Perhaps most marketers or developers who use HubSpot regularly don't even know about HubSpot Marketplace.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you might know the term HubSpot marketplace and various templates that users can purchase to fulfill their business needs.

HubSpot Marketplace is one of the most powerful aspects of HubSpot– an all-in-one marketing, sales, and business automation tool. It allows most organizations to choose various templates to design the landing pages, customize the websites, craft emails, and generate blogs in a few seconds professionally.

Or we can say that it is an online store where users can purchase various templates like site page templates, email templates, blog templates, etc.

Now you might be thinking why download templates from HubSpot Marketplace?

Just think, how many hours you spend while developing a website from scratch? Or how many dollars you pay to someone else for making your website? Both time and prices might be high. Isn't it?

If I am not wrong, you might be wondering how to obtain success by saving both time and cost. The answer is – by choosing the suitable template available on HubSpot Marketplace.

As the name suggests, HubSpot Marketplace is a vast platform. Therefore, it offers various services like the HubSpot Marketplace website, HubSpot Marketplace integrations, etc.


Furthermore, it's also known for its HubSpot CRM Marketplace, HubSpot theme Marketplace, HubSpot landing Page Marketplace, HubSpot COS Marketplace, HubSpot template Marketplace, HubSpot email templates Marketplace, HubSpot pillar pages Marketplace, HubSpot Marketplace hub theme, HubSpot Partner Marketplace, etc. to make the business tasks much more manageable.

To avail of such services, you have to be a little selective. As everyone is uploading their business templates on HubSpot Marketplace to upgrade their business revenue, thus, you need to know about the essential things, considering which you can choose the Best HubSpot Templates and escalate your business productivity efficiently and quickly.

Now, let's take a rundown at some crucial points you need to focus while selecting best HubSpot Templates from the HubSpot Marketplace list.

7 Essential Points to consider before purchasing Templates from HubSpot Marketplace

Let's get started!

Include Modules according to Business Needs

I know pre-configured templates are challenging as you can not make any changes in the sidebar or designed panel. But yes, updations can be made in the body text and images in the specific blog.

So, always prefer choosing custom modules as it will help you add essential components for your site pages, add menus, header images, etc., as per the requirement. Why spend extra time while adding custom modules? If you really want to be time-specific, try to select the template that already has additional modules that make your site configuration and development less complicated.

Therefore, try to purchase the template related to your site and help you accomplish business goals efficiently.

If you want to download the blog template, which includes image, content, and comment form, you can download the Mobile App Blog template available on HubSpot Marketplace. It includes proper modules for image, text, structure, and quick links. I can assure you that you are not supposed to put extra effort while uploading blogs on the site while using this template.


Isn't it interesting? To make the task easy, I prefer downloading templates from HubSpot Marketplace to reduce the efforts and achieve the business goals quickly.

Is the Content placed right where you need It?

While choosing the template from HubSpot Marketplace, you should focus that the selected template does not affect your website consistency because website personalization is essential for marketers as it helps them to present the information to the visitors appropriately.

Suppose you download the template, which includes less content and more images. Still, the design of landing pages that are already added to your site has more content than I think; the purchased template will not pay any additional benefits to upgrade the conversion rate.

So, if you want to utilize the HubSpot template functionality, look for the template which includes rich text modules and headers as per your needs. Therefore, whenever you choose the HubSpot Template, be sure with your requirements and your business objectives.

Does the Template look great Everywhere?

In this technological era, some people prefer using an iPhone, iPad or laptops to avail the services. As per the report analysis, 29% of the total searches are done via mobile phones, which escalates business productivity. Therefore, while developing your site, you need to choose the template which is optimized and responsive.

If the used template is responsive, then users will not face any challenge while browsing the site or availing the offered services from any electronic device from anywhere.

No doubt, all the available templates on the HubSpot marketplace are responsive, but some templates are still not as optimized as they need to be. Whenever I used to purchase any template from HubSpot, I always look for the optimized template as it helps to elevate website performance.

If you want to design a landing page for your optimized and responsive website, you will always prefer downloading the template that does not affect your site. Isn't it?

Suppose you are currently planning to add a responsive landing page for your website. In that case, you can use the Mobile App home template, which is a perfect landing page for your mobile application as it includes text, images, screenshots, links to grab the visitor's attention and offer the best services to the seekers.


Is it easy to edit and Update?

Another hack which you should focus while using HubSpot Marketplace and purchasing HubSpot templates is to check whether the template you are going to download is easy to edit and update.

