Are you seeking a way to drive additional traffic to your new launch?

If yes, you need to put some effort into this.

Yes, you are on the right track. I am talking about the pre-launch marketing tactics via your website.

And the most crucial one is building a well-structured coming soon page. 

In the fast-paced digital landscape of 2024, building anticipation and creating a buzz around your upcoming product or service launch is more crucial than ever. 

So, creating a coming soon page for your new launch can significantly impact your audience, generating excitement for what's to come.

In this blog, I will give you 10 Best Coming Soon Page Examples to get inspiration. So, let's explore the art of building excitement and setting the stage for an unforgettable launch. 

10 Killer Coming Soon Page Examples

1. Amazon AWS certification Coming Soon Page

The Amazon AWS Certification Coming Soon page builds anticipation. It informs individuals about upcoming AWS certification offerings and updates. It serves as a teaser for professionals interested in enhancing their skills. 

The page also persuades visitors to confirm their expertise in AWS cloud technologies. The coming soon landing page of Amazon AWS certification is highly-appealing. Let us check out its features,

  • The design of the AWS Certification Coming Soon page is persuading. It aligns with the AWS branding.
  • The page incorporates elements that evoke a sense of curiosity and excitement.
  • The page features a prominent banner displaying the “Coming Soon to AWS Certification” message. The captivating visuals represent the AWS ecosystem or relevant certifications.
  • The banner is followed by a CTA to “Schedule an Exam” to encourage users to click on a button and register for an exam directly.
  • The page content also includes the exam update with the name of the examination and its scheduled date.  
  • AWS Certification Coming Soon page evenly distributes the call-to-action button across the page. Interested individuals can submit their contact details to receive updates about the certification launch. 
  • The page includes an FAQ section to clarify all the queries related to the exam. It informs them about important exam updates and procedures.
  • The landing page creates a sense of anticipation for the upcoming AWS certification programs. Also, the page acts as a gateway for professionals seeking to advance their AWS knowledge and skills. 

Amazon's AWS Certification Coming Soon page is the best coming soon example. It serves as a strategic tool to generate buzz and attract potential candidates. 

If you are creating your coming soon page for the next launch or upcoming exams, you must take inspiration from Amazon's landing page.

Amazonawscertification comingsoon page example min scaled 1

2. Electronics Art Coming Soon Page

The Electronics Arts (EA) Coming Soon page template grabs users' attention in one go. It serves as a central hub for gamers and fans to stay updated on upcoming game releases from EA.

This page acts as a teaser platform. It provides glimpses into highly anticipated games. Also, it generates excitement within the gaming community.

  • The landing page captivates visitors from the moment they arrive, courtesy of captivating 2D motion graphics. These dynamic visuals create an immersive experience, setting the stage for the excitement that awaits with the upcoming game launches.
  • The EA Coming Soon page features a sleek and visually appealing design. It aligns with the overall EA brand. 
  • At the heart of the page lies a meticulously curated list of EA's upcoming game releases, complete with vital details. Users are delighted to find the release dates, supported platforms, and game genres neatly organized in an easy-to-read format.
  • To enhance user engagement and conversion rates, each game launch in the list boasts a strategically placed CTA, inviting visitors to explore the game's official site.
  • This simple yet effective approach serves as a gentle nudge. It encourages interested players to dive deeper into their favorite games' realms and stay connected with official updates.
  • The page also highlights the release date, platform, and genre. This information intends to spark curiosity and engage potential customers. 
  • The EA Coming Soon page seamlessly integrates social media buttons, allowing users to share their excitement about the upcoming game releases with their friends and followers. 

EA's Coming Soon page has a simple coming soon page. It is a dynamic platform that generates buzz and fosters anticipation. Also, it maintains a strong connection between EA and its passionate gaming community. It offers an immersive experience. The page showcases upcoming games visually to keep fans engaged and excited for what's to come.

Games comingsoon page example scaled 1

3. The Criterion Collection Coming Soon Page

The Criterion Collection's Coming Soon page offers cinephiles a sneak peek into upcoming releases of culturally significant films. It is a destination for film enthusiasts to discover and expect new additions to their collections. The website coming soon page is so stunning to persuade you. Here are some of its key features,

  • The page features a clean and intuitive design. It reflects the brand's commitment to quality and artistic expression.
  • The page presents a list of forthcoming releases appealingly. The upcoming releases are organized in an icon format. This gives an easy browsing experience to visitors through the upcoming titles.
  • The page also features high-quality cover artwork with each upcoming release. These visuals help convey the films' aesthetic appeal and distinctive style. It creates an immersive experience for visitors. 
  • To further engage the audience, the Criterion Collection's Coming Soon page also provides pre-order options. Users can click on the films they are interested in. This leads them to dedicated product pages to learn more about the film. They can also explore special features and place their pre-orders. This allows passionate film lovers to secure copies in advance.
  • The page also includes authors' closet picks and links to direct visitors to their unique picks. This feature also entices cinephiles to explore for more. With this, the visitors stay informed about the latest trends in cinema. These features foster a sense of anticipation for highly anticipated titles.

