How Simplilearn achieved Traffic and DA goal through Backlinks

Simplilearn is one of the most renowned providers of distance education. They partner with companies and individuals to address their needs and provide them with online training and coaching to help working individuals achieve their career goals.

Their association with webdew is for around three years. Their primary requirement was off-page SEO. Additionally, we provided them with quality content on specific topics to successfully generate backlinks from quality websites. Read this case study to know how the entire project went. 

Project Overview

Our client, Simplilearn, required an off-page SEO service. On a more specific note, they wanted to get backlinks for their website from guest websites with specified traffic and DA volume. 

wedew is a full-service Inbound Marketing agency with a good hold in content, Website designing and developmentVideo production, and HubSpot management services. It is the one and only HubSpot Diamond Certified Partner Agency in India. 

Our highly dedicated team comprises HubSpot certified digital marketing experts, business analysts, web designers & developers. As practitioners of inbound marketing, webdew produces excellent content and avails guest posting itself. 

Considering our honest efforts and experience in this field, Simplilearn chose us.

At the time of project onboarding, client clearly explained the purpose of Off-page SEO.

Basically, Simplilearn wanted to run a successful off-page SEO campaign, where they intended to generate quality backlinks from websites with high traffic and DA rate. This is a promising method to increase the traffic and DA of a given website.

As marketing service providers, we had to find relevant websites that would publish Simplilearn's content and provide them with a do-follow link. This would require exceptional and authentic content, which was provided to the client by our content team.

The primary goal behind this project was:

  • To filter out quality websites that would provide our client with do-follow links.
  • To improve their DA.
  • To boost the generation of traffic and DA on Simplilearn's website.
  • To create content to secure high domain backlinks.

Along with this, client also shared that the websites selected for guest posting should:

  • Have 60+ or 70+ DA and 5K monthly organic traffic.
  • Produce little to no spam.
  • Should provide do-follow or no-follow links.
  • The content should be impeccable.

By keeping all things in mind, webdew helped Simplilearn in achieving the goals by offering good quality services. 


Simplilearn is one of the world's leading providers of online training for Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, IT, Software Development, Project Management, Data Science, and many other emerging technologies.


  • Since Simplilearn is a global organization and has internationally diverse target audiences, the language; and target for traffic and DA allotted by them often fluctuated. We had to stay in the loop and act promptly as per the instructions. 
  • We often had to scratch the progress we have made on a project and start over as per the suggested changes.
  • There was a little communication gap between the client and us, as their occupancy led to delayed response.
webdew helped Simplilearn to generate results with high quality off-page SEO services. 

Process and Problem solving

Filtering out high ranking websites

The first step of the backlinking process is to find as many relevant websites as possible and then sorting out the ones with high traffic and DA, and search ranking. For this process, we use tools like SimilarWeb and Moz.

Making email templates and adding the websites

Once we have weeded out the less relevant ones using BuzzStream, we start creating email templates, depending on the client's criteria and specifications. After creating the templates, we add the chosen websites.

Out-reaching  the websites for guest posting

The next step is call out-reaching because we approach them with our emails to convey our interest in getting live links on their website. During this process, we exchange emails communicating about various factors that help us gather specific information. Finally, we send the refer to our client for approval and proceed accordingly.

Coordinating with interested websites

Once we receive a positive response from the concerned webmaster, we ask for the specifications and particularities of their website. It may concern the content, keyword, title, etc.

Creating SEO optimized content as per the given criteria

After finalizing everything, we assign the project to our content team. Our in-house content writers create SEO optimized, authentic content with consideration for all the specifications shared by our client and the webmaster. The target is to get the content approved in the first go.

Timely delivery and follow-up

We make sure that the content is ready in due time for every website we associate with. Once we deliver the content, we initiate timely follow-ups regularly to stay in the loop.

Cross-checking the links provided by the webmaster

After we have received the link, we cross-check whether the link is a do-follow or no-follow and if the webmaster has functioned as promised.

Finally, we contact the client to send them the backlinks generated over a certain period.


Till date, we have gone through 1.5 lakh websites and successfully generated 2000+ backlinks for Simplilearn and created content as per requirement. As a result of that, both their traffic and DA saw an upsurge. 

When Simplilearn initially approached us, their DA was around 38; it has improved drastically and presently stands at 64. The organic traffic on their website has also increased during our service period. It has risen to a monthly volume of 1,419, 010.

Our consistency and dedication have inspired their reliability. Therefore, Simplilearn always chooses us for SEO, content, and backlink support. 


Our three-year-long association speaks for itself. With visible results and consistent performance, we are able to satisfy team Simplilearn and maintain our goodwill. 

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