What is the purpose of making B2B videos?

The main idea behind creating these videos is to portray your brand to get noticed by a relatable audience, increase website traffic and hence gain potential customers.

Therefore, you need to make professional, irresistible, and unforgettable videos that tend to lead to the significant purpose of your brand. But the question comes is, ‘Where to start from?'

B2B videos come in all shapes and sizes, from animated explainers to customer testimonials. Thus, before deciding the best type of video for your business, you need to go through some inspiring video examples that already exist.

To simplify your job, we have compiled a list of the 11 most interesting B2B video examples to motivate you to create your next attractive B2B video and engage your audience with the game of video marketing.

Watch the best 11 B2B video examples now!

1. Slack Teams Do Amazing Things — “Traffic”

Oh, Slack, you are here again. Why do you create irresistible videos that urge us to add you to our list almost every time?

Never mind, now you are here, we will not miss a chance to tell our readers about you. So, guys, this Slack B2B example performs so well that it tells what successful video marketing content looks like.

This messaging app is amazing in providing its users with the best features and visuals to its audience. So, do not keep calm, and watch the video now.

  • The video moves with a relatable storyline that tells how ‘All kinds of people and All kinds of teams' use Slack to share what they like.
  • The employment of playful cartoon animations makes the video enjoyable, like that of a Minion' movie.
  • The video clearly communicates the benefits of using Slack for team communication and collaboration. It highlights features such as channels, search, and integrations, all key selling points for the platform.
  • The short voiceover at the end aligns with the Slack brand, which is casual, friendly, and approachable.
  • All these characteristics make it a successful marketing campaign by fulfilling the main purpose of attracting potential customers to use Slack in their personal and corporate lives.

What sets this video apart

Its cartoon movie-style animations spread the love for Slack in the mind of each viewer. With a voiceless idea, this video rules the game of marketing by bringing it to the forefront with super dynamic animated visuals

2. Introducing the new SurveyMonkey

Surveys make people feel bored and dull; however, Survey Monkey introduces itself as a cloud-based survey tool that lets users create, analyze and send surveys in an eye-catching, groovy, and interesting manner. Watching the video attached below will help you match the vibes of our words better. So, let's go!

  • The video starts with a visually stunning animation that captures viewers' attention immediately. The animation is aesthetically pleasing and informative, introducing Survey Monkey's brand and services.
  • The video delivers Survey Monkey's message clearly and concisely, making it easy for viewers to understand the benefits of using their platform. The messaging also aligns with the company's brand voice and values, creating a cohesive and memorable experience for the viewer.
  • The video content uses humour to engage potential customers and create a memorable experience. Playful animation and funny dialogue make the video more approachable and relatable, which can help build trust and likability with potential customers.
  • The video uses storytelling to demonstrate how Survey Monkey can help businesses solve real-world problems.
  • The video follows a character's journey and shows how Survey Monkey's tools and services can help them succeed, creating a compelling narrative that resonates with viewers.

What sets this video apart

The music and the matchstick animation game make this video attractive and likeable. There is more chance for a viewer to stay back and watch the video till the end if he gets a magical opening. Following the same path, Survey Monkey made it evident for the audience to stick and watch.

3. My shot + Your illustration | Dropbox Paper | Dropbox

The My Shot + Your Illustration Dropbox Paper Animated Video is a great B2B video that combines live-action and animation elements to bring viewers a short and sweet result. This helps the audience understand the purpose of highlighting the Dropbox paper feature in this perfect example.

  • The animation uses a unique addition of colourful illustrations. The video's message is also creative, showcasing the potential for collaboration and innovation using Dropbox Paper.
  • The visual tells a compelling story about two characters, “My Shot” and “Your Illustration,” who come together to create something new using Dropbox Paper.
  • The story is engaging and relatable, showing how collaboration can lead to great ideas and outcomes.
  • The video's messaging is clear and concise, showcasing the benefits of using Dropbox Paper for collaboration and creative work. It also aligns with Dropbox's brand voice and values, creating a cohesive and effective marketing message.

What sets this video apart

The concept of serving the purpose of ‘Dropbox Paper' right in a mere 16 seconds, where the use of illustration shows your shot and illustration can work together. Henceforth, the point sets it apart from other B2B videos.

4. Ennismore | Klimpa | Not to Scale

Marketers, it is time to pull up your socks because Klimpa's work through the Ennismore brand video shows how awesome a video example can be. The criteria for introducing a workspace for everyone is that you will not feel deprived of any facility. The right decision would be to watch the video before we give you a spoiler.

