The success of Facebook marketing must have reached you already. Statistics have shown that 1 out of 5 people have joined Facebook to follow brands they like, and an average user clicks on 11 ads per month. This makes an excellent way for marketers to promote their brands or companies on social media.

But with so many marketers relying on the power of, it becomes hard to stand out. So how can you make sure to be noticed? Here are some Facebook marketing strategies you should start using right now.

Top Five Facebook Marketing Strategies that will help you Promote your Business:

Define your Target Audience

The point of social media marketing software and strategy is reaching the right audience, to whom your products or services are relevant and helpful. Unless you define your buyer personas, there is no meaning to Facebook Marketing. 

With 2.45 billion monthly active users, Facebook has every buyer niche you want to target; you just have to find them. But first, you have to define the target audience. Once you have done that, you can go to Facebook ad manager and build your custom audience list.  

Follow these steps to create your audience:

  • Click on Facebook ad manager.
  • Select the “audience” option.
  • Select the “create audience” option.
  • Then click on “custom audience”.
top 5 facebook marketing strategies you cannot ignore

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Facebook offers you multiple options as to how you want to filter your list. These options will be based on the information you have on your target audiences. If you are a start-up and don't have a customer list, don't worry, Facebook has filters for you as well.

For this, we have to take a step back, and instead of choosing “custom audience” in the drop-down menu, you have to choose “saved audience”. Then you have to fill in the targeting information you desire and then hit “create audience”. 

Once the audience has been created, you can save it for ads and change it as you will.

Hot tip: keep an eye on the meter that appears on the top right corner while creating an audience. Make sure it is always on green. If it's on red, your audience is too specific; if it's yellow, it's too broad.

Publish Timely and Engaging Content

Content is the king! We already know that. Now it is the time to test that. Once you have created your audience list, you need to feed them with relevant, valuable, and informative content to convert them into quality leads or prospects. But don't forget the “timely” part.

We recommend marketers to plan their campaigns ahead of time: a month in advance would be perfect. Why? Here are the reasons on top of our mind:

  • You are always caught up and prepared for the monthly events, holidays, and occasions when the marketers on your team are probably on leave as well.
  • You can get creative and experimental with your content with time to spare on research.
  • If something trends on the internet or Facebook, you will be able to come up with a quick post without taking a toll on your current campaign.
  • You can always ensure that the quality of your content is high by planning ahead. If you keep something for the last minute, it is usually not equally great.
  • You can get scheduling software and automate the publishing. All you need to do is put a schedule date and time, and your content will be posted on Facebook in due time.

Now that we are thorough with the benefits of planning your content, let's find out how you can ensure its quality:

Include Visual Inducements

Not just google, Facebook too likes visual elements like images, videos, GIFs, and infographics. So, include some high-resolution and attractive pictures within your content to grab audiences' attention and get noticed by algorithms.

Publish the Right Size of Written Content

Facebook is an outstanding platform to promote your written content. Compared to LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, it is more reader-friendly. But while you develop your copy for Facebook, make sure it is neither too long nor too short. Consider that people have limited attention span and don't want to read long written blogs on Facebook.

Diversify your Content

Don't stay limited to written content. Explore your options, and keep promotional posts down to one-third of your content. Use your company's Facebook profile to establish your authority in the market. Encourage interactions by asking questions to your audience or drawing polls seeking their opinion. You can also run a contest or giveaway. 

The Nitty-Gritty of Posting

Keeping these factors in mind will give you the added advantage a lot of marketers are missing.

First of all, never forget to add a CTA button, encourage the audience to engage with you. Secondly, be consistent with posting; keep the number around 3-10 per week. Thirdly, maintain a tone while posting content: witty, serious, and informative, or humorous.

top 5 facebook marketing strategies you cannot ignore 2

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Invest in Facebook Ads

While investing in ads, you need to keep the same points in mind as creating content. The same formula of using bright colors, using faces in images will help you yield results. But along with that, you need to follow some additional strategies while running ads. The following are some of them:

  • The approved image size for Facebook conversion ads is 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • The supported image size for page-like ads is 1200 x 444 pixels. 
  • Images on Facebook ads can not contain any more than 20% text.
  • While creating the CTA for your ad copy, keep your objective in mind.
  • Always orient your ads to your original FB marketing goals.
  • 94% of FB ad revenue comes from mobile, so make sure your ads are mobile-friendly.

By following these Facebook ad strategies, you can increase your lead generation chances and ultimately boost your conversion rate. If these specifications are too much for you to handle, you can also hire a Facebook marketing agency to take care of the marketing campaigns.

Monitor your Performance

It is paramount to monitor your Facebook marketing efforts for several reasons:

Engaging your Audience

People love to engage with brands. We have found that 73% of consumers recommend a brand to others with whom they have had a positive social media interaction. Thus, it is essential to keep your audiences connected to your brand by responding to their comments or linking the posts they tag you in. 

