Some of the Best HubSpot Alternatives Available in Market in 2019

By reading my previous blogs, you might know about all-in-one marketing, sales and automation tool. Yes, it’s HubSpot! If you have recently joined my blogs and don’t know much about HubSpot, then Don’t Fret! I will tell you about the HubSpot tool in brief.

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is basically a marketing automation tool by using which organizations can easily streamline their activities and manage their data appropriately and efficiently. It is an online platform which is founded in the year 2006 but released its marketing CRM software in the year 2007.

There are many services that are offered by HubSpot like marketing automation, lead management, customer relationship management, workflows, social media management, analytics, website development and landing page creation, etc. To know more about HubSpot tool, you can check my previous blog- What is HubSpot and What you can do with it?

Due to it's prominent and best services, more than 60,500 organizations are using HubSpot tool to grow their business across the globe quickly. Yes! We can say that HubSpot is the king of marketing, sales, CRM and automation tool.


In this competitive world of digital marketing, there are many other HubSpot CRM alternatives, which are also used by companies to manage their work and enhance their online presence. But, I am sure that instead of taking a look at these alternatives, you will definitely go with HubSpot because I don’t think there is another tool which will provide so many features at such an affordable cost. 

Well, if you don’t believe, then you can do HubSpot Evaluation of Alternatives and can decide whether HubSpot is a reliable marketing automation software or not. 

7 HubSpot Competitors Available in Market

The platforms that are discussed below provide different functions to different types of users. Therefore, it depends on you which services you want to avail by spending how many bucks from your pocket. 

Now, without any further discussions, let’s take a rundown at HubSpot sales alternatives, HubSpot inbound marketing software competitors, and HubSpot CMS alternatives.

1. Marketo

image4-9Source: Marketo

It is one of the marketing campaign automation software, which is used by the companies to build a strong reputation and escalate customer satisfaction scores. Organizations use this marketing automation tool to reduce time-consuming tasks and manage all the mailing list and nurture leads effectively.

As per the conducted research, only two-thirds of the marketing leaders are using Marketo automation tool to elevate their business productivity. It is one of the best fee HubSpot alternatives by using which you can quickly figure out how to nurture the leads in the best way.

But HubSpot tool will help you to automatically capture the leads, which will help you to grow your business revenue and build strong prospects. Moreover, Marketo does not offer website development feature which is available in HubSpot.




  • Offers analytics and AI support
  • Helps to create a comprehensive platform
  • Can easily be integrated with other services through API
  • Searching becomes easy as every application of Marketo is connected to a central database.
  • It becomes easier for the marketing and sales team to share lead data and many more.
  • Do not offer CMS features like website and landing page development.
  • Price of Marketo increases every year up to 4%.
  • Most of the people are unaware of this marketing automation tool.


  • Starts at $1,195 per month
  • Pay $1,495 for more than 10k leads.
  • Pay $2,495 for more than 30k leads (100 K cap)


  • Starts at$1,995 per month
  • Pay $2,995 for more than 10k leads.
  • Pay $3,995 for more than 30k leads
  • Pay $5,395 for more than 100k leads(500K cap)


Starts at $3,195 per month

  • Pay $4,395 for more than 10k leads.
  • Pay $5,595 for more than 30k leads
  • Pay $6,795 for more than 100k leads
  • Pay $7,995 for more than 250k leads(not above 1M)

I know after reading this alternative, you might be wondering about the plans and prices. Yes! It's right that there is no tool except HubSpot, which can offer various services at a minimum price. To check the HubSpot prices and know its feature in detail, you can check my previous blog- How much does HubSpot Cost? 2019 Pricing Packages

2. SharpSpring

image6-6Source: sharp spring

SharpSpring is another serious contender to HubSpot, which offers cloud-based CRM and CMS services to their seekers by focusing on flexibility, user tracking, and landing pages.

We can say that it is one of the best HubSpot CMS Alternatives used in this marketing era which is also known as the robust marketing and e-commerce platform. It provides many services like shopping cart integration, A/B split testing on both landing pages and emails, and dynamic emails. Furthermore, you can integrate SharpSpring with almost anything, such as CMS.

If you want to accelerate your productivity and lead nurturing across different channels, you can use SharePoint, but the prices of this tool are slightly less than Marketo but more than Hubspot. Moreover, the reviews of this tool are mixed as compared to HubSpot because the interface of the HubSpot tool is more comfortable to use. Also, it does not provide Free services as Hubspot.




