webdew works constantly to ensure that their services (both for clients and candidates) are on the cutting edge. That's why I always believe in experimenting with new things without getting distracted from the ultimate goal: to serve quality services to the customers and take the business to the next level. 

As I believed in maintaining transparency among all the webdew lovers, I made my mind to publish the webdew agency updates blog every month. As I mentioned in the webdew Agency's July 2021 blog that I will publicize all my goals and achievements by categorizing this blog in the Marketing, Sales, Services, and Operations hierarchy, so here we go with the same!

For now, I am still looking forward to the best way to share the metrics for sales with you all. But hopefully, I will surely figure it out in the coming months. 

Now, let's take you towards the milestones that are achieved by webdew in the month of August 2021.

Welcome to webdew Agency Updates! 

Let's begin… 


Learn Teach and Grow 

I always believe in growing together, that's why I planned this Learn Teach and Grow Campaign. Indeed, it's challenging to take this campaign further because everyone has a lot on their plate, but by looking at the productive outcome, I dedicate to continue this campaign for next quarter as well. 

Through this campaign, everyone in the team is enhancing their skills besides sharing their knowledge with others. Every professional in webdew continues to build that zeal of learning and teaching through this blog writing campaign. 

Till the month of July, we have successfully published 100+ blogs on our website of LTG campaign. You can always check out the blogs shared by webdew experts at https://www.webdew.com/blog.

Social Media Campaign 

In the month of August, our main focus on social media was to share informative content with the webdew viewers to build relations and visibility. 

We continued sharing statistical images, infographics, reels, stories, slides, etc., with more quality and creativity on different platforms like InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook .

We also started utilizing infographics on our Pinterest profile so that visitors can easily find infographic content in one single place.    

After all the sincere efforts, we have seen an improvement of 94% increase in impressions,  93% in engagement, 2.239% in total audience, 350% in engaged audience.  

Another awesome news for webdew lovers is that we have added a life page to our LinkedIn profile. I believe that it will not only help candidates to know more about webdew but also  give them a transparent view of the ecosystem that they will be entering.  

Talking about progress, I am glad to mention that we have achieved new heights in terms of engagement and followers in the month of August. 

In August, we are now the family of 270 on Instagram, 1109 on Facebook, and  1639 on LinkedIn.   

Due to all the initiatives taken by the social media team, our post impressions have increased drastically with an average post impressions between 1.5K to 3K. 

If I talk about Instagram, our reach has increased by 16,468 (239%).

And when it comes to Facebook, we have seen a good increase in the engagement rate by 13,261 (47.1%).

SEO Campaign

Indeed, SEO is the backbone of every website. Without SEO, it becomes impossible to achieve the objectives and rank at the top of search engines. Being from the SEO background I understand the importance of SEO, that's why I always keep this campaign at the top of my checklist.

In August, we continued to build high-quality links for our website and updated 50+ page titles and meta descriptions. If you also want link-building services for your website or client, then feel free to contact us as it is one of our marketing services.

Our link-building campaign has contributed a lot in improving the rankings of our blog. Here is the list of blogs that are commonly searched by people-

As we are continuously putting our best efforts to improve the ranks and clicks, the month of August was quite special as we got 1046 clicks, which is the highest number of clicks ever in a single day. 

With sincere updation efforts put in by various members, our website's domain authority has increased from 33 to 34.

Due to all the enhancements made on website in August, there is a good spike in the website traffic in comparison to the last month. 

There is an increase in website users by 36.52%, sessions by 32.93% in comparison to July month. As we have optimized our website pages, a decrease of 54.78% has been observed in the bounce rate. 

HubSpot Community Campaign

HubSpot community campaign is another approach to help people by solving their queries around HubSpot. Through this campaign, we try to teach the individuals who are directly or indirectly linked with HubSpot

I have always appreciated and rewarded the team for sharing more and more answers. With the support and efforts of the entire webdew team, we have answered questions on the HubSpot Community. 

In August, we have achieved our target and got ranked in the top 10 Solution Authors Leaderboard.

Another proud moment for webdew in the month of Aug was we have also been awarded with “The week of Rest Winner- July 2021“. 

