Do you toggle between different software and applications? Doesn't it consume plenty of time to juggle between applications? It does, right? What if there is one application that brings every software together?

Sounds like a dream? Not anymore. HubSpot is the most powerful, integrated, and comprehensive marketing software available.

It puts personalized inbound marketing into the hands of any business. Whether you are tech-savvy or a rookie, you can easily learn to connect HubSpot to different applications that you need for your business.


What's more incredible? HubSpot CRM can seamlessly fuse with over 150 software and applications. Read more to learn about the best 25 HubSpot integrations to automate workflows and grow your business.

hubspot-integration-and-apiHubSpot's software does an exceptional job, collecting data from every part of the inbound marketing and sales funnel. Thus, it provides a robust set of marketing, sales, and services activities to boot.

HubSpot Integration

Do you know another great thing about HubSpot?  It offers more than just application integration. HubSpot marketplace is a platform where you can find the right apps to grow your business.

It understands that joining forces with other solutions enables it to provide an even better customer experience. By using HubSpot Chrome extensions, you can efficiently perform the integrations without any hassle.

hubspot-integrationsAs part of its plan to make the lives of sales and marketing professionals easier, HubSpot offers its customers the ability to integrate their HubSpot software with innumerable solutions. 

These integrations fall into one of two categories:

Solutions in the latter group have been certified for quality by the HubSpot team. They are offered by providers who share HubSpot's inbound philosophy and who have customers who already are using HubSpot.

While several dozen platforms integrate with HubSpot, we're going to share insights on how the HubSpot integrations can improve your sales and marketing.

Fortunately, the massive HubSpot ecosystem has spawned hundreds of tools that allow sales and marketing teams to execute more sophisticated inbound campaigns.

Let's explore this ecosystem and learn about each tool in detail below.


25 HubSpot Integrations to automate your Business Workflow   

  • Sales/CRM
  • Marketing/CMS
  • Analytics
  • Video & Webinars
  • Advanced Content Creation
  • Workflow Automation


1. Drift

Drift, known for its live chat and conversational marketing capabilities, and HubSpot, a comprehensive inbound marketing and CRM platform, unite forces to create a dynamic integration.

Integrating Drift makes it easy to have leads live in two different systems. The forms/chat data is automatically populated into your CRM for reps to take reference later.

drift-hubspot-integrationDrift lives right on your website and integrates with HubSpot seamlessly. This collaboration aims to enhance customer interactions, streamline lead management, and foster a more personalized approach to marketing and sales.

What can Drift integration do for your business?

  • Real-Time Conversations: Drift's live chat functionality enables real-time conversations with website visitors which can significantly improve customer satisfaction and foster quicker decision-making.
  • Lead Capture and Qualification: Drift helps capture leads directly through conversations on your website. The integration allows seamless transfer of these leads into your HubSpot CRM, providing a centralized and organized lead management system.
  • Improved Customer Interaction: Drift integration ensures that your business can respond promptly to customer inquiries, addressing concerns and building positive relationships.

  • Marketing Automation: Integration with HubSpot enables the automation of marketing workflows based on Drift interactions. This includes email follow-ups, lead nurturing campaigns, and personalized communication to move leads through the sales funnel.

  • Enhanced Lead Scoring: Combine Drift's engagement data with HubSpot's lead scoring capabilities to prioritize and identify high-value leads.

When you connect Drift to HubSpot, it allows you to identify visitors swiftly via HubSpot Cookie. Also, it enables real-time customer engagement and seamless data transfer, enhancing your marketing and sales efforts. 

2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc, known for its document automation and eSignature capabilities, seamlessly collaborates with HubSpot's comprehensive CRM and marketing tools.

This integration aims to revolutionize the way businesses handle their documents, from creating and sending proposals to obtaining electronic signatures. 

Create professional and customizable documents, proposals, and contracts directly from HubSpot, leveraging PandaDoc's intuitive document creation tools.

All your documents are centrally managed within HubSpot, providing a unified repository. This simplifies tracking, version control, and access for your sales and marketing teams.

pandadoc-hubspot-integrationThe PandaDoc HubSpot integration not only simplifies document creation and management but also enhances the overall sales and customer engagement experience.

By bringing these two powerful platforms together, businesses can optimize their document workflows, reduce manual efforts, and elevate the efficiency of their sales processes.

What can PandaDoc HubSpot integration do for your business? 

