Cognitive FX choose webdew Redesigning and Redevelopment of HubSpot Website

webdew always keeps their client on priority and ensures to deliver the best services that fulfill their needs and requirements. That's why CognitiveFX chose webdew for redesigning and redeveloping website services

The aim was to improve the functionality of the website, for which they reached out to the webdew team as they are always committed to helping clients and fulfilling the requirements. It is one of the other projects on websites where our experts have left a significant mark. 

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Project Overview

Cognitive FX is the only concussion clinic in the United States that has all specialties on-site.

Basically, the company was using HubSpot's old template technology and wanted to redesign and redevelop the whole website using HubSpot dnd Boilerplate theme technology. They choose webdew to get things done in a simplified way. 

Indeed, achieving the goals was not easy, but by overcoming all the challenges, the dedicated team at webdew made it possible to achieve the goals.

Company Background

Cognitive FX is a concussion clinic in the United States that has all specialties on-site. Basically. Cognitive FX is a research and rehabilitation center that specializes in post-concussion treatment and functional neurocognitive imaging. To make things more aligned on HubSpot, the company joined hands with webdew to hit the goals. 

Point of Issue

The webdew team was very eager to identify and solve any problems that had occurred in the project. The team spirit and efforts were truly rewarding. As Cognitive FX was using HubSpot's old template-based technology, converting the whole website to the new dnd boilerplate base technology and making every functionality conform to the dnd template setup was the biggest challenge.

Along with this, the webdew team also faced some predominant challenges. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Integrating dnd based pages to 3rd party API
  • Making Mega Menu Using HubSpot menu
  • Making multiple sliders in a single module
  • Difficulty in carrying out modifications
  • Lack of elements for drag-and-drop functionality

Irrespective of all the challenges, the webdew team worked with dedication and put in the best efforts to fulfil the client's requirements and deliver the project as per their expectations. 

Great company Quick turn around.
The team got the project done quickly. I am very happy with the new template and website they made for us.
Cognitive FX
Jeff Gaufin,

Service provider

webdew Strategy

Now, let's understand how the webdew team managed to achieve the goals by resolving all the errors. Well! The path to results was not easy, but the client's detailed overview helped webdew team provide what they actually wanted. 

Have a look at the below pointers to understand the webdew solutions provided to cognitive FX:

Blog filters redesign and redevelop the whole website in HubSpot DnD Boilerplate

As part of the redesign of the whole website, the webdew team utilized new UI forms like sliders, mega menu, and tabs and also created a boilerplate theme that adhered to Cognitive FX's brand guidelines.

Make website in the perfect flow of the online process from paperwork to treatment end

We understood the full requirement and planned the process of treatment. There were some private pages and Gateways integrated here, so the security and strong perfect code was needed here to avoid code failure i.e., functionality failure. We successfully added strong JS code and integrated the API with quality

Make private pages that only be accessed by register customers 

Clients needed to only register customer access to some pages. We made all the pages private that are part of the process. We showed these step-wise steps as per the customer's state in the process, from paperwork to final treatment.

Integrate the pages with 3rd party API like calendar and payment gateway

Integrating the HubSpot pages with third-party APIs was challenging. Through HubSpot CRM we integrated these and made a flow of online paperwork, treatment booking, calendar integration, and payment gateway.

Dark Mode

Developing dark mode for websites needs to focus on all elements of the website. We made the website, tested each element styling in dark mode and delivered it with quality.

Global Modules

We made global modules with customization options. We provided the option to edit the mega menu in the header.

In the blog, we made two filters by gender and accident type. We have used custom JS to develop them in the HubSpot blog template

Attractive Custom Modules and Sliders

On the publication and result pages, we made attractive slides for the testimonial and publication sections. We made many attractive custom modules that work in the whole dnd theme-based website.


We successfully converted the website into theme-based dnd templates. We also developed responsive and editable modules to enhance the functionality of the website. The client was also impressed with the quality of work that the webdew team delivered. Also, they praised webdew for their dedication and expertise.


The client was quite impressed with the quality of work delivered by webdew. By looking at the dedication of the team towards their work and expertise in their work, the client was very satisfied and gave webdew a 5-star rating.

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