  • Provides efficient services
  • Help both agencies and clients to achieve their goals and manage their data.
  • Robust set of analytics
  • Mixed reviews
  • Some of the features of SharpSpring are less intuitive
  • Can add limited contacts
  • No Free trial

  • For 1,500 contacts, pay $450 per month.
  • For 10,000 contacts, pay $650 per month.
  • For 20,000 contacts, pay $875 per month.

So, if you are looking for a marketing automation tool which is offering free services, you can switch to HubSpot.

3. Salesforce


Source: Salesforce

If you are from the marketing background, then you might be familiar with this all-in-one tool named as Salesforce or Pardot. It is another reliable marketing automation platform which is used by various companies to integrate the solutions effortlessly, manage contacts, reporting and analytics.

It provides sparkling sales and marketing services to enhance business revenue by managing email campaigns and lead generation. No doubt the services offered by Salesforce are better, but HubSpot competes for this tool in its best possible way, especially rates. Moreover, by using the HubSpot tool, you can keep track of single customer questions and can also analyze how the market grows on a daily basis.




  • Escalates to enormous number of sales and leads.
  • Provide customizable widgets on the dashboard
  • Marketing can easily be integrated with social media
  • Broader support community
  • Its interface is excessively cluttered for some users
  • Limited designated support experts.
  • Documents generated while using Salesforce are not user-friendly.

Salesforce essentials-

Pay $25 per month for data storage per user, reports, desktop apps, case management

Lightning Professional-

Pay $75 per month for managing complete CRM

Lightning Enterprise-

Pay $150 per month to enhance customer management, add better sales forecasting, partner integration and sales insights.

Lightning Unlimited-

Pay 300 per month to avail services that require extra fees, including enterprise licenses.

Now, you might be thinking about a free trial as Hubspot in Salesforce. If yes! Then let me tell you that it provides free trail facility but only for 30 days. To have a deep understanding of HubSpot CMS feature, you can have a quick tour to Hubspot CMS.

Moreover, if you are still confused about whether to go with Hubspot or Salesforce, you can read Salesforce vs HubSpot: In-depth, Comparison to make an easy decision.

4. Wishpond

image2-18Source: Wishpond

Are you looking for creative lead generation services? If yes, then you can use Wishpond. It not only helps in lead generation but also offers social media services, drag and drop option for building landing pages and templates, marketing automation feature with personalized emails facility.

By using this tool, you can run your photo contests, coupons, sweep tasks, referral promotions, etc. It is a creative tool to use, but if you want an all-in-one tool, then you have to look for HubSpot or other Free HubSpot Sales Alternatives.




  • Have broad integration potential
  • Easy to use and continuously elevate their features
  • Affordable
  • Can create mobile responsive contests and landing pages. 
  • You can not track your ROI
  • It is not an all-in-one platform
  • You might have to spend more time while editing and building pages which are easily done in HubSpot


If you are a beginner in this business world, then you can use this version by paying $75 per month. 

(1000 leads cap)


If you are looking to provide services to the experienced marketing team, you have to pay $149 per month.

(1500 leads cap)


If you are looking to automate campaigns and want to provide the salesforce services to the established marketing team, then you have to pay $299 per month. 

(10,000 leads cap)

If you want to track your business productivity and reports on a daily basis, then you can use HubSpot as it provides the feature of reporting and analytics or you can look for other HubSpot Sales Alternatives but as per my knowledge, there is no other tool than Hubspot which will provide such an accurate result at affordable price.

5. Hatchbuck

image3-16Source: hatchbuck

Hatchbuck is known for its customer relationship management, which offers services similar to Wishpond. If you want to manage your small business, then it is an affordable tool which you can use as it will help you to automate your sales and marketing in the best possible way.

You have to sign up with the system to avail the services of hatchbuck. By using this particular tool, you can integrate with the websites without facing any problem as it is simple to use. But, yes, it doesn’t have a social media management tool, landing pages and CMS to host the website like HubSpot.

With the help of this tool, you can only track the contacts after entering the details and clicking on the link in an email. There are changes that the record might not be stored, so to mitigate all the challenges, I prefer using HubSpot, which provides all the sales, management and development services on one platform.




  • Helps to capture and record the leads for tracking and contact categorization. 
  • Easy to use
  • Provides effective information delay
  • Sales integration
  • Automates the data of small team
  • Do not provide social media integration tool
  • It provides limited design options
  • Can not build a mobile app or responsive pages

Small Biz Plan-

Pay $99 per month for 1500 contacts, 7500 emails per month for 2 users.

Team Plan-

Pay $199 per month for 5000 contacts, 25000 emails per month for 5 users.

Professional Plan-

Pay $299 per month for 15000 contacts, 75000 emails per month for 10 users.

Enterprise Plan-

Pay 399 per month for 25000 contact, Unlimited emails and for unlimited users.