The Criterion Collection's Coming Soon page offers a curated and visually appealing platform. It combines informative descriptions and convenient pre-order options to create urgency. This stunning coming soon page design can be constructive for your new launch design.

Criterion comingsoon page example scaled 1

4. Microsoft Coming Soon Page

Microsoft's Coming Soon page has the best coming soon template. It is a dedicated platform that provides gamers with a preview of upcoming game releases for the Xbox console. It is a hub for Xbox enthusiasts to discover new titles. Also, to learn about the features and stay updated on the latest releases. 

Microsoft has one of the best coming soon page examples for inspiration due to its incorporated elements. Let's see why,

  • The Microsoft Coming Soon page features a sleek and user-friendly design. It aligns with the brand's aesthetic. The page showcases a variety of upcoming games in a visually engaging manner. 
  • The page incorporates the new release in icon format. This allows visitors to browse through the titles easily. Also, it enables them to explore the games that pique their interest.
  • Each game listed on the Microsoft Coming Soon page contains key details. The details include the title and the cost. It entices gamers with a compelling overview. 
  • The page also features high-quality images, trailers, or gameplay footage. This gives users a more immersive and informative experience. 
  • The compelling listicles of games on the page instill a sense of urgency, enticing users to take immediate action with its captivating CTA button: “Pre-order now.”
  • The Microsoft Coming Soon page is a comprehensive platform. It allows gamers to explore, anticipate, and pre-order upcoming game releases for the Xbox console.
  • It has a responsive design, informative descriptions, and convenient pre-order options. The page creates a sense of excitement and engagement within the gaming community. This ensures that Xbox enthusiasts stay up to date with the latest titles. 

All the above features make a coming soon page very persuasive for gamers. If you want to create your own killer coming soon page, take cues from this page. As an add-on, you can also add a countdown timer to your page to create a sense of urgency.

Microsoft comingsoon page

5. Waterstones Coming Soon Page

Waterstones Coming Soon page is a new website with a great coming soon page. This new site is mainly for book lovers. Book enthusiasts can discover and expect upcoming releases in the world of literature. It is a curated platform that informs readers about new books across various genres.

Some of the classic features of this page that keep it stand apart are as follows,

  • The Waterstones Coming Soon page features a clean and intuitive design. It reflects the brand's focus on quality and the enjoyment of reading.
  • The page presents a carefully curated selection of forthcoming books in an organized format. It allows visitors to browse through the titles that pique their interest easily.
  • Each book listed on the page includes essential details. The details include the title, author, price, and a pre-order CTA button (if it's yet to be released). These descriptions provide insights into the book's genre, theme, and storyline. It captures the essence of each upcoming release and entices readers to explore further. 
  • The page also showcases cover artwork or book jacket images associated with each upcoming release. This aims to engage and immerse visitors. These visuals help convey the books' mood, tone, and aesthetics. It gives readers a visual glimpse into the world they are about to enter. 
  • The page offers pre-order options for upcoming books. It allows readers to secure their copies in advance. This feature ensures that avid readers can get early access to new releases.
  • The page serves as a valuable resource for book enthusiasts. The page is well-organized, with the categories of books and the CTA accordingly.
  • The landing page helps readers stay informed about the latest books. This also enables them to discover new titles or authors they may not have encountered otherwise.
  • The page also contains a search bar. The users can search their books with the keywords to save time.
  • The page incorporates a convenient filter option, allowing visitors to tailor their search based on categories such as age, language, book preferences, price, and more. This empowers users to find their ideal choices quickly and effortlessly.

The Waterstones Coming Soon page provides a curated and visually appealing platform. The platform is primarily for book lovers to explore and anticipate upcoming releases.

It covers informative descriptions, captivating visuals, and convenient pre-order options. The page fosters a sense of anticipation and excitement. The page also connects readers and the ever-evolving world of literature.

Waterstones comingsoon page example1 01

6. StartupIndia Coming Soon Page

StartupIndia's Coming Soon landing page is an excellent example of a coming soon landing page. It is an effective and engaging pre-launch page for a startup. The page showcases that it is under construction; however, people can reach out at their email for queries.

