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Using HubSpot CRM?

We will handle all of your HubSpot management requirements

Your search for the best HubSpot Management service provider ends with webdew.

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Hubspot Management 1-1

What we can do in MarketingHub?

Marketing hub can help you launch effective marketing campaigns to attract the target audience towards your business.

In marketing hub module, you’ll be assigned HubSpot certified marketing expert who’ll complete any marketing hub tasks like automation, lead management, social media, SEO and many more. You can submit unlimited Hubspot marketing tasks and we will work on 1 active task at a time.

  • Creating & Managing Forms

    We will create different forms to any web page tracked in your HubSpot account to gather the contact details that your business needs.

  • Creating & Sending Personalized Emails

    We will Create emails with a drag and drop editor, personalization token and option to send bulk emails that are optimized for different devices.

  • Contact & List Management

    We will Create static or dynamically updating contact lists based on various criteria using HubSpot CRM properties

  • Setup & Manage Conversational Inbox

    We will use a bot to connect visitors to the right rep, route visitors to the most helpful content, and scale 1-to-1 communications.

  • Publishing & managing Blogs

    We will use the robust blogging and landing page tools to create search engine optimized content, based on best practices.

  • Creating & Managing SEO Topic Clusters

    We will use the SEO tools to help you know what to write about, get best practice recommendations, and see how the content performs.

  • Publishing & Managing Social Accounts

    We will use the social media tools to schedule and publish updates, monitor terms, and analyze performance on various social platforms.

  • Creating Landing Pages using pre-Build Templates

    We will create attractive and responsive landing pages that are built to convert and look great on a mobile device.

  • Creating Personalized Call to actions

    We will build personalized call-to-action buttons that guide visitors toward key conversion points on your website.

  • Managing Retargeting Ads

    We will measure attribution reporting Show ads to contacts that have left your site based on the content they've consumed.

  • Setting up & Managing Campaigns

    We will group-specific pieces of content into a campaign and see how each one is helping you reach your goals.

  • Creating Marketing Custom Reports

    We will create custom marketing reports on your marketing activities, and use the data to help you make informed business decisions.

What we can do in SalesHub?

Sales hub lets you automate your sales task in one place while enabling you to close more less time. 

In sales hub module, you’ll be assigned Hubspot certified sales expert who’ll complete any sales hub task like sales automation, predictive lead scoring, salesforce integration, reporting and other tasks. You can submit unlimited Hubspot sales hub tasks and we will work on 1 active task at a time

  • We will automate the tedious follow-up emails and tasks that tend to fill up your day, and make sure no prospect slips through the cracks.

  • We will write one-to-one prospect emails, personalize them accordinlgly, and the schedule them for the right send and receipt time.

  • We will chat 1-to-1 with visitors as they browse your site, and give them the information they need about your business.

  • Share a link with customers that lets them see when you're free and book meetings with you, cutting out those tedious 'what time works best for you' emails.

  • We will trigger actions and pass data to other tools you use, or to your own custom made outside applications.

  • We will keep track of deals and predict future revenue based on how likely they are to close.

  • We will keep your Salesforce and HubSpot data in sync and up-to-date to get you desired business results

  • We will track and manage multiple currencies in your HubSpot account

  • We will automatically score and rank leads based on hundreds of factors, focusing on the customers that are most likely to close.

What we can do in ServiceHub?

Service Hub helps you delight customers and build a base of happy customers who advocate for your business.

In service hub module, you’ll be assigned Hubspot certified expert who’ll complete any service hub task like ticket pipeline, reporting and dashboard, and other tasks. You can submit unlimited Hubspot sales hub tasks and we will work on 1 active task at a time


  • Setting up and manging tickets pipeline

    We will set the status of tickets based on any category or property and automate it accordingly.

  • Setting up and managing ticket routing

    We will route the tickets and assign them to the right service rep at the right time and automate it accordingly.

  • Creating and managing custom reports

    We will create custom reports on your customer service activities, and use the data help you make informed business decisions.

  • Managing your Conversations inbox

    We will organize customer questions, including live chats and emails, in a shared inbox and make it accessible to your entire team.

