No matter how effective your entire article is, if it has a boring title, then it will surely get no reads.

It is well said- 

“Basically, to lead with a title is to derive your power within the organization not from your position but from your competence, effectiveness, relationships, excellence, innovation and ethics.” 

A great blog post title is an important part of making your blog campaign successful. A magnetic headline will not only help you catch visitors' eye but also increase the conversion rate by 40%. Moreover, an accurate blog post title will help you boost your ranking and get noticed.

Are you excited to know how to write a blog post with a powerful headline? Here are some awesome tips by considering which you can ensure to get more views and promote your content better. 

7 Tips to create awesome Blog Title for excellent Traffic

Let's begin…. 

Keep it Short and Informative

Whenever you create a blog, make sure it does not exceed 70 characters (including spaces and symbols). Keeping short and crisp titles will not only make it catchy but also makes it more memorable. The more the visitors stay on your page, the lesser the bounce rate and the more the ROI.

So, make sure you re-examine your blog titles to ensure it doesn't lose its zest. To get some more ideas, you can do some research on similar topics you want to produce.

Try to Ask Questions

By considering the mindset of many people, it would not be wrong to say that people use the internet to find some information and entertainment. To better connect with the audience, consider putting a question in your blog title. 

Most readers perceive that your post will surely have some secrets that will help them achieve their goals. Thus, asking a question in your title will probably get more reads. 

Whenever you write a title like “how-to,” “why,” etc., then don't miss to add a question mark sign in the end as it will help you rank higher on Google. Also, try to answer the question in the entire blog to make it more educational and interesting. 

Use specific Number

For making the blog title more effective, prefer using specific numbers and data in your titles. Like you can add some lists, percentages, etc. Integrating numbers in your blog will make the headline more effective. 

As per the statistics, headlines with numbers get 73% more social shares and better engagement. This is all because the human brain is more receptive to numbers. You might have observed that many marketers use odd numbers in their posts. 

Thinking why? Well! Odd numbers are more digestible and help people to recall the information more easily. So, if you want to get clicks on your blog post, try using numbers and data in your blog name.

Check its Score

Another tip that will help you create titles that stand out from the rest is checking its score. Now you might be thinking about what exactly this score means.

Well! Headline score is a number that gives you an idea about how effective your title is. To proceed with this step, you can use a headline analyzer tool to check how strong your title is. 

This tool is also useful for giving new ideas that will help you create awesome titles. Furthermore, if you have its premium version, then you can also check the SEO score of your blog that will further help you generate excellent results. Prefer considering the title having a 70 or 70+ score. 

To better understand this tool, check out this video-. 


Add High Traffic Keywords

Do you want your blogs to perform better on Google? If yes, then you need to work on keyword insertion. Keywords play a great role in attracting search engines and making your blog title stronger. This step might consume a lot of time, but spending a little time will help you generate excellent results.

I would recommend you to use keywords with two or three phrases because 60% of searches have more than one search query.

To understand which keyword is getting more Traffic and commonly searched by the people, you can take the help of software like Ubersuggest, Ahref, Youtube analytics, etc. So, do some keyword research to improve blog visibility in search engines. 

Use Headline formula

Reading the word “Headline Formula” might seem unrealistic to you. Well! It's quite obvious because there is no specific formula to produce blog titles. But I was amazed to see how Bronn outlines the concept of headline formula with a single word, “SHINE.” 

  • S – Specificity
  • H – Helpfulness
  • I – Immediacy
  • N – Newsworthiness
  • E – Entertainment value

If you create content by adopting the above formula, then you expect your blog title is strong enough to resolve visitors' challenges and provide them a perfect solution. Thus, before you proceed, make sure you identify the problem and offer a valuable solution that brings Traffic to your website

Create unique Titles

Last but not least, do not copy your blog title. If you are planning to write a blog post on a common topic, then there are high chances that your title might come up with a headline that is already used. There are very few chances to get a better ranking on a title that is already created. 

Thus, I would recommend you to do some research and create a unique title that helps your work stand out. Also, it will get on the first page of Google more easily. This is all because search engines identify unique and interesting titles more often than copied ones. 

In a Nutshell

There are no two opinions that content is the backbone of your marketing strategy. If your content is strong, then you can easily generate search traffic and leads. Thus, to make the content highly productive, it is vital to give an awesome headline to your blog. 

Creating educational and SEO-friendly content is not a cakewalk. But hopefully, the above pointers will help you realize how to create a good blog title without breaking your banks and putting in the extra effort. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating an interesting and catchy headline. 

Still, if you want any help from certified writers, feel free to contact us. 

Happy title creation! 

Editor: Richa Sharma

Frequently Asked Questions

The best titles for blogging are the ones that grab your attention and promise something useful. Titles like “Where, What, Why” work well because they tell you that if you read the article, you'll learn new things, get advice, and find solutions to your problems. Some good examples of these titles are “Here's Why…” and “An Inside Look At What Is…” These titles make readers curious and eager to explore what the blog has to offer, making them more likely to click and read. So, if you want your blog to be engaging, consider using these types of titles to captivate your audience.

Good blog headlines should grab attention by pointing out a problem and suggesting a solution. This problem can be one your readers are aware of or one you make them aware of. To create such headlines, follow these two steps: First, explain the problem in straightforward language, making it relatable to your audience.

When lots of people click on your website's title in Google search results, it gets noticed and ranked higher. This is true even if your title isn't perfectly optimized for SEO. Having a catchy and appealing title that grabs people's attention can greatly help improve your website's optimization. So, making your title interesting can boost your site's visibility on the internet.

To write an SEO-friendly title, aim for about 60-70 characters. This length ensures that your title is concise and meaningful. It should grab the reader's attention while clearly conveying what the page is about to both people and search engines. Remember, Google won't cut it off, but shorter titles are more effective. Include optimised keywords and phrases in your title to improve search engine ranking. Keep it engaging, concise, and informative to attract both readers and search engines, ultimately boosting your website's visibility in search results.