If I go back in time to see when I started playing with words, I see myself as a 14-year-old kid who used to sit around on the terrace on a sultry eve and pen down my thoughts in my diary. 

One thing I couldn't realize at that time was that it would become my full-time profession. And guess what I always dreamt of becoming? Well, a basketball champion.

But, enough with that. I always loved playing with words, and it has been quite a time that I am working as a professional writer; I write content every day. 

One thing about writing is that it sometimes becomes quite challenging to maintain the originality of content, especially if the topic is new to a writer.

I don’t know if you are an expert in writing or a newbie, there’s just one thing that I know, and and that is we all face the challenge of maintaining good writing habits and originality in the content we write. 

One thing about Google: It hates copy. So, if you want your piece of art to shine and trend on Google, besides everything else, you first have to focus on keeping it original. 

Well, don’t worry!! Here, I will give you a few content writing tips on how you can write plagiarism free content to get high quality traffic. 

Best Content Writing Tips

Now, let’s move to the tips on content writing. 

Start Original 

Well, that’s the way to go. Start your piece of writing with your original thoughts. That’s when you are out of danger of facing plagiarism issues. 

Now, you must be wondering how to develop something original on a topic that you have never even heard of? 

Here’s the trick: Research the topic well, gather all the information you need, read it on, and grasp well. Now, you will be able to write it in your own words. 

And if the topic is related to your field of expertise, I don’t even need to say that you can easily throw off the image of being a thoughtful and classic writer. 

Modify the Content

One of the best ways to write plagiarism free content is by modifying the material that is already available on google. 

As already said, please go through the content, get an insight into what it is about, and start writing your own quality piece using essaywriter.pro. One thing to understand while modifying the content is that you know the context well so that you do not change the meaning in what you write. 

Use Synonyms

Although Google does not like a copy, you have to see it as your best friend to write plagiarism free content. Pondering over why to consider Google as your best friend? 

Well, it helps you in many ways. And when it comes to writing, it is one of the best sources to find synonyms. I am pretty sure that you know what synonyms are, right? 

So, make the best use of Google to find synonyms and use the same in your writing. In case you need any other option, you may use Microsoft word for the same. 

Change Adjectives 

I have already given you a great tip of using synonyms, but what else can work well? Changing the adjectives. 

So, along with changing the synonyms, focus on modifying the adjectives to make sure that your content is original. 

Use Plagiarism Checker Tools 

Only a writer understands the value of using other articles for inspiration. Well, many even suffer in the process of doing so. How? They end up writing content with lots of plagiarism. 

So, what could be the best way to solve this problem? The plagiarism checker software. This is one of the content writing tips for beginners, which will come in handy. After all, not every beginner can pull-off a 100% original content in the first shot itself.

Nowadays, there are many plagiarism checker tools available online like Quetext, Duplichecker, Copyscraper, etc. and you can use any of those to probe the originality of your piece of writing. 

When you use a plagiarism checker tool, it helps you ensure that your piece of content is 100% original, and if not, it also lets you know what part of your content is copied, which you can re-write and make your unique creation. 

Learn the Art of Quoting

There are times when a writer, no matter expert or newbie, might find it challenging to paraphrase a piece of content. Well, that’s when the art of quoting comes to the rescue. 

You must know when and how you must quote a specific piece of content. Just when you find it next-to-impossible to paraphrase, copy the exact words, and use quotation marks. When quoting text it’s vital to cite the original reference, including a proper footnote and citation of the source material which is made simple with the assistance of an online citation maker.

Although implying this art is a great way to keep you at bay from the plagiarism issue, this does not go well with SEO (if you overdo it). So, make sure you maintain a balance between your original content and the quoted text. This is one of the most important content writing tips for SEO.

Also, avoid using the quoted content if it does not add value or have any context to your writing content. 

Play a Little With the Digits  

You might, at times, be required to writing existing content. So, to eliminate the chances of plagiarism here, you can play a little with the digits. 


Well, if a number in the source article is in words, you can write it in digits and vice-versa. 

And, that’s how you roll. 

Final Say

Writing isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be a writer. When it comes to writing, even the experts sometimes suffer from coming up with an original piece. But with the tips mentioned above, you can easily craft a piece of content that you can proudly call your original creation.

That being said, I hope you never will end up writing a piece of content with any chances of plagiarism in it. Thus, you will save a lot of time, which you would have otherwise wasted in re-writing the content showing plagiarism.

Hope you find these content writing SEO tips useful. Let us know in the comment section. Till then, keep writing and rocking, folks!

Frequently Asked Questions

To start content writing, choose your niche, research, and understand your audience. Create an outline, write engaging content, optimize for SEO, and format for readability. Publish consistently, seek feedback, and practice to improve.

The “4 C's” of content writing are Clarity, Conciseness, Coherence, and Consistency. Your content should be clear, easy to understand, concise, logically structured, and maintain a consistent tone and style for a smooth reading experience.

SEO content writing is the practice of creating content that is both user-friendly and optimized for search engines. It involves strategically using keywords to improve search engine rankings and attract organic traffic to a website.

The four pillars of successful content are relevance, quality, engagement, and consistency. Content should be relevant to the audience, of high quality, engaging, and consistently delivered to build trust and connection.