Now, If I talk about webdew rankings, then we have achieved a good height- 

All-time rank: 9

Last year rank: 3

Six months rank: 2

Three months rank: 2

30 days rank: 2

Seven days rank: 2

If you are also facing any query related to HubSpot, you can always reach out to your HubSpot experts or can ask questions on the HubSpot community dashboard.

Paid Ad Campaign

In the month of July, we started experimenting with Paid ads, and we continue to run this campaign for the month of August to better analyze its success.

The ads on Google and Facebook are successfully running. Along with this, we started page follow ads on LinkedIn, helping us increase our brand visibility and build connections.


webdew Website Campaign

We truly believe the same-

“A successful website does three things:
It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
Guides them to the main services or product you offer.
Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.” ― Mohamed Saad

To make the website interesting, we keep on twigging just to make it extraordinary. As in the last blog of Agency updates July 2021, I mentioned that we would be converting our website in HubSpot boilerplate, which was further created in HubSpot CMS. The best part, we have successfully achieved our target. Now, the entire website is converted into a HubSpot boilerplate with complete testing.

I believe this initiative will help us in boosting site loading speed and enhance the user experience. Also this will make marketing team completely independent of any developer when it comes to making small changes in modules.

HubSpot Tutorials by webdew

I always believe that helping others will surely help webdew grow. By continuing the zeal of transferring knowledge, our HubSpot team has started this new initiative in which tutorials related to HubSpot will be published on YouTube.

In this campaign, we will be covering HubSpot from all perspectives. The objective behind this campaign is to help all the people who are facing problems in accessing the HubSpot tool. That's why we planned to cover the HubSpot tool and help people with this step-by-step tutorial.

Till date, we have published 28 how-to videos related to HubSpot. So, if you are also facing any difficulty while using HubSpot, you can always refer to ours YouTube page and get the solutions to your problems with HubSpot tutorials by webdew.


Review campaign

By understanding the importance of reviews in a company's success, I always keep it on priority. Reviews not only helps me in evaluating the performance of the service team but also allows me to improve the quality of services from next time.

We have listed our services on different directories, including- HubSpot, g2 Crowd, Clutch, and Design Rush, just to increase the transparency.

If I compare the number of reviews from July with August, then the number has increased from 19 to 29. 

  • HubSpot- 11
  • g2 Crowd– 7
  • Clutch– 8

Through the clutch directory, we have got 129 click-throughs and 394 profile visits. Along with this, 3 contact forms were submitted.

To evaluate the performance of each team and help them in achieving their targets, I have started creating reports for each team on different basis on HubSpot.

Internal Knowledgebase campaign

As webdew strongly believes in transferring knowledge and growing together, we have an internal knowledgebase on our website that helps team members to get familiar with the process and proceed further without depending on the other team member.

To continue the process of learning and sharing information. We have published 16 articles in the month of August. Now we have 120 articles in total in our internal knowledgebase. 

Recruitment Campaign

I believe that good candidates and a friendly environment are two main factors in increasing business growth. That's why I always keep on recruiting candidates and giving opportunities to both freshers and experience.

I have a special team who keep on working on recruitment campaigns. To boost this campaign a little more, In August, we created a LinkedIn recruiter page on which we can post the job opening and help candidates find the best opportunity for them.

Due to all the efforts put in by the recruitment team, we have interviewed 152 candidates. Also, 4 new members joined the webdew family. 

Moreover, our operations has started a new initiative on YouTube to boost the career campaign. The primary objective behind this campaign is to help all the individuals who don't have any mentor and confused in making the right step towards their career. 

If you are also facing any hassle in deciding which path to opt and how to move ahead in your career, then you can follow us on Youtube and improve your skills to get hired easily. 
All the tips that are shared in this campaign is shared by the members from their own experience. 

In a Nutshell 

That's all for the month of August. We have planned a lot of new things within our system which will surely help us in delivering excellent services to the clients. So, stay tuned and wait for the upcoming agency blog for the month of September. 

You can visit webdew.com to know more about webdew. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or want to avail any service.