Looking for the HubSpot Alternatives Open Source? I don’t think you will get all the services like HubSpot in another similar tool. So, why don’t you give a try with HubSpot CRM free tool? I am sure that once using this tool, you will not look for any other alternative. To know more about HubSpot integration you can read 21 HubSpot Intergations to Get Best Out of your HubSpot.

6. Drip

image8-4Source: Drip

It is another best free HubSpot Alternative, which is used for email marketing automation to elevate the business productivity by managing their data in an accurate form, especially emails. By using this platform, you can quickly get the reports of each action taken by the customers, several pages viewed by them, bounce rate, customer interests etc.

The offered functions will help you to personalize the messages which are sent to the customers at each stage of the process and other messages that go to the leads with different score and tags.

If you are graphical learner than you will enjoy using this tool as it offers a visual interface which helps you to convert your leads into customers. This particular tool is more useful to the organizations who have already figured out their marketing and sales workflow. 

If you want to save labour hours on emails, then it is good to opt. But it doesn’t support website templates or themes as HubSpot. Moreover, the response times from customer support is slow as compared to HubSpot. So, If you want quick replies and website development services besides marketing and sales, then I recommend you to use Hubspot at least once and I assure you that you will love to avail their quick services.




  • Offers email marketing automation services to their seekers.
  • To make an interaction with a complicated process, it has an interactive graphical interface.
  • Provides API integration.
  • Provide free services for small campaigns like less than 100 contacts.
  • It provides a full suite of CRM services for lead generation. 
  • Customer support response time is slow
  • The learning curve for onboarding is slow
  • Email visual editor of drip does not support templates or themes. 

Free account: For 1st 100 subscribers


Pay $49 per month for 25,00 subscribers


Pay $99 per month for 5,000 subscribers


It is only for contact sales and can send emails to unlimited subscribers. 

The free trial which is offered by Drip is only for 14 days, but in HubSpot, one can use the entire CRM for free. Thus, if you want to use HubSpot Free CRM, you should read The Definitive Guide to HubSpot CRM. It will make your mind to avail HubSpot effective services in one go.

7. Aritic Pinpoint

image7-7Source: Aritic Pinpoint

If you think that Aritic Pinpoint is a CRM, then you are wrong. It is not a CRM but integrates various platforms with different CRMs. By using this particular alternative, one can quickly capture and nurture their leads by using its high-end services. The main focus of this tool is to bring up your campaign to several levels, especially multi-channel campaigns like site notifications, push notifications, or text.

Another great function of Aritic Pinpoint tool is Drag and drop editor. This feature will help you to build landing pages and forms accurately. You can also automate almost every task of marketing through this tool as it will help you to understand the status of your leads.

But, on the negative side, it does not provide reporting feature as HubSpot, especially SEO. Even the price list of Aritic Pinpoint is high as compared to HubSpot.




  • Can easily be integrated with other CRMs.
  • By using these services, you can easily remove the lag from email marketing campaigns.
  • Provide leads capturing and nurturing feature.
  • Campaign channels, including social media and SMS.
  • High prices
  • Do not provide reporting features like SEO
  • A new tool which might lack the community of other platforms.
  • It might be challenging to deal with third-party integrations. 


Perfect for marketing automation beginners. To avail its services, pay $59 per month.


Perfect for growth focused organizations. To avail its services, pay $219 per month.


Best suited for advanced marketing professionals. To avail of its services, you have to pay $249 per month.


If you want high-performance solution requirement, then prefer using this version as it is for contact sales.

Yes! It provides free services like HubSpot, but its length is not precise. So, if you want to avail free services, then you have a better option to avail. By using HubSpot, you can get free CRM services and other upgraded services at an affordable cost.

In a Crux

As you can see from our HubSpot Alternatives Comparison, there are a variety of options available in the market but, when it comes to the features, organizations become choosy.

They always look for the best services at a minimum cost.

Some of the HubSpot alternatives discussed above lack in one point or other. Till date, I didn’t find a perfect tool like Hubspot, which offers marketing, sales and development services at affordable prices. I think HubSpot would be the best match which would help the organizations to achieve their business desires and objectives.

Therefore, if you are still confused and need some expert advice, then feel free to contact us by visiting our site. Our team will guide you to reach out the best decision without paying a single penny!

Don’t go with my words, use HubSpot- all in one tool, and you will love to avail its powerful feature by using its easy and attractive user interface by spending minimum bucks.

Hope, you can easily decide the best marketing, sales and development tool to enhance your revenue and escalate your business growth.While using HubSpot, if you will find, something new, feel free to share in the comment section below.

Thank you!

Danish Wadhwa

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