If I am not wrong, most of us strive to send emails or messages by clicking time and again, especially when the same mail or messages need to be delivered to various personnel at the same time.

In this competitive world, everyone needs to buck up their speed, save their time and reach business standards by escalating the sales and revenue in the marketing era.

Now, you might be thinking about how to manage time besides maintaining your online presence? Thinking about it, you might be stressing over how difficult a task it is. If the answer is Yes, then need to Fret! HubSpot is the right solution to fulfill your goals.

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, then you might be familiar with the term HubSpot and its Workflow feature. If not, then Don't Worry. I will make you aware of HubSpot Workflows.


What is a Workflow?

Workflows are basically a set of automated actions that are executed automatically once the condition is defined. The process is started only when a lead enters a workflow. When the contact joins the list, the workflow process goes off, enters the details, submits the form, visits our landing pages, sets the property, etc.

Once you set workflows for some specific action like sending emails to the one who visits our blog or wants to avail of some service, you need not write the same text again and again. Do you want to get rid of these problems? For this, you have to trigger the Workflow, and the entire message or email will be delivered to the right customers at the right time.

Workflows are not just for sending emails; you can set the condition and automate the task as per your needs because there are different types of workflows that you can trigger to attract, engage, delight, and nurture the leads.

Now, Let’s take a look at different types of workflows that you can utilize to trigger the “n” number of leads and nurture those leads better to upgrade your business productivity are:

  • Contact based Workflows
  • Company based Workflows
  • Deal based Workflows
  • Ticket based Workflows
  • Quote based workflows

hubspot-workflow-different-typesIf you are a newbie and don't know about creating HubSpot Workflows, you can read my blog- The definitive guide to HubSpot CRM. In this blog, you will get to know about steps to create HubSpot Workflows.

Hope, you have an idea that HubSpot Workflows are essential for lead nurturing. If still confused, need not worry, have a deep understanding of how HubSpot workflows can be used to nurture your leads better by reading- What is HubSpot Workflow? How to use it for Lead Nurturing?


Now, let's take a rundown at some of the best HubSpot Workflow examples that will help you nurture your leads better.

4 HubSpot Workflow Examples For Lead Nurturing

You might be wondering why I am focusing on the HubSpot workflow feature from the entire list of HubSpot excellent features. Here let me share my personal experience with you about how HubSpot Workflows helps me nurture more leads and escalate my business productivity.

No doubt that I am working in the business and marketing world for a couple of years, but I was still facing a problem in hiring a talented pool of candidates. When I became aware of the HubSpot Workflow feature, I started Inbound recruitment campaigns to attract, engage, and delight experienced and talented candidates within our organization.

It helped me increase the number of employees within my organization and elevate my revenue growth. I can say that the workflows which I have implemented to nurture lead “candidates” play a significant role in making the Inbound recruitment campaign successful.

Let me share some HubSpot Workflows Examples with you, which helped me nurture leads better and saw tremendous growth within my organization.

Example-1- Digital Marketers Lead Nurturing Workflow

I have implemented the below discussed HubSpot Examples to nurture Digital Marketers who are present in our HubSpot CRM. If you also want to engage and nurture more candidates (digital marketers) within your organization, then you can also create a similar workflow into HubSpot and see a change in the number of digital marketers. 

Firstly, I have set candidate's role equal to Digital Marketer. All the digital marketers will receive a marketing email of the career blog post as per the condition defined in a Workflow.hubspot-workflow-examples-nurtur

Email 1- In the first email, we have promoted the first 3 Digital Marketing career blogs in order to nurture leads that are captured from our inbound recruitment campaign. This email is more of an awareness-level offer, which is sent at the beginning stage of the journey.

There are chances that the candidate (Digital Marketer) does not visit the link or avail of the services; therefore, to delight those candidates, I have created email-2 with a delay of 1 day.hubspot-workflow-examples-nurtur-1

Email 2- In this email, other blog posts have been promoted or sent to candidates interested in seeking professional services or products you offer. This email will help you grab the candidates' attention towards the services they have missed in the first go.

Next action will be taken after a delay of 1 day.


The process of workflow continues until 13 emails are sent to the candidates. This simple workflow not only helps you to nurture leads or hire Digital Marketer candidates but also enhances your online Presence.

Example-2 Conditional Workflows for Lead Nurturing

As there are two sides to the coin, similarly, people's interest also varies as per their needs. By considering this in mind, I have created a conditional workflow to nurture hot leads to make them aware of web development career opportunities.

If you also want to nurture leads, whether from a career perspective or from the client, then you can also implement the same Workflow within your company and mark my words. You would be able to nurture the candidates easily and quickly.

At the time of setting the enrollment trigger, I have set the candidate role equal to Front-end Web Designer, WordPress Developer, or Back-end Web Developer.hubspot-workflow-examples-condit

Never forget to keep the hot leads or interested candidates in your mind before setting the condition.

Here, you need to engage the candidates who have already filled out the form or subscribed to a webdew career blog subscription to take the quiz.hubspot-workflow-examples-condit-1


If the candidate clicks on the added web development CTA, then they will receive an email of the Web development test. If the condition is fulfilled, then it can be said that you have successfully nurtured your lead.




But if the candidate has not clicked on the CTA, then they will receive the email to “take web development quiz.” If the candidate has not clicked on the CTA, then the Workflow will not execute any further action.

If the aspirant clicks on the respective email and has taken the quiz, then they will again receive the email to take the web development test.

Example-3 Nurture Leads through Deal based Workflow

I have also used deal-based workflows to nurture the leads in a better way. By reading this example, you will also create the Workflow and automate the interview schedule accurately and in less time.

If your team members are spending more time scheduling interviews, you should definitely consider this Workflow to achieve the goals.

Let me share the in-depth procedure of deal-based Workflow to automate the interview schedule.

In the first step, I have set the deal stage to any interview schedule ( Interview- pipeline- which is already created in our deals).

After setting the condition, I added a delay of 5 minutes. Furthermore, added another action which is the email “Thanks for Scheduling an Interview with us.”

The primary objective behind automating this email is to let the candidate or aspirant know that he/she has successfully scheduled the interview with us. Moreover, this Workflow will help you to engage the candidates and make a good relationship with them.

HubSpot Workflow Examples - Deal based Workflow

Example-4 Contact-based Lead Nurturing Workflow

If you are from a development background, then you might be aware of templates and modules. Yes, these are basically the pre-designed web pages that are purchased or downloaded by the people to create or redesign an optimized website in minimum time.

I have implemented this particular workflow to nurture those prospects who have downloaded our templates or modules that are available in the HubSpot marketplace.

If you don’t have any idea about HubSpot templates, then you can read 7 Things to Consider before Purchasing HubSpot Templates from HubSpot Marketplace.

Now, let's know how Template download Workflow helps in lead nurturing.

In the first step, I enrolled in the list of “members who have purchased templates from the HubSpot marketplace.”

After setting the enrollment triggers, I added the action of delay for 1 day.

HubSpot Workflow Examples - Contact based Workflow

Later, the members added to the list will receive emails added below:


In the first email, I added a thank-you message for downloading HubSpot templates and provided the guide's link, which will help them install or customize the Templates without facing any challenges.

HubSpot Workflow Examples - Contact based Workflow Email-1



After two days of the first email- people will receive another email of eBook landing page template download. It includes the link of other best practices to nurture and engage the leads. The objective behind sending this email is to encourage engagement and nurture leads in a better way.

Furthermore, I have added the next action for a 3-day delay.HubSpot Workflow Examples - Contact based Workflow Email-2


The last email will be sent to prospects to make an interaction and help them grow with template editing services. This email shows that our team is ready to help them and offer them services whenever they want. It is just another way to engage them and make them aware of the services we provide.

After this email, the Workflow will not execute any further action.
HubSpot Workflow Examples - Contact based Workflow Email-3

Over to You

In the end, I would like to say that if you still want to know more examples regarding HubSpot sales Workflow, then you can also read 6 essential nurturing workflows for every B2B company.

Hopefully, you get an idea about how you can use the HubSpot Workflow feature to automate your activities and nurture your leads.


If you still have any doubts regarding the term HubSpot workflow examples and how to implement the above-discussed examples within your organization, then feel free to visit our contact us page and get our expert advice.

Good Luck!!!