  • Klimpa's video production team amalgamates live-action footage and animation to create a visually stunning and engaging experience for viewers. The seamless transitions of both create a captivating and cohesive type of video.
  • The video tells a unique story about a collaboration between Ennismore and Klimpa to create a new hotel experience. The video takes the viewer on a journey through the workspace, showcasing the creativity and innovation of the two companies.
  • The video evokes emotion by highlighting the passion and dedication of the Ennismore and Klimpa teams to create something extraordinary.
  • The video provides a clear call to action at the end, encouraging viewers to learn more about the new workspace and visit the Ennismore and Klimpa websites. This is an effective way to generate leads and encourage viewers to take action.

What sets this video apart

The combination of live-action footage and animated illustration is something that is going to stay in the eyes of viewers forever. The seamless blend makes it eye-catching and affordable by not using real characters instead.

5. Workday – Welcome to the future of HCM

The “Welcome to the Future HCM” is an engaging video from a marketing and animation perspective. It tells how B2B marketing delivers a clear, emotionally resonant message showcasing a platform's benefits and features.

The video effectively communicates the value of Workday for businesses looking to streamline their HR processes and achieve their goals.

  • The video grabs viewers' attention with its minimalist yet dynamic animation style. Using bold colors and modern design elements creates a sense of energy and excitement that aligns with the video's theme.
  • Everything about this video makes it one of the perfect explainer video examples. It first focuses on the audience's problem and then represents itself as the solution.
  • The protagonist's appealing voice helps make it a more memorable and attention-grabbing video that clearly impacts the audience's mind.

What sets this video apart

Its comprehensive explaining style with easy-to-understand voiceover and graphics is the plus point of this Workday video.

6. Grow Better With HubSpot

Hubspot, a name in the world of CRM, has let the audience understand what they mean by ‘Grow better' and how it can be achieved with them. The “Grow Better with HubSpot” is a B2B brand video that shows how Hubspot can become your catalyst in growing professionally.

  • With a delightful and compelling storyline, it connects with viewers emotionally. It highlights the challenges businesses face in today's competitive landscape and how HubSpot can help overcome them. 
  • The illustrations and animation in the video are captivating. They create a sense of motivational energy that aligns with the HubSpot brand. 
  • The video's tone makes the HubSpot brand look more approachable and relatable to viewers looking for a platform to help them grow their business more personalized.
  • The presence of the logo with a colourful background at the end reflects the importance of creating branding for the users and encourages them to visit the HubSpot website and learn more about the platform.

What sets this video apart

The use of detailed animations with soft colours related to the brand's logo, storyline, and execution makes the video stand out. Whenever you watch this video, it will give a soothing effect with gradual movement that ultimately proves successful for marketing.

7. Adobe Anthem

We all know Adobe as the master of video creation, animation designing, video editing, rendering, and whatnot. But have you ever seen it in such a way?

If not, we are delighted to have you here to watch how Adobe creates a B2B and B2C impression on the marketing world with its mesmerizing Anthem animated video.

  • The video is designed to connect emotionally with viewers by showcasing how Adobe's products can empower creatives and help them bring their ideas to life. This emotional appeal makes the video more memorable and resonant with viewers.
  • The video effectively communicates Adobe's creative, innovative, and empowering brand identity, which aligns with the brand's values and resonates with the target audience.
  • The animation in the video is visually stunning, with a unique and sophisticated style that captures viewers' attention. The use of detailed illustrations and 3D animation creates a sense of depth and realism that is aligned with Adobe's brand and the creativity of its products.
  • The video is memorable and shareable, making it an effective marketing tool for Adobe. The emotional appeal, brand identity, and visual appeal make the video stand out from other B2B marketing videos. It is easily shareable on social media platforms, increasing its reach and impact.

What sets this video apart

Out-of-the-box concept with professional-looking and unforgettable animated visuals leads to the popularity of this video. With no direct promotion of the Adobe brand and products, it urges the audience to visualize what Adobe can do. 

8. What is Hootsuite?

The “What is Hootsuite?” uses a clear video marketing strategy by simply explaining the job of the brand. Using a different and fancy concept to create marketing videos is not always necessary.

So, this company used a simple yet helpful topic of telling how Hootsuite is best as a solution for social media marketing and management.

  • The video delivers a clear and concise message about the benefits of Hootsuite, which is to help businesses manage their social media presence more efficiently and effectively. 
  • Using bold typography and bright colours creates a sense of energy and vibrancy that captures viewers' attention.
  • The video breaks down technical information about Hootsuite's features and functionality into easy-to-digest chunks, making it more accessible to viewers who may not be familiar with the platform.
  • Using real-world examples and relatable scenarios makes viewers feel more positive and connected to the Hootsuite brand.

What sets this video apart

Relatable ideas of social media and parties and objects like club entry, popcorn, tablets, and pets make the viewer realize to choose Hootsuite for their social media marketing and management.