  • Spliting and managing tickets into different pipelines

    We will Split tickets into different pipelines, for example by region, brands, or teams and manage each one uniquely.

  • Managing ticket reports

    We will measure your customer service efforts and Get in-depth reports that show volume, category, and response times.

  • Creating & managing email templates

    We will save and reuse your most helpful emails. Share them with your team for faster and more consistent customer communication.

What we can do in Hubspot CMS?

HubSpot CMS allows you to Build a powerful website that’s optimized for every device, personalized for every visitor, and integrated with all your marketing tools – right out of the box.

In hubspot CMS module, you’ll be assigned Hubspot CMS certified expert who’ll complete any Hubspot CMS task like designing landing pages, website pages, Security monitoring & threat detection, Dynamic content with HubDB and many more. You can submit unlimited Hubspot CMS tasks and we will work on 1 active task at a time. 

  • Managing Blog & content creation

    We will Use the robust blogging and landing page tools to create search engine optimized content, based on best practices.

  • Creating and managing Website pages

    We will Create responsive website pages that are built to attract visitors and look great on a mobile device.

  • Creating and Managing Google Search Console integration

    We will get organic search insights like average ranking position, related searches, total impressions, and clickthrough rate for pages on your website —

  • Creating and managing a robust template & module marketplace

    Use pre-built landing page, website page, email, and module assets to spruce up your marketing. Find the perfect new asset in the marketplace and download it straight into your account with the click of a button

  • Managing Website analytics

    We will report on the success of your content based on what’s most meaningful to your business and filter your analytics by domain, country, or any URL.

  • Creating and managing Landing pages

    We will create beautiful, responsive landing pages that are built to convert and look great on a mobile device.

  • Managing Smart content

    We will personalize your website and email content, using rules to show different content to different audiences. Even to anonymous visitors.

  • Managing Standard SSL certificate

    We will secure your content and lead data with standard SSL on all HubSpot-hosted content and increase visibility in search results.

  • Creating dynamic content with HubDB

    We will create database-driven pages that are dynamically generated and can be updated by you in your HubSpot account.

  • Building Staging environment

    We will build out a brand new site without touching your existing web presence. It allows you to build safely in a separate staging area, test changes, and seamlessly take the new design live.

  • Managing Website Designs

    We will build custom templates and styles. Create custom javascript, HTML, HubL, and CSS assets right where the pages are published.

  • Security monitoring & threat detection

    We will keep your CMS-hosted website, blogs, and landing pages safe with the built-in CDN and HubSpot's security team.


What HubSpot has to say about webdew?


Webdew has been a HubSpot agency partner since 2017 and helped so many Hubspot clients in different regions to leverage better HubSpot tool and grow better.

They also come up with amazing training program that I am sure will help many other clients to fully utilize the HubSpot platform efficiently.

I have referred so many clients to webdew for HubSpot development and HubSpot management, also I have heard so many good feedback about him. Danish and team keep up with good work and well done.

Plans and Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the examples of the tasks I can submit?

webdew can do absolutely anything in Hubspot which includes design of any templates, create a workflow, build a report or dashboard, sending a marketing email, design a landing page, website page, SEO, create a Bot (Chatflows), pop up form, blog template, pillar page email template or publish a blog post.


With webdew monthly subscription, you can request as many HubSpot tasks as you’d like and our in-house HubSpot experts (HubSpot Implementation, HubSpot Design and HubSpot Developer specialists) will work on the HubSpot tasks requests in your queue every business day.

