, and CTAs that work best through these templates and adapt them for their testing. 

5. Targeted Messaging

Different companies cater to diverse audiences and niches. Analyzing templates from various companies allows SaaS marketers to observe how they tailor their messages based on their target audience's preferences, pain points, and interests.

Also, it helps you to know how such companies follow the marketing funnel to create relevant email content for the customers.

6. Cross-Industry Learning

SaaS companies can learn from templates used by companies in various industries. This cross-industry learning enables them to experiment with different styles and apply successful tactics that might not be common in their industry.  

7. Mobile Responsiveness

Templates used by leading companies are likely optimized for mobile devices. Understanding how these templates adapt to different screen sizes and devices helps SaaS companies ensure their emails provide a seamless experience for mobile email recipients.  

8. Branding Strategies

Examining templates from different companies helps SaaS marketers understand how successful brands maintain consistency across their email messages while incorporating their brand identity effectively. Thus, it aids you to improve your email marketing strategies and convert more customers.  

9. Improved Performance

Implementing well-crafted templates from successful companies can positively impact SaaS email marketing campaigns and their performance. They can lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, ultimately improving the ROI of email campaigns.   

10. Learning from Mistakes

Besides successful templates, studying examples of less effective or unsuccessful templates can be equally valuable. It allows SaaS companies to avoid common pitfalls and learn from others' mistakes. 

Ready to get inspired from the best SaaS Email Marketing Templates?

Using these 8 templates of email marketing for SaaS can be a game-changer in winning over customers and breaking the ice with your audience. Each template serves a specific purpose in the customer journey, from warm welcomes to engaging promotions and valuable updates. 

By personalizing your messages and incorporating compelling calls to action in every email, you can effectively communicate your brand's value and foster meaningful connections with your audience. 

With these powerful templates in your arsenal, you have the tools to drive engagement, nurture leads, and deliver successful email marketing campaigns. 

Also, if you need expert advice for content marketing, inbound marketing, website design, and SEO marketing, contact webdew.

With our professional teams, we will assure you that provide exceptional and growth-driven results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email marketing SaaS is a software-as-a-service solution that facilitates and automates email marketing campaigns. It provides businesses with a cloud-based platform that enables them to create, send, and manage targeted email campaigns to engage with their audience effectively. Best Email marketing tools often offer features such as email templates, contact management, segmentation, analytics, and automation, empowering businesses to optimize their email marketing efforts and drive conversions.

SaaS is a marketing delivery model for various marketing tools and software applications. Instead of purchasing and maintaining on-premises software, businesses can subscribe to SaaS solutions accessed via the Internet. SaaS enables marketers to utilize many cloud-based tools, such as customer relationship management (CRM) systems, marketing automation platforms, social media management tools, analytics software, and more. This approach offers flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, allowing marketers to streamline operations, gather valuable insights, and execute targeted campaigns efficiently.

SaaS product marketing refers to the strategies and activities involved in promoting and positioning software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in the market. It focuses on understanding the target audience, defining the unique value proposition of the SaaS product, and developing effective marketing campaigns to drive customer acquisition and retention. SaaS product marketing encompasses market research, competitor analysis, pricing strategies, messaging and positioning, go-to-market plans, customer communication, and ongoing product promotion and support. The goal is to create awareness, generate interest, and convert leads into customers, ultimately driving the success and growth of the SaaS product.

Here are five examples of popular SaaS products across different industries:

a) Salesforce: A cloud-based CRM platform that helps businesses manage customer relationships, sales pipelines, and marketing campaigns.

b) Slack: A collaboration and communication tool that enables teams to communicate, share files, and streamline workflows in real-time.

c) HubSpot: A comprehensive inbound marketing and sales platform that provides tools for email marketing, content management, lead generation, and analytics.

d) Dropbox: A cloud storage and file sharing platform that allows users to store, access, and collaborate on files from various devices.

e) Zendesk: A customer support and helpdesk software that assists businesses in managing customer inquiries, providing support, and tracking customer interactions.

These examples showcase the diverse range of SaaS products available, each addressing specific business needs and delivering value through a subscription-based model.