9. IBM – Bones

The IBM – Bones Animated Video tells how its cloud working can provide benefits and potential technology applications. The video is visually stunning, engaging, and relatable, making it an amazing marketing tool for IBM.

  • The potential use of IBM's Watson technology in the healthcare industry. The story is relatable and emotionally resonant, making it more memorable for viewers.
  • The animation in the video is visually stunning, with sophisticated and detailed use of illustrations, and 3D animation creates a sense of depth and realism aligned with the healthcare industry's complexity.
  • The video breaks down technical information about IBM's Watson technology into easily digestible chunks, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This is an effective way to showcase the benefits and potential applications of the technology without overwhelming viewers with technical jargon.
  • The video's style makes the video more appealing to viewers looking for cutting-edge solutions to complex problems.

What sets this video apart

The strong voiceover sets a dramatic aura to involve the viewers in it. There is no way to come back when you start following the path of the video with the sound effects and voiceover present in the video.

10. Introducing WordPress 5.0

Let us introduce WordPress 5.0 to you. Oh, sorry, today WordPress 5.0 will give a self-introduction, but how? 

Obviously, through a well-crafted animated video that can be grasped as the B2B and animation perspectives for several unique reasons:

  • The video's messaging is clear and concise, showcasing the product benefits and features in an easy-to-understand way.
  • The messaging is aligned with WordPress's mission to make website creation accessible to everyone, regardless of technical ability.
  • The animation in the video is visually appealing, with a clean and modern design aligned with the WordPress brand. Using typography and motion graphics creates a sense of movement and energy that is engaging and memorable.
  • The video provides technical information about WordPress 5.0 quickly and crisply, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

What sets this video apart

Provision of a feel like that of a drama and suspense movie, the usage of bright blue colour with a typewriter-like sound altogether works on the details of the video by telling everything without saying anything. 

11. Mailchimp “Anthem”

Now, the brand's turn will add a surprise effect to your mind. The Mailchimp Anthem, with its catchy doodles, takes you on the journey of creativity used to represent the idea of moving without stopping.

  • The video showcases Mailchimp's brand personality in a fun and engaging way. The animation features quirky and playful animated characters that align with the brand's playful and irreverent voice.
  • The video tells an engrossing story about the importance of connecting with life in all terms and conditions. The story is relatable and emotionally resonant, making the viewers understand never to stop and think about failure, even if you get stuck somewhere.
  • The animation in the video is charming, with a unique and appealing style that captures viewers' attention. Using bold colours and dynamic movement creates a sense of energy and excitement aligned with the brand's values.
  • The story of the character's journey is relatable and inspiring, making viewers feel more positive and connected to the Mailchimp brand.

What sets this video apart

Hypnotic visuals to keep you there and watch the video till the end, where Mailchimp quietly adds the ingredient of marketing by standing along with its audience and creating an impact on their mind.

So, the next time people think about email marketing problems, they will remember Mailchimp as the solution because it created a permanent image with this video.

Set your foot in to become the king of B2B video marketing    

B2B videos can be an effective tool for businesses to showcase their products, services, and company culture to potential customers and clients. The 11 B2B video examples mentioned in this blog provide great inspiration for businesses looking to create engaging and informative videos.

Whether through animation, humour, or storytelling, these videos demonstrate the power of visual content in capturing and retaining viewers' attention.

By taking inspiration from these examples and incorporating their unique brand messaging, businesses can create impactful B2B videos that resonate with their target audience and drive business growth.

Do you still have something bothering you? Then, do not hesitate to contact us.

Editor: Vaishnavi Jain

Frequently Asked Questions

B2B videos are marketing content designed to promote products or services to other businesses. They are typically created to educate other businesses about the benefits of a particular product or service, as well as to build brand awareness and establish authority in the industry. B2B videos can take many forms, including product demos, explainer videos, webinars, case studies, and customer testimonials.

Examples of B2B companies include software providers, financial services firms, business consulting firms, and advertising agencies. They sell products or services to other businesses rather than individual consumers. Some examples of B2B companies include Salesforce, HubSpot, McKinsey & Company, and WPP.

A great B2B marketing video is one that effectively communicates the value of a product or service to the target audience. To create a successful B2B marketing video, it is important to clearly understand the target audience, their pain points, and the benefits that the product or service can offer. The video should also be optimized for SEO and social sharing, include a clear call to action that encourages viewers to act and should be engaging, informative, and memorable for the audience.

The four types of B2B are product-focused, solution-focused, customer-focused, and value-focused. Product-focused B2B companies focus on selling a particular product or service to other businesses. Solution-focused B2B companies focus on solving specific business problems for their customers. Customer-focused B2B companies prioritize customer satisfaction and retention and strive to build long-term relationships with their clients. Value-focused B2B companies are focused on delivering the greatest possible value to their customers, often through the use of innovative products or services.