Responding to Customer Queries

Customers often use social media to post their queries, issues, and feedback. It only makes sense since they can reach more people by using these platforms. Also, traditional customer service takes longer and is often frustrating. When you keep your social media handles in check, you can address them faster and develop a good reputation for being prompt.

top 5 facebook marketing strategies you cannot ignore 1

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Spotting Errors and Typos

Marketers are humans too, and it is normal to make mistakes. In fact, brands often fall prey to typos and silly mistakes. Do not delete the post with typos, but address those errors. This shows how much you care about what you post and what your audiences come across. 

Evaluating Performance

If you do not regularly monitor your social media campaigns, you will fail to keep track of your overall performance at Facebook digital marketing. Understand that the digital world is very rapid. If you don't monitor and identify the fall-outs, they can cause some severe damage to your brand. 

Besides, by monitoring your Facebook campaign, you can compare your performance to your competitors and improve the parts you need to work on.

Conduct A/B Split Testing

Once you have successfully employed all these strategies, you have to focus on optimizing each aspect continuously. To maximize the benefits of your Facebook marketing strategy, conduct A/B split testing. This will enable you to compare small variations of a single strategy to determine which works best. 

Facebook itself provides marketers with various metrics for A/B testing, which ultimately helps you optimize your Facebook marketing strategy. You can find the Facebook insights by merely clicking on the “Insights” on the top bar, next to “Notifications”. You can find statistics on cost per click, click-through rate, total ad reach, etc. 

Now let's see what you can evaluate through A/B testing:

top 5 facebook marketing strategies you cannot ignore 3

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  • Monitor which days and times are best for your post.
  • What type of content your audiences prefer the most. 
  • Which advertisements are most effective.

These metrics change from time to time; thus, we recommend you to track them regularly.

The Final Say

Facebook is a huge platform that offers enormous opportunities to those who know how to use it. We have shared as many details as possible, but indeed something or the other always comes up. To leverage this social media platform to your benefits, start from the basics.

Don't take too much on your plate, but only the bit you can handle. Then you can gradually start exploring the vastness of social media and expand your brand along with that.

For any information or assistance on Facebook marketing, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The “4 P's” in the context of Facebook marketing don't refer to the traditional marketing mix but instead pertain to essential principles for effective Facebook marketing. These principles include:

  • Profile: Your Facebook profile is the cornerstone of your presence on the platform. It's crucial to have a complete and professional profile that represents your brand accurately.
  • Posts: Posting relevant and engaging content is the lifeblood of your Facebook marketing efforts. Consistent, high-quality posts help you connect with your audience and keep them engaged.
  • Promotions: Running targeted promotions and advertisements on Facebook can be highly effective in reaching your desired audience. This includes boosted posts, sponsored ads, and other paid strategies.
  • Page: Your Facebook Page is your brand's hub on the platform. Optimizing your Page, utilizing custom tabs, and providing essential information ensures that your audience can easily access the content and resources they need.

Facebook advertising best practices are essential for achieving optimal results. The top four practices include:

  • Audience Targeting: Precisely define your target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. Narrow down your audience to reach the right people with your ads.
  • Compelling Visuals: Use eye-catching visuals, including images and videos, in your ads. Quality and relevance are crucial for capturing your audience's attention.
  • Engaging Copy: Craft compelling ad copy that resonates with your audience, highlighting the benefits of your product or service. Use a clear call to action to encourage clicks.
  • Testing and Optimization: Continuously test different ad elements, such as visuals, copy, and audiences, to determine what works best. Facebook's built-in analytics help you track the performance of your ads, allowing you to optimize and refine your campaigns for better results.

A Facebook marketing tool is a software or platform designed to help businesses and marketers manage, analyze, and optimize their Facebook marketing efforts. These tools encompass a wide range of functionalities, including social media management, ad creation, audience targeting, performance tracking, and analytics. They assist in scheduling posts, running ad campaigns, monitoring engagement, and measuring the effectiveness of Facebook marketing strategies. Popular Facebook marketing tools include Hootsuite, Buffer, AdEspresso, and many others. They streamline the process of managing and leveraging Facebook's marketing features for greater efficiency and success.

Yes, Facebook remains an effective platform for marketing, especially when used strategically. Despite changes in the platform's algorithms and increased competition, Facebook provides access to a vast and diverse user base. To achieve effectiveness in Facebook marketing, it's essential to stay up to date with best practices, create high-quality, engaging content, utilize targeted advertising, and analyze the performance of your campaigns. With the right approach, Facebook can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness, connecting with your audience, and driving website traffic and conversions. Its effectiveness depends on your ability to adapt to the evolving landscape and leverage the platform's features and tools effectively.