Here are some examples of what you could send us each month:

  • Build a template based on your designs for COS Websites, Pillar Pages, Email, Landing Pages
  • Modify templates based on your designs for COS Websites, Email, Landing Pages
  • Make HubSpot forms, CTAs & Pop Up Form look great on your site.
  • Add CTAs and HubSpot forms to Wordpress sites
  • Migrate blog posts from Wordpress to HubSpot
  • Configure HubSpot integration to other services
  • Check that your analytics are set up correctly
  • Set up dashboards and reports
  • Email loads and configuration  (newsletters, automation emails, sequences)
  • Setting up Active and Static lists.
  • Publish blog posts and ensure SEO is correctly set up
  • General configuration of HubSpot settings
  • Resize and overlay text on images for banners in HubSpot templates
  • Set up campaign workflows based on your design
  • Adding customized fields to property settings (Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets)
  • Publish and maximize social sharing of posts in HubSpot and get it tracked correctly
  • Advanced "social listening" reports of your brand & competition
  • Add SEO metadata and optimize blogs
  • Group and organize lists, organize the file manager and templates
How I will track the hours spent on managing my work?

We are using an application called "Time Doctor" for tracking total time worked on a particular task and for time-based reporting. Every signup will be given access to the “client login” and this will allow viewing screenshots and reports about the task being worked on. 

Do I get free HubSpot Consulting?


You will get free HubSpot consulting as per the package you buy. In HubSpot consulting session, you’ll be assigned HubSpot experts for the dedicated hours where you will learn how to efficiently utilize the HubSpot platform for business growth.

Do I need to give you access to my HubSpot portal?


While our team of specialists work together to deliver your tasks, fully certified HubSpot Implementation Specialist, with at least 1 years of dedicated HubSpot experience, is allowed to access your portal to deliver the final task. You are required to give access to your HubSpot portal to the assigned expert. 

Do you offer a money-back policy?


You will get a 15 days trial period and based on your experience you may either continue the subscription or get a 100% refund. 

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You can cancel any time provided that your amount will be refunded only for the remaining days of your subscription. No refund will be made for the days our experts have worked upon your tasks. 

What is the difference between Consulting and Management? and what do I expect in consulting and management

In the consulting session, we will provide strategies on a particular task and in management, we will work on the strategised tasks and implement accordingly.

Talk to Hubspot Specialist

Feel free to chat with our HubSpot specialist 

Client Reviews

You'll say things like this about us

I recently engaged webdew to make 14 pages of changes to my website! They completed all the tasks very quickly and to a very high standard. I was really happy with how they followed all the instructions and I am delighted with my updated site.


Megan Walker

Owner & Director

Market Savvy

You'll say things like this about us

webdew has helped us optimize the sales and marketing processes and this is automating a lot of processes. So, we don’t need to hire more people and webdew has done an excellent job in understanding our business and helped us launch new services using HubSpot. I would say HubSpot and the webdew team is an awesome combination to scale your business to the next level.


Samir Jhaveri

Managing Director

XcellHost Cloud Services

You'll say things like this about us

The team was very professional and hounded us (in a good way) any time we were late in responding to their work. They always kept working even if we were behind on their end. Very efficient and resourceful team that I recommend.


Conrad T. Walz

Vice President


You'll say things like this about us

I am very happy to provide the testimonial for webdew. We took services from them to create an explainer video for cannabis testing laboratories. We like their work. They happily accommodated all the changes we suggested. I am happy to recommend webdew to any company that may want to use their services.


Mrinal Kanti Chatterjee

Asst. Marketing Manager


You'll say things like this about us

webdew team was quite honest and quite easy to work with in terms of taking feedback implementing it, showing that it doesn’t happen again and things like making sure that it meets our expectations. overall I will say that the experience has been good. I would like to recommend them I mean you can absolutely go ahead with webdew.


Uday Jose


Enate India

You'll say things like this about us

We worked with webdew to help us build our HubSpot website and they did an amazing job with it. They were very quick. Their responses were very fast and they were always available and whatever questions I have even till date, even after finishing the website. I always recommend webdew to my clients and I am continuing to work with them.


Nishtha Maseshwari


Pink Power Co

You'll say things like this about us

I have made a video with a webdew for my online marketplace. This video has really helped to explain my marketplace better. The company has spent an excellent amount of time building the perfect storyboards and made these videos for me. I really appreciate Chehak and her team for the results they have delivered in by doing a good job in spite of the pandemic. Thank you Chehak and thank you webdew team.


Subrajoti Ranjan Sahu

Chief Technology Officer


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