List of Best Handpicked HubSpot Templates from Marketplace

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Hope! You are familiar with HubSpot all in one business automation tool. If not, need not worry! HubSpot is a marketing, sales and service software by using which you can manage both CRM and CMS services appropriately.

By using this powerful tool, you can better your business revenue and escalate the growth. Due to its powerful features and prominent services, around 60,500 people, around 100 countries are growing their business efficiently. To have a deep understanding of the tool, redirect to my previous blog, what is HubSpot, and how what you can do with it?

Have you recently started using HubSpot marketing, sales , and CMS tool or just planning to use it to elevate your business productivity and engage more customers towards your site and now wanna fit your website to new strategy? Start using HubSpot Templates.

Let me tell you that around 86% of the marketers or website development companies prefer using templates from HubSpot marketplace to attract more visitors and rank your website in the top searches.

Are you familiar with the term HubSpot marketplace? It is a platform where you can purchase both paid and free HubSpot templates or modules which can be used to promote your content and save time that you might spend on-site development. It provides pre-designed templates and helps to boost your marketing content like info-graphics, emails, blogs, web guides , etc. in different styles.

HubSpot templates are not limited to one section; it offers various templates options in one place. You have to be specific with the services you want to avail such as HubSpot blog templates, HubSpot eBook templates, HubSpot sales email templates, custom HubSpot templates, free HubSpot landing page templates and many more.

As we are using Hubspot CMS services; therefore, we usually go through HubSpot marketplace to make the website designing task easy and cost-effective. You might be thinking about these HubSpot templates and their features. Don’t fret! In this article, I will explain some commonly using templates with its robust benefits/features in detail.

Now, without any further discussions, let’s directly move towards the best-handpicked templates from the marketplace.

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5 Best HubSpot Templates from Marketplace

HubSpot Blog Post Templates


If you want to save your time while creating a blog post, then HubSpot blog post templates will help you to start the blogging process without spending much time.

I know blogging can be daunting because, for blogging, one has to start from scratch, especially when the content is not added in draft mode. The main aim of the marketers behind using this template is to make blogging faster.

Whether you are a professional writer or not, these templates will help you to publish the blogs without facing any trouble because here you need not start the blogging process from scratch. You just have to fill the template and put some right words to attract the visitors towards your site and convert them into your leads by publishing good quality content.

While using HubSpot blogging software or templates, you can successfully write blog posts and accomplish each task involved in writing without any challenge. To have a deep understanding of HubSpot blogging software, you can read my previous blog- An Exclusive Guide to Use HubSpot Blogging Software to Boost your Business Productivity.

Furthermore, the blog post templates will guide you on how to structure the content and publish the blog without any difficulty. If the published information is accurate, then you would be able to grab the visitors attention quickly and increase the number of leads towards your site.

Some of the blog templates available in HubSpot Marketplace are:

  • Overture
  • Aplite Blog
  • Mobile app blog
  • SphereOne
  • Vast Blog
  • Unlimited Conversion Blog Summary
  • Soar Blog Listing, etc.

Therefore, if you want to invest your time on other activities instead of publishing a blog from scratch, take a look at the blog post templates, download and start using it to fulfill the business needs.

HubSpot eBook Templates


Every marketer looks to avail free services by using which they can get more leads by adding attractive and new content on the website.

eBook creation can be overwhelming for the organizations who do not use eBook templates because they have to write, design and format the entire content into a professional-looking book that is eagerly downloaded by the people. This whole process is a very time consuming, so people prefer downloading the eBook templates or purchase pre-made templates to promote their content through eBooks.

All the eBook templates that are provided in the HubSpot marketplace are easy to use. For creating ebooks, I also used HubSpot eBook templates to save time, create useful and snazzy content to grab the attention of new customers for escalating business productivity.

Therefore, if you want to promote inbound marketing content like info-graphics, white papers, web guides, etc. prefer using HubSpot marketplace to design impossible ebooks by using multiple style templates.

Now, let me tell you some of the eBook templates available in the HubSpot marketplace:

From all these eBook templates available in HubSpot marketplace, you can publish the content by adding proper images and content without attribution.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to create a valuable eBook for your site. As we offer usually provide eBook services. To make the writing and designing process more comfortable, we have also used eBook templates.

Some of the eBooks that we have added in our website are How to Create Buyer Personas for Your Business, FREE CHECKLIST How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign, 6 Marketing Metrics Your Boss Actually Cares About, How to Write an E-book, etc. So, if you want to avail of this facility to visit our website and get the best results.

Email Templates for Marketing and Sales


Emails are one of the most prominent ways to engage and delight the customers towards your content and website. Therefore, it is essential for every marketer to work on the emails and keep handy while sending out the messages. Some of the email templates include:

  • Pre-Written Sales Emails
  • Pre-Written co-marketing Emails
  • Pre-Written PR and Blogging Outreach Emails
  • Pre-Written Customer Reference Emails

If you aim to promote your content, then email marketing is one of the best and easiest way to achieve your goals.

