You are probably a digital marketer or a brand owner who wants to improve your social media marketing strategy and show effective results. Anyone who owns a brand or a business would want to invest in best marketing software that is suited for their needs and purposes. But between Post Planner and Hootsuite, which one to go for?

Let me give you a general preview of what both the marketing software's have to offer, and how they would help in elevating your social media marketing game.

What does Hootsuite and Post planner have to offer to You?

Hootsuite helps businesses to use their social media handles to produce and launch new marketing campaigns, to help and grow their target audience, to distribute and send messages across several channels at the same time.

With the help of HootSuite’s social media dashboard, the teams of the brand can work together and schedule the posts you would want to post on the various social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Apart from this, Hootsuite also helps in tracking the analytics and the engagements of your marketing campaign as well.

Coming to Post Planner, Post Planner helps social media marketers to arrange and collect valuable social media content, share their content regularly on social media, and this even helps in achieving the results that will widen your reach to your target audience.

Post Planner helps in solving one of the most common problems with social media platforms, which is increasing your engagement. Now, you know as a brand, you need to increase your Instagram engagement and make sure that the engagement is actually organic.

Post Planner helps by offering an array of ideas that could be posted for your pages and in your groups as well which would really even improve your engagement metrics.

Comparison between the Hootsuite and Post Planner

When it comes to Post Planner, Post Planner allows you to arrange your social media streams into something called streams while when it comes to Hootsuite, Hootsuite curates reports on your social media performance and effectiveness.

Post Planner has a feature called discover content while Hootsuite has two fifty technology partners to align your brand with. Another thing about Post Planner is that post planner has a recycle feature while Hootsuite has a feature called employee permissions which gives your employees a certain amount of control.

Post Planner vs Hootsuite: Core Features

Starting on with Hootsuite, Hootsuite has a number of features that let you create and optimize your social media ads from the dashboard of the social media platform. Apart from that, the social media platform also allows the employees of the brand or business to share news of the brand with their friend circle and followers, without harming the security of the brand or business in any way possible.

Coming to another feature of the social media platform, Hootsuite, Hootsuite insight tells us who exactly is talking about your business, especially on which platform, and this is done with the help of social analytic tools which help immensely.

Hootsuite also helps in tracking the analytics of how successful are your social media marketing campaigns and what exactly hits off when it comes to your target audience, and what were the posts that gained the post amount of engagement.

Features like these help you analyze and know what exactly you are looking for, what your target audience is looking for when it comes to your brand or business. The social media marketing software also lets you know about your social media effectiveness on your brand with the help of reports.

Moreover, it has two fifty technology partners that are integrated along with them for content curation (with the help of content curation tools) as well. Being a social media marketing tool, it also helps you in monitoring and tracking who says what and on which social media platform about your brand.

The user can also use the dashboard provided by Hootsuite to help you advertise and promote your content, and the ideas behind the content as well. You will never have a problem remembering what to post because Hootsuite has another feature where you can schedule and plan your social media posts.

From protecting your brand, making sure that you do not compromise on the security of your brand to permitting your employee with certain permissions to instantaneous security alerts, Hootsuite provides it all.

Now, coming to Post Planner, Post planner helps you in gaining maximum engagement by predicting the popularity of the content you are about to post by analyzing your target audience.

Post Planner also helps you search and find content by searching through the Post Planner database, and helps in adding social media content, and in the Really Simple Syndication feeds.

Post Planner recommends a number of engine sources that help in providing access to various numbers of top content that performs really well on the web. You can also arrange or put together your favorite social media feeds into Post Planner streams.

Another thing about Post Planner is that it helps you optimize your post for the specific social media network channel you are publishing your content at, and you can even schedule your future social media posts by time. Post Planner has a feature where you can actually recycle your top-performing content with just a click. Post Planner is also considered among the best free Hootsuite alternatives.

Which Social Media Marketing Software should we go For?

So, this choice really depends on you. If you are a brand that is just starting out, you will obviously want to widen your reach and will be most likely to be choosing Facebook over Twitter, so choosing Post Planner is obvious considering all the factors involved.

But if you want to choose something that is not two of these social media platform sites then you are bound to find difficulty in coping up with Post Planner. But if cost plays a huge role in your social media strategy, then Post planner has a variety of packages that are quite cheap and pocket friendly.

You can always upgrade your plan later on. But when it comes to Hootsuite, the support that you get in Hootsuite is much better than what Post Planner can even give, and also the fact that Hootsuite has a variety of features that are equally extensive and user friendly, which means it easier to understand how each feature works.

The thing is that while Post Planner is pocket friendly, it does not offer or give out much information when it comes to every feature they have to offer. This means that if you are an owner of a start-up and are quite tied up when it comes to your budget, Post Planner is your next best friend.

But if you are someone who needs and wants their brand to broaden its reach to the potential customers out there, then, without doubt, Hootsuite is the one you have been looking for and is the best social media marketing tool for you.

But if you are looking for a refund, in case you do, you will have to read the policies for the software, and what the site has to say on their policies and on refunds, and the thing is that when it came to both the sites, you had to extensively search for the policies.


It is very important that you always look for the small print even if you have the budget for investing in your ideal social media marketing tool, because it is something that you would want to look at before shelling out your money, and realizing that the tool does not meet all or at least most of your social media marketing requirements.

Still, if you are in hassle and want professional guidance, feel free to contact us. Our professionals will help you make the right decision without breaking your accounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hootsuite is a top-notch social media management tool that helps users plan and post content on social platforms. It's like a super-organized scheduler that lets you post stuff when your followers are most active. You can also see your planned posts on a cool planner. It's like having a secret helper to make sure your social media game is on point!

Hootsuite has some drawbacks worth noting. First, it can be expensive for small businesses. Second, its user interface may not be very intuitive for beginners, and it has a steep learning curve. Additionally, its customer service can be limited, and its URL shortener comes at an extra cost. Lastly, Hootsuite lacks a built-in content queuing tool, which means you may need to use other tools for that purpose. These factors can make Hootsuite less appealing for some users.

Social media marketing software helps people handle their online presence on different social media sites. With this software, you can easily post, plan, and share content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It's like having a helper for your social media activities, making it simpler to reach your audience and keep them engaged with your posts.

Social media tools are like gadgets that make social media easier. They include things like blogs, videos, and chats that help us share and connect on the internet. You can use them for writing stories (blogs), sharing videos (video logs), chatting with others, and even telling short stories (microblogging). Social media tools also let you see what's popular and what others are talking about. So, if you want to stay in touch or share stuff with the world, these tools make it simple and fun.