The concept of reviewing anything before buying it is not a new thing. For a very long time, people practice the art of reviewing a product or service before they indulge in the act of buying it. The only thing that has changed over the years is the means of taking reviews.

Earlier, people used to take reviews from relatives, friends, or the concerned person, who have already availed of the service or purchased the product. But, now things have changed, and so is the mode of review.

Advancement in technology is the one thing that has impacted lives all around the globe in a significant manner. Now, reviewing a product/service is possible at any time of the day and is just a click away.

Now you might be thinking about the role of reviewing or product or service before purchasing it. If yes! Then need not wonder and continue reading our article on HubSpot Reviews!

Why do you need to Review?

Reviewing something is a must! Whenever we consider a product or service, we always look for the pros and cons. If the benefits of the product seem to be more than the disadvantages, one can think to buy the same.

These reviews are essential in day-to-day life and help to upgrade your marketing and business world. Let's take the example of the job seeker. Whenever he/she wants to join the company, he/she always looks for company reviews. Only after going through the company's profile and reviews posted by ex and posted employees, he/she would be able to make a wise decision whether or not to associate him/herself with that company.

I guess the more resources you review, the more wise decisions you will make.


I guess positive reviews play an essential role in making this strategy successful. So, if you want to escalate your business productivity, start working to increase the number of positive reviews.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you must know the HubSpot all-in-one business automation tool. If not, then don't worry! In this article, I will share in-depth knowledge about the HubSpot tool with proper HubSpot reviews compared to other alternatives.

What is HubSpot?

If you are already into the business world or just landed into the corporate sector, then you might be using one or the other content management or customer relationship management system. To make you more clear, HubSpot is an all-in-one business automation tool that is used by almost 60,500 customers in over 100 countries to grow their business and make a deeper relationship with their customers.

Using this tool, you can manage your marketing, sales, and development services without any challenge. Furthermore, it also helps organizations to maintain their business presence and manage the customer's details appropriately.


To know more about HubSpot, you can refer to my previous blog, What is HubSpot and What you can do with it?

Why HubSpot? Exploring in-depth HubSpot Reviews

In this competitive world, various platforms are used by entrepreneurs to upgrade business growth and reach the top of the curve. Now, you might be thinking about why only HubSpot when we have a lot more to implement. Well, in this article, I will be sharing some of the reviews, which will help you remove all your doubts regarding which platform to choose.

No doubt that there are many HubSpot alternatives that can be used by organizations like Salesforce, Marketo, SharpSpring, etc. However, the reviews added below will help you know why I am recommending using HubSpot to manage your organizational activities and escalate your business needs.

The HubSpot reviews added below are given by the people on the overall basis of the platform.



Source: trustpilot



Source: softwareadvice

As HubSpot is an exclusive platform which is known for its CRM, customer support, marketing automation, Sales, Website development and many more, therefore let's take a look at the reviews of other HubSpot services given by the people which will leave a positive impact on you as well as your business.

Let's get started with the in-depth HubSpot Customer reviews.

HubSpot CRM Reviews

Managing customer information and making good relationships with the customers is the primary objective of most organizations as it further helps them achieve the organizational goals and increase revenue.

If you are from a marketing background, you might use one or the other CRM software. If I am not wrong, perhaps you might be paying some bucks from your pocket to manage contact information because most of the CRM tool is paid, or some offer a free trial for a maximum of 30 days.

Here is the better option to pursue, especially if you are a newbie into the business world or are running a small organization. Yes, it's a HubSpot CRM Free tool.

For managing at least 100 contacts, you need not pay any amount. Like in Magento, you will not find a CRM feature. Similarly, in Salesforce, you have to pay $25 per month for data storage per user, reports, desktop apps, and for case management.

This amount is just for getting the essentials. But, in HubSpot, you don't need to pay a single penny for accessing the tool. What you need to do is log into the account and start managing first 100 customer data for FREE!!! If you are wondering to manage for the next 100 contacts, then don't worry! The amount of HubSpot tools is affordable. Take a look at How much does HubSpot Cost? 2022 Pricing Packages

Due to all such benefits and features, most of the viewers prefer using HubSpot CRM tool for the betterment of their business. Now, let's take a look at some of the reviews of HubSpot CRM.



Source: softwareadvice



Source: reviews.financesonline

HubSpot Customer Support Reviews

In the context of business, customer support plays a significant role in the entire industry. It provides the solution to the customers and helps maintain the reputation of the brand in the market.

As we know, most organizations provide customer support to interact with the customers; now, the point is how to know which company or business agency offers excellent customer support services?

The one who resolves the issues, responds to the emails or follow-up right away, and finally, the reviews given by the users. If you are looking for the same, then HubSpot is at the top list. No doubt, the customer support team is always ready to help their customers and achieve business goals.

As I am using HubSpot for the last many years, I don't think that the live chat feature which is provided by HubSpot is offered by other HubSpot alternatives like SharpSpring, Wishpond, etc.

As per my analysis, HubSpot response time is quick as compared to Drip. It is one of the disadvantages of Drip, which is also a free HubSpot alternative.

Moreover, if you are using the HubSpot software for the first time, don't fret, as their customer support will help you understand the HubSpot tool's process and make the tool easy going.

Now, let's take a look at some of the HubSpot Customer Support Reviews.





Source: glassdoor

HubSpot Marketing Automation Reviews

If you want to upgrade your business productivity, you must be good at managing time and keeping a check on all tasks to be done right simultaneously, like managing customer's details, sending emails, etc.

Just think, if some of the activities are automated, then, in my opinion, you would be able to achieve your objectives way too quickly. HubSpot is the only automation tool that offers workflow features and helps automate the business processes efficiently.

You can read my previous blog to have a deep understanding of What is HubSpot Workflow? How to use it for Lead Nurturing?

HubSpot not only reduces our efforts but also saves time as it helps you to streamline the data and integrate the tool with any other alternative like Salesforce. To have a deep understanding of HubSpot integrations, read 21 HubSpot Integrations to Get the Best Out of your HubSpot.

Let's take a look at some of the HubSpot Marketing Reviews.



Source: softwareadvice





Source: trustradius

HubSpot Service Reviews

Now, let's know about why I am telling you to use the HubSpot platform and avail its prominent services.

It is a fact that to know about any source or service at its best, the right person to go for is its end user. Since I have been using HubSpot for quite some time now, I can say that it is the best choice to go with.

As we know that there are various alternatives to use, but as per my analysis, there is no other HubSpot alternative that offers the services all in one place as done in HubSpot like sales, marketing and development especially the CMS services. By using HubSpot CMS, you can create a blog post, develop an optimized and effective website.

No doubt there are some of the companies, that offers various services; marketing, services, development like Salesforce, Wishpond, etc. but the pages developed in those respective tools cannot be designed by a non-technical person.

But, in HubSpot, even non-technical person can design the user-friendly website or landing pages by using its drag and drop feature. Similarly, email visual editor of drip does not support templates or themes, but in HubSpot Marketplace, you can download the themes or templates to design the website quickly and efficiently.

So, if you are looking forward to upgrade your development, marketing and sales, then go with HubSpot- all in one business automation tool. Furthermore, to have a deep understanding of HubSpot CMS, take A Quick Tour to HubSpot CMS Guide.

To make you more clear with HubSpot, read some HubSpot service reviews or HubSpot website reviews.



Source: trustradius


HubSpot partner agency review:


Source: capterra

HubSpot Sales Reviews

Sales is another significant part of the business which directly affects business productivity. Suppose you and your team is working on developing excellent products but unable to sell those products to the customers, then your work will be effortless. So, if you want to upgrade your business productivity, then it is essential for you to focus on sales.

As per HubSpot Academy Reviews, HubSpot is one of the best platforms to learn the accurate way to sell the products and achieve the goals.

I don't think that there is another HubSpot alternative or competitor that can offer all such services to their users all at one place like reporting and analytics, marketing, development, automation, etc. If you use HubSpot sales software, then you will be able to automate and accelerate the sales process efficiently.

Almost every organization is using one of the other tools for analyzing their sales performance by spending extra money. Let's take an example of Marketo which offers analytic feature but on the other hand, do not provide CMS feature like landing page development, website development, etc.

Similarly, Salesforce is another commonly used Sales platform as it provides reporting and analytics feature to track their business growth and see how the market grows regularly. But on the negative side, it does not generate user-friendly documents and offers Limited designated support experts. To know more, read Salesforce vs HubSpot: In-depth, Comparison to make an easy decision.

So, if you are looking to do all the tasks through a single platform, then go for HubSpot. But, before selecting HubSpot as your business tool, you should read the reviews of HubSpot Sales to take an informed decision. Moreover, if you are managing a huge business and want to migrate to an evident platform, then you should also read HubSpot Sales Pro Reviews, which is an updated version of HubSpot Sales.


Source: softwareadvice



Source: softwareadvice



Source: g2

Still confused with the term HubSpot sales, Don't Worry! Read my previous blog – A Comprehensive Guide for HubSpot Sales to have deep understanding about HubSpot sales.

Over to you

Having told you about how HubSpot is different from its competitors and offers the most reliable and valuable services to its customers, I believe that you will now be able to make an informed decision about which platform to choose.

Also, keep a note of all the factors that are discussed above as it will help you to manage all your business activities and track your performance accurately. Moreover, the reviews will leave a positive impact on your mind.

Once, you choose the right platform, don't forget to share your experience with me in the comment section below. Moreover, if you go with my experience and opinion, then I am sure that it will be a Win-Win situation between your choice and the growth of your business.

But, still if you face any problems while using HubSpot then feel free to visit the Contact Us page of Hubdew and get expert advice from our experienced professionals.

Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

The main purpose of HubSpot is to provide a comprehensive platform for marketing, sales, and service. It helps businesses in various ways, such as attracting more website visitors, turning them into potential customers, and eventually closing deals and keeping customers satisfied. HubSpot streamlines these processes with tools like content creation, lead generation, customer relationship management, and analytics, helping companies to grow their online presence, increase sales, and build long-lasting customer relationships, all in one place.

HubSpot excels at providing an all-in-one platform for growing businesses. It offers various tools, including marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and operations software. HubSpot's strength lies in its simplicity, streamlining essential business functions, and catering to your specific needs. It helps businesses scale without the hassle of dealing with multiple, disjointed tools. Whether you're focused on marketing, sales, or customer support, HubSpot offers a unified solution, making it the #1 customer platform for businesses looking to grow efficiently.

What sets HubSpot apart is its CMS (Content Management System), which stands out due to its seamless integration with other HubSpot hubs. When you combine the HubSpot CMS with their free CRM or Marketing Hub, you unlock powerful synergies. It means your marketing tools and website work hand in hand effortlessly, streamlining your operations and maximizing your online marketing capabilities. This integration is what makes HubSpot's CMS a unique and powerful choice for businesses seeking an all-in-one marketing and website solution.

Integrating HubSpot into your business offers several significant advantages. It empowers your sales team, making sales processes stronger and faster, while streamlining operations and improving communication. HubSpot integration provides comprehensive insight into your business, helping you nurture leads and forge better client relationships. Furthermore, it simplifies various aspects of your operations, from reporting to management, ultimately increasing efficiency and productivity.