I know it seems impossible for a newbie to design and build blogs, landing pages, CTAs, email designs , etc. in one go. But now, in this technological era, this challenge can be resolved by using Email templates available in HubSpot Marketplace to enhance marketing and sales efficiency.

Most of the marketers prefer using HubSpot Sales email templates to save time, design snazzy and useful emails to upgrade the sales growth and build a deeper relationship with the customers. There are around 458 templates from which you have to choose the best according to your business needs and cost. Including paid templates, there are also free templates also by using which you can design interactive emails of multiple styles.

Once you download the email template, you can write emails in a lot less time-consuming way. Therefore, email marketers and salesforce people likely to send emails on the crafted templates to eliminate the time wastage and reduce the chances of errors.

Some of the email templates available in the marketplace are:

  • Sonata
  • Root Offer Email
  • Dew- Email Template Version 1
  • Hearts Newsletter
  • Ridge Offer Email
  • Impress
  • Oasis
  • Soar Thank You Email
  • Email webinar Invite
  • Wilson Couple Email
  • Cold Co-marketing pitch, etc.

Now, stop spending time in creating different style emails again and again. Visit the HubSpot marketplace and see all the templates and choose the best to promote your content and bring more traffic to your website. 

Do remember, to enhance your productivity and sales, you should have a deep understanding of HubSpot sales. To get updated information about HubSpot sales, you can read-A Comprehensive Guide for HubSpot Sales.

On-page SEO Template


In this competitive era, every organization wants to increase their search rank on google for upgrading business productivity. While working on SEO strategy, you need to learn the proper steps of SEO technology as it will help you to use On-page SEO Template from HubSpot marketplace.

Once, you use the templates; you would be able to track all the SEO elements and website performance quickly. By using these templates, you can easily plan how to implement an SEO strategy in proper steps and generate more leads to your website.

New into the marketing world and wondering how to use SEO templates? Don’t Worry! HubSpot also provides a complete guide which shows how to use each section of on-page SEO template for availing maximum profit.

Timing is not the only benefit that you would get while using HubSpot SEO templates. Now you might be thinking about what are the other benefits of downloading SEO templates from HubSpot Marketplace. Let’s take a look.

  • Easily coordinate keywords and pages
  • Can quickly implement an on-page SEO strategy
  • Helps to track all the results and changes all in one place
  • Easy to use
  • Advance users or first-time users can easily upgrade landing pages and many more.

Therefore, I recommend you to use On-page SEO templates to highlight the activities and grab the visitors attention to enhancing business productivity. So, start tracking accurate results by downloading SEO templates to enhance revenue. If you are looking to avail the best SEO services, then you can visit our SEO services page to decide why to choose Webdew.

Website and Landing Page Template


Wait a moment and think- How many hours you spend on creating a unique design for building creative landing pages, or website. If I am not wrong, then you might be spending many hours from your entire schedule to streamline your marketing and website design.

You might be searching for the best way to reduce your marketing and development efforts. If yes, then stop hustling. Go to HubSpot marketplace and download website and landing page template. While using these templates, you don’t have to invest time on building new layouts again and again. Directly download the template that’s already in your mind and add information in the respective modules to give a new look to your website.

Once you download the template, either it’s free or paid, you can use the design layout again and again without paying extra bucks from your pocket, providing drag and drop feature, which not only saves time but also maintain consistency in your website design and landing pages.

Let’s take a rundown of the numerous advantages of using website and landing page templates available in HubSpot Marketplace besides time. Take a look…

  • Saves money
  • Direct customer services through live chat, telephone support , etc.
  • Can add unlimited contact
  • Enables to build a professional website even if you belong to a non-professional background
  • Can edit the content anytime you want, etc.

Including these benefits, there are more robust features due to which every developer and even marketers prefer using Website and landing page templates.

Now, get an idea about some commonly used free HubSpot landing page templates from HubSpot Marketplace:

  • Prelude
  • Landing Img
  • Mobile App Home
  • Cadenza
  • HubStrap Lite Landing
  • Landing Form, etc.

If you are new and do not know how to use the HubSpot marketplace, you must read Use the Template Marketplace to Be a More Efficient Marketer.

Furthermore, if you are unfamiliar with the term HubSpot CMS and want to avail excellent website development services, then feel free to visit contact us page to avail to communicate with our expert team.

Over to You

Hope, you get an idea about various types of HubSpot templates that are commonly used by the organizations to reduce their efforts and cost.

Moreover, templates are the best way to utilize the resources and give a new look to the existing content or website. I assure you that once you use templates from HubSpot marketplace, you would be able to achieve your business goals efficiently and quickly.

As we are HubSpot gold partners, we often provide all kinds of custom HubSpot templates to offer the best services to our seekers. If you want to avail any service either it’s related to website development, marketing, designing,inbound recruitment , etc., feel free to contact our technicians at any time as our expert team is ready to help you 24*7.

So, what are you waiting for? Download or purchase HubSpot marketplace templates to create an online presence and generate better business results.

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