  • The page's design is likely clean, visually appealing, and consistent with the startup's branding.
  • The hero picture on the page itself reveals that something is launching soon. Further, the tagline “Coming Soon” creates curiosity and generates interest in the upcoming launch.
  • The use of vibrant colours enhances the visual appeal. Also, the well-placed email address encourages visitors to go ahead and ask their queries.
  • The content on the page is concise yet informative. They only inform users about the under-construction webpage. Meanwhile, ask visitors to ask their queries via
  • The page also asks visitors to submit their email addresses to subscribe themselves. This helps them receive updates, exclusive offers, and early access to the startup's services. 
  • The page at the bottom contains contact us information, links to their blog page, etc. This will help visitors move to another page per their requirement.

StartupIndia's Coming Soon landing page is a prime example of building excitement before a startup's official launch. The page maximizes interest using a visually appealing design and informative content.

Startupindia comingsoon page

7. The Loft Cinema Coming Soon Page

The Loft Cinema's Coming Soon landing page is one of the best examples of an engaging pre-launch page. The page is especially for a cinema or film-related business. The page captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding upcoming films and events. It also provides visitors with an immersive and visually appealing experience.

  • The design of The Loft Cinema's page is eye-catching and uses bold typography. This creates an immersive atmosphere and also creates brand awareness among the visitors.
  • At the heart of the page, visitors are greeted with a visually stunning array of listicles in the form of captivating icons representing upcoming films. This creative presentation piques curiosity and generates excitement as users are enticed to explore the diverse range of movies that await them.
  • Each icon on the listicle is a gateway to a treasure trove of essential movie information. Visitors are delighted to find detailed titles, ticket prices, and movie durations readily available at a glance. 
  • Each movie entry is accompanied by a strategically placed “Buy Ticket” CTA button to create a seamless path from interest to action. This strategic positioning encourages immediate ticket purchases and enhances user engagement, converting visitors into enthusiastic attendees.
  • The prominent E-News Signup CTA prompts visitors to stay updated with the latest cinema news and events, fostering a sense of community and loyalty.
  • The seamless user interface ensures a delightful browsing experience, making it easy for visitors to explore the upcoming film lineup effortlessly.

The Loft Cinema's Coming Soon landing page is an exceptional example of building anticipation. The page successfully creates a buzz around upcoming films and events. Also, it wins in driving excitement and fostering a loyal audience.

Loftcinema comingsoon page

8. DelightChat Coming Soon Page

DelightChat's coming soon page generates excitement and anticipation for their upcoming product launch. DelightChat showcases the best Shopify coming soon pages for the Shopify app launch. It incorporates several key elements. Here's an overview of its notable features:

  • The DelightChat coming soon page boasts a visually appealing and modern design. It combines vibrant colors and sleek typography.
  • The page creates an eye-catching layout that instantly captures visitors' attention. 
  • The page also showcases seven upcoming Shopify apps launching soon. The page then describes each one with a brief description, CTA, and pricing to make the page informative for the users.
  • The coming soon page encourages users to take a moment to discover their omnichannel helpdesk service, ensuring seamless and comprehensive customer support across all channels.
  • The coming soon page includes social media buttons. It allows users to follow DelightChat on various platforms. This integration helps expand their reach and fosters community engagement. Also, it provides extra avenues for users to stay informed about updates.
  • The page is designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. It ensures a seamless user experience across different devices. This accessibility is crucial for maximizing user engagement and conversion rates.

DelightChat's coming soon page is an excellent example of creating an effective landing page. It combines every individual element to generate anticipation and capture leads. 

Delightchat comingsoon page example 01

9. Unlayer Coming Soon Page

Unlayer's coming soon page is a remarkable example of a well-crafted landing page. The page mainly showcases upcoming email templates. The landing page generates excitement and anticipation for their forthcoming product launch.

The page incorporates various elements contributing to its effectiveness as a coming soon landing page. Here are the notable features of Unlayer's coming soon page: 

  • The Unlayer Coming Soon page showcases a clean and minimalistic web design. It creates a sense of sophistication and professionalism.
  • Upon landing on the page, users are greeted with an eye-catching header section that prominently displays the message “Coming Soon Email Templates.”
  • Directly below the header, Unlayer presents a well-curated and visually appealing list of popular coming-soon email templates. Each template is showcased with a thumbnail image. This helps users quickly grasp the diversity and quality of templates available.
  • Strategically placed amidst the showcased templates, a prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) button with the text “Browse Catalog” beckons visitors to take action.
  • The page goes beyond showcasing templates and highlights the unique selling points of Unlayer's coming soon email templates.
  • The page features high-quality, relevant imagery visually supporting the product's value proposition. The visuals are carefully selected to create a strong connection with the target audience. It evokes a positive emotional response. 
  • Unlayer's coming soon page has a well-executed landing page. It effectively generates anticipation for their upcoming product launch. It combines clean design, persuasive copy, and clear CTAs. Also, its interