webdew performed HubSpot Marketing Automation for Aspermont

webdew always believes in action, progress, and development. Our case study will assist you in understanding what we do, how we make it happen, and how we can help you. One such project that webdew left a mark on is that of Aspermont, which belongs to the Media Services Provider Industry. 

Aspermont is one of the best-leading media services and was planning to migrate their services to HubSpot. And the best thing, they performed their goals by taking the help of webdew HubSpot certified experts. Want to know how? Read this case study.

Project Overview

The client’s primary concern was to set up a process for sending out newsletters, which required setting up of a preference page in their HubSpot software that included global unsubscribe section, and unsubscribe from specific subscriptions, which also led to the creation of subscription types, landing pages creation, forms, automated emails, workflows for sending out automated emails, and the Blog RSS emails.

We all know getting this done is not easy, which is why Aspermont decided to take the help of a professional agency that can complete this task successfully. 

They provided the flow for the workflows, content, and layout for both emails and landing pages and wanted to bring their setup into HubSpot. By set up, it means their preference page (build and design), subscription types, every contact's subscription information, forms that their contacts will fill, landing pages from where they want their leads to subscribe for their newsletters, and eventually marketing newsletters and blog RSS emails consisting of the Top 5 News.

By keeping each single requirement in mind, webdew professionals performed the migration successfully without exceeding the timeline. By the end of this project, the client was so happy that he shared an excellent review with the client. 


Aspermont is basically a media service provider company offering its services globally. They have spent a lot of years building commercial models for B2B organizations. The company is listed on two different platforms named ASX and Frankfurt Stock Exchange having their offices in Australia, Brazil, UK, Philippines, and North America.


Making everything possible as per the client requirements, that is, to create the preference page where their subscribers should be able to opt out of complete marketing automation or can choose to opt out from specific subscription types, that too in a single page is a real challenge. But after realizing the client requirements and expectations, the process came out to be very smooth, which further led to the successful delivery of the project. 

“Great platform knowledge and range of in-house skills”
Webdew team has been outstanding in our 8 weeks platform migration project. Speed, attention to detail, quality and excellent project management. They work very well with deadlines and have a great team of people who is able to support the various types of skilled works you are after. Communication has been regular and excellent. Beyond this migration project, if there are any works they can support us with, they would be my first contact.
Diane Luis,
Service provider

Pathway to results

Understanding the requirements and SOW

At the initial stage of the project, we tried to communicate with the client to make sure all the requirements were clearly understood. Once all the requirements were understood, we evaluated the project scope and aligned all the tasks accordingly. It was observed that our client wanted to set up the marketing automation, including emails, workflows, landing pages, a preference page and unsubscribe page, and subscription types.

Performed the content creation to set up the Automation

As webdew is a HubSpot certified agency, sour professionals helped them create a preference page that they were in need of. We created automated emails according to their separate brands, like Mining Magazine, Mining news.net, and many more. After email set the automation in place in order to set up the campaign to send out Weekly Newsletters. The next task was to create a preference center in HubSpot itself so that the unsubscribe information could be stored there as well. In order to complete the preference page setup, we needed to create Subscription types, Forms, Properties, and Landing Pages to gather the information that the client was in need of. The project was divided into 2 phases.

The first phase included setting up of marketing automation and a preference center in HubSpot. The second phase was to create emails, workflows, and landing pages for lead capture and nurturing purposes.

Lastly, in the second phase, we created additional emails, workflows, some landing pages, and forms that they were going to use to capture leads and nurture campaigns.

Testing for error free project delivery

As the migration needs to be done properly, we make sure to cross-check everything before delivering the final project to the client. This step was basically performed to check whether the functionality had any loopholes or not. So, yes, we performed the testing and resolved all the minor errors found at this stage. 

Project delivery 

webdew always believes in delivering high-quality projects within a specific deadline. So in this case also, the project was delivered successfully without compromising its quality or deadline.


A complete setup for newsletters was done successfully. Their preference page, subscription types, every contact's subscription information, forms that their contacts will fill, landing pages from where they want their leads to subscribe for their newsletters, and eventually marketing newsletters and blog RSS emails consisting Top 5 News is now working smoothly and without any issue. 

Now, they have a preference page in place, and send out automatic newsletters and blog RSS emails to their respective audience.


Aspermont review

By availing of the outstanding HubSpot marketing services from webdew experts, the client was very happy and recommended us to others as well. 

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