It is vital for you to consider this tactic because while updating the custom fields added into the template should not affect the unique and user-friendly layout because coders do not only use these templates, these are also downloaded by the marketers and non-coders to make their business task much easy like publishing blogs, sending emails etc.

Therefore, prefer using the template which can easily be updated even by a non-technical person. So, don't be in a rush, sit down and try to choose the best template which proves to be fruitful.

Check whether it can be Reused?

We all are aware that for complicated development, organizations need to spend more bucks and time. So why not develop once and use it again and again as it will save both time and cost.

Thus, another essential point which you should consider before purchasing the HubSpot template is selecting the templates or modules that can be reused.

If you are a general user and belong to the non-technical background then you should definitely choose the template which can be used in many situations as it will not only saves your time but also helps you to manage the cost that you might have to spend on designing the pages for your sites.

Now, think from a marketer's point of view. They have to send emails regularly to nurture more leads and upgrade business productivity. If they design the email templates again and again, then it would be very hectic. Therefore, why not to download the email template like Dew- Email Template Version 1.

While using such email templates, you just have to edit the content and image as per your objectives. So, make sure you choose the template that can be used in various times as it will reduce your efforts and manage time.


Know Template Description and Compatibility

Another essential tip which you should consider before purchasing a template on HubSpot Marketplace is first to read the description of the specific template which you are planning to download or buy.

Most of the templates that are available on Marketplace includes some content description which will give you a clear idea about what functionalities you will get after using the template.

By using this tactic, you will soon be able to realize that the selected template will help you to achieve your business goals and fulfil your business requirements or not. Like in the below-added image, HubSpot Templates include information which gives a clear idea to the users about the services they will get while using the HubSpot template.


Source: Webdew

Moreover, if you want to design a similar website and landing pages, need not worry! You can visit our contact us page to avail these efficient services and upgrade the performance and revenue of your site in the best possible way.

Read Reviews and take Demo

Gathering feedback will also help you to know about the product quality and functionality as they have already availed. I think that if you consider this point, then you will get to know real-time updates about the template you are going to purchase.

If you really want to avoid wasting time and money, then I recommend you to get yourself updated with the uploaded reviews. Once you are satisfied with the positive reviews of the respective template, then only make an investment by choosing the one you find best, also don't forget to take a demo.

I guess, one demo is sufficient to make you clear about the template functionality. After taking a demo, you can decide whether the template you are going to purchase will streamline your site design and check would the selected template be able to provide efficient services to your seekers or not.

So, prior to buying a template, make sure you read the reviews, take demo and check whether the template is responsive and meet your professional looking website objectives. If all the tasks are good going as per your demands then, don't waste your time and get your new website or landing page started off.

The Last Say

Hope, you get an idea about some vital factors by considering which you can choose the best template for your site, grab visitors attention, streamline the business processes without facing any challenge.

Website development is really time taking; therefore, choosing an accurate template is one of the essential steps to reach on the top list of this competitive world. If you want to determine the best path to redesign your site, then the above discussed seven things would definitely help you to choose the right template and redesign your website from the Ground Up.

If you still have any doubts about the selection of templates from HubSpot Marketplace, then don't hesitate to contact our expert team. 
Furthermore, if you have more informative points regarding HubSpot Templates, then do share with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

HubSpot templates offer a valuable advantage by allowing you to design and customize the structure of your web content, whether it's for a webpage, email, or blog post. These templates are created in the design manager by simply dragging and dropping various content modules, providing an easy way to maintain a consistent and professional look for your brand. This feature gives you full control over the layout and style, making your content creation process more efficient and cohesive. To learn more about creating templates in HubSpot, you can refer to the Academy lesson for detailed guidance.

HubSpot templates and snippets serve different purposes in content creation. Templates are used to create pre-designed, full-length pieces of content. Snippets, on the other hand, are short, reusable text blocks limited to 500 characters or less. For emailing prospects or clients efficiently, snippets work well when you need quick, standardized responses. In contrast, templates are ideal for crafting longer, more elaborate messages or documents. The key distinction lies in their word count limitations, with snippets being concise and templates accommodating more extensive content, making them both valuable tools for various communication needs in the HubSpot ecosystem.

In simple terms, a HubSpot theme is like the overall design and structure of your website, providing pre-made templates for different pages. These templates are custom-coded by developers but can be edited for content and layout in the content editor. On the other hand, a template refers to a single webpage design within that theme, like the homepage or a blog post layout. Themes give your website its look and feel, while templates define the specific design of individual pages.

The primary purpose of templates is to make creating documents easier. They reduce stress, save time, and improve efficiency. Templates also enhance audience engagement and can be cost-effective, ultimately simplifying various tasks and saving valuable resources.