Pixel-perfect Migration and Website Development for Haptik

This case study is all about how webdew assisted Haptik in migrating and developing an excellent website without any issues. It includes all the pointers, steps, and solutions that helped webdew to achieve the goals.

Project Overview

Haptik.ai was originally using the WordPress CMS. However, once they explored HubSpot CRM and marketing tools, they were intrigued and wanted to move their website to the HubSpot CMS. Their target was to execute the pixel-perfect migration without any fallout or loopholes.

Thus, their goals were:

  • To conduct a pixel-perfect migration
  • To enhance the flexibility of the web design
  • To include additional modules
  • To clone the master templates
  • To increase the scope for customizations

To achieve all the targets and get everything implemented, they need the help of an expert who can do wonders while using HubSpot. That was the time when they joined hands with webdew.

Once the onboarding was done, the webdew team started coordinating with the client to better understand their points and deliver the project beyond their expectations. By overcoming all the challenges, webdew professionals successfully created a website that won the heart of their client.


Haptik is a Jio-Google-Facebook subsidiary. They are an Indian enterprise conversational AI platform that dreams of taking AI to the next level and having businesses and brands communicate daily through messaging or digital voice interfaces. Earlier, they used the HubSpot portal for Haptik.ai, which they consolidated with conversation.ai. 


Haptik was built on WordPress. As we all know, WordPress uses plugins and templates for its basic functionalities. These plugins or modules are open source and cannot be changed seamlessly. When we try to move to a new content management system, we come across some predominant challenges. The following were the most prominent ones for our team:

  • Limited use of pages
  • Dependencies on plugins
  • Restricted to using a pre-built theme
  • Difficulty in carrying out modifications
  • Lack of elements for drag-and-drop functionality.
webdew helped us build and maintain our company website on Hubspot. They have been very patient and helpful with the team and even enabled internal training to help us learn the platform better.
Siddhi S,Lead
Marketing Design

webdew Solution

Ensured a pixel-perfect migration

Since WordPress offers open-source plugins, it becomes challenging to clone a site's pages for the mockup UX. Despite the challenges, we were able to conduct the pixel-perfect migration with utmost perfection.

Enabled Haptik to clone the master templates for internal pages

The master template is the starting point for all the other pages of a website. In order to conduct the desired customizations, it is essential that the master template's UI and UX are of high quality. Since Haptik already has a pre-built design, we had to take care of the cloning. Our team assisted the client in doing the same without any disruptions.

Keep  the quality intact

Migrating from one CMS solution to another while maintaining the same web design is indeed a significant task. With collective effort and focus, we made sure the quality was intact.

Created custom header and modules

The client had many products and services that they wanted to display to their clients. To serve this purpose, we created a custom header on each page with all the products and services listed. We also made sure the header was responsive and worked just as well on mobile screens.

Many of the client teams were working on the website, and they also needed custom modules so the Haptik teams could create web pages and landing pages on their own. We made sure of this by creating a custom, multipurpose module.

Consolidated the website to remove limitations

Having multiple stand-alone modules can limit the users' desire for a streamlined mode of operation. Haptik has the same existing problem that our web designers and developers solved by integrating the modules and removing limitations on the back-end.

Enabled Haptik to create Templates

We enabled Haptik to create tailor-made templates, which were not originally offered by WordPress. Our team provided them with the access they needed to carry out the changes or develop something from scratch.

Enabled customizations

WordPress limits the freedom of customization for website owners. While migrating to HubSpot CMS, we had to make sure we made way for our client to add customizations if required.

Making the site interactive and attractive

There were many parts of the website that needed to be interactive in order to grab the attention of the visitors and encourage them to respond to CTAs. 

This included three pages: the webinar listings, the details, and the registration page. The listing page displayed all the webinars, the second page had the webinar video and content; and finally, the registration page had the forms.

They also wanted a separate module for the career page, where candidates could come and apply for job openings. For this, we developed a tab-based module as per the job vacancies.

To keep the website interactive, we used animation.


We successfully conducted the pixel-perfect migration and website development for Haptik and consolidated the website to remove limitations and unlock newer functionalities. We also developed responsive and editable modules to enhance the functionality of the website. Our client was rather impressed with the quality of work we delivered and praised us for our dedication and expertise as well.

The new website of Haptik.ai is up and running.


The client was very happy after availing the website services offered by the team. If you are also looking for the best website designing agency, then feel free to contact us

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