  • Efficient Document Workflows: Streamline your document creation and management processes directly within HubSpot. Create, send, and track documents seamlessly, eliminating the need for separate platforms.
  • Enhanced Sales Processes: Close deals faster by obtaining legally binding electronic signatures without leaving the CRM.
  • Customizable Templates: Create standardized document templates using PandaDoc's library and customize them directly within HubSpot.
  • Document Tracking and Analytics: HubSpot users can track when recipients open documents, how much time they spend on each section, and which content is most engaging.
  • Workflow Automation: Automate document-related tasks through HubSpot workflows. For instance, set up automated follow-up emails based on recipient interactions or trigger notifications for your team.


3. Proposify

Proposify creates templated proposals quickly and efficiently. It updates the deal stages and amounts. We can also see when people are opening our emails! 

With the HubSpot CRM connected to Proposify, you can access all of your contacts and deals in the Proposify platform. You can also create professional and visually appealing proposals using Proposify's intuitive tools directly within HubSpot.

proposify-hubspot-integrationFurther, this integration is designed to streamline the proposal process, enhance collaboration between sales and marketing teams, and provide valuable insights into the sales pipeline directly within the HubSpot environment.

What can Proposify integration do for your business?

  • Unified Proposal and CRM Workflows: Manage your proposals and customer relationships within the same platform for a more unified experience.
  • Automated Proposal Sending: Send proposals directly from HubSpot CRM with Proposify's automation features. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms and simplifies the proposal delivery process.

  • Real-Time Proposal Tracking: HubSpot users can track when proposals are viewed, how much time is spent on each section, and which content is most engaging.

  • Improved Collaboration: Foster better collaboration between sales and marketing teams by having all proposal-related activities within the HubSpot environment.

4. SalesForce

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management system tool.

HubSpot and Salesforce's integration is a bridge between your marketing database and your sales database, allowing activity and information to move seamlessly between the two.

Equip your sales team with valuable insights by providing them with HubSpot data directly within Salesforce.

salesforce-hubspot-integrationWith the HubSpot Salesforce integration, your sales team will consistently have the most up-to-date leads from your marketing team. Your marketing team will know the latest information on those opportunities.

What can Salesforce integration do for your business?

  • Efficient Lead Management: Streamline lead management processes by integrating Salesforce with marketing automation tools. This ensures that leads generated through marketing efforts are efficiently nurtured and handed off to the sales team.
  • Closed-Loop Reporting: Achieve closed-loop reporting by tracking the entire customer journey, from lead acquisition to conversion and ongoing engagement. 

  • Sales Process Optimization: Salesforce integration enhances sales processes by providing real-time insights into lead interactions, enabling sales teams to prioritize leads based on engagement levels and responsiveness.

  • Automated Workflows: Create automated workflows that trigger actions based on predefined criteria. This could include automated follow-up emails, task assignments, or notifications, improving efficiency and reducing manual tasks.

  • Forecasting and Predictive Analytics: Leverage Salesforce's robust analytics capabilities to make data-driven predictions and forecasts. Integration allows for a more accurate understanding of sales trends and performance.


5. Distributely

Scaling your sales and support teams can be a daunting task, but with Distributely integrated into HubSpot, the process becomes a breeze.

Distributed is a purpose-built solution designed to eliminate manual efforts, enhance customer experiences, and boost revenue by offering customizable and automated lead routing.

distributely-hubspot-integrationIt is a lead distribution app that can help you organize and manage leads among your team members. It is an ideal tool for scaling businesses looking for ways to curb their lead management burden.

This app stands out as the ideal choice for growing businesses using HubSpot. It's easy to set up and robust enough to support large sales and service teams. It empowers leaders to reduce repetitive tasks and prioritize improving their team's performance.

Distributely integrates smoothly with HubSpot workflows, enhancing your lead follow-up and customer service procedures.

What can Distributely HubSpot integration do for your business? 

  • Capacity-based Distribution: Distributely leverages real-time data to assign leads and tickets to representatives with the capacity to handle them, optimizing workflow efficiency.
  • Distribution Schedules: Simplify team management with distribution schedules. Remove a representative from the rotation when they are out of the office, and reintegrate them when they return.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Automated lead and ticket routing ensures that customer inquiries are directed to the right representatives promptly, contributing to an improved overall customer experience.

  • Efficiency Amplified: Distributely's turnkey integration ensures seamless alignment with HubSpot, minimizing administrative burden and amplifying the efficiency of your sales and support teams.


6. Seventh Sense

Unlock the true potential of your HubSpot Marketing portal by integrating it with Seventh Sense, the industry-leading AI for email.

In just a few minutes of setup, Seventh Sense can revolutionize your email strategy, saving you time and effort while maximizing the impact of your email channel.

Seventh Sense allows us to send emails in a “window” of time, with each recipient receiving their email at the optimal time, based on their previous interactions with our emails or website.

seventh-sense-hubspot-integrationEmail deliverability is a huge challenge for digital marketers. The most crucial factor in deliverability is engagement and simply tweaking subject lines where days of the week aren't enough.

Seventh Sense delivers emails to individuals at the best time based on their habits and patterns of use. It's different than many tools – it doesn't just make work easier, it makes the job better. 

What can Seventh Sense HubSpot integration do for your business?

  • Maximized Effectiveness and ROI: Seventh Sense's AI optimizes the timing and frequency of your email campaigns, ensuring that your messages reach subscribers at their most engaged moments.

  • Enhanced Brand Equity and Loyalty: Delivering emails when your audience is most receptive contributes to a positive brand experience. 
  • Increased Team Productivity: Automation of email send times and frequencies reduces manual effort, allowing your marketing team to focus on strategy rather than the logistics of email deployment. This results in increased overall team productivity.
  • Subscriber Email Fatigue Reduction: Seventh Sense prevents subscriber fatigue by delivering emails at optimal intervals, preventing overwhelming “blasts” and ensuring that each message is welcomed by the recipient.

7. Facebook Ads

Bridge the gap between your advertising efforts and customer relationship management with the seamless integration of Facebook Ads and HubSpot.

This integration empowers your business to synchronize data, track ad performance, and create targeted campaigns that resonate with your audience.

It provides B2B lead generation. Here, you can easily find the total ad spend and the CTR rates without logging into Facebook.

facebook-ads-hubspot-integrationYou can attribute leads to the same Facebook campaign ad set and ad creative through the HubSpot Ads add-on.

What can Facebook Ads HubSpot integration do for your business?

  • Ad Performance Tracking:  Track key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and more, allowing you to evaluate the success of your ad campaigns in the context of your overall marketing strategy.
  • Lead Tracking and Attribution: Trace the journey of leads generated through Facebook Ads by seamlessly integrating lead tracking and attribution data into HubSpot.

  • CRM Data for Targeted Campaigns: Leverage the rich customer data stored in HubSpot to create highly targeted Facebook ad campaigns. Use CRM insights to personalize your ad content, target specific audience segments, and enhance the relevance of your advertising efforts.

  • Automated Ad Campaigns: Streamline your marketing workflows by automating the creation and management of Facebook ad campaigns directly within HubSpot. 

  • Optimized Ad Spend: Track ad performance metrics within HubSpot to optimize your ad spend. Identify high-performing campaigns and allocate your budget strategically for the best return on investment.

8. Google Search Console

Google Search Console integration is one of the most favourite integrations of digital marketers.

Integrating Google Search Console into your HubSpot portal provides enhanced SEO capabilities. This includes the ability to view keyword rankings and positions for individual content pieces directly within HubSpot.

google-search-console-hubspot-integrationMonitoring your advertising metrics and organic search performance is now effortless with HubSpot. You can gain a complete campaign overview right from your dashboard.

It enables swift identification of areas for improvement and informed decisions to elevate your overall marketing strategy.

The Google Search Console HubSpot Integration is a game-changer for businesses seeking to enhance their SEO strategies and align content marketing efforts with actual user behavior.

What does Google Search Console HubSpot integration do for your business?

  • Data-Driven Content Marketing: Leverage real numbers such as clicks, impressions, and average position to make data-driven decisions about your content marketing strategy. Understand the tangible impact of your efforts on Google search results.
  • Keyword and Phrase Visibility:  Explore the keywords and phrases that lead visitors to your site when it appear on search result pages. This information is invaluable for mining new content ideas and aligning your content strategy with your prospects' actual search queries.

  • SEO Analytics: Dive into key performance indicators for each page, including its frequency in search results, click-through rate, clicks received, and more. Identify high-performing pages and areas for improvement.

9. EventBrite

Transform your event promotion and lead engagement strategies by seamlessly integrating Eventbrite with HubSpot.

From event registration to payment collection and even name tag printing, EventBrite has everything you need to maximize the ROI for all your client's events.

eventbrite-hubspot-integrationWith HubSpot integration, you can collect leads into HubSpot and track who's registering for (and attending) your events. You can communicate with your registrants more quickly before and after the event.

It also provides the platform to set up workflows for customized event reminders and follow-ups.


What can Eventbrite HubSpot integration do for your business?

  • Effortless Event Promotion and Follow-Up: Elevate your event promotion and follow-up game by segmenting email lists and creating automated workflows based on event information.
  • Increased Event Engagement Visibility: Enhance visibility into your event engagement by automatically creating new registrants as contacts in HubSpot. This integration ensures that your team is well-informed about event details and participant interactions.

  • Turning Engagement into Action: Leverage event attendance data to create smart content and personalize your website for event attendees, maximizing the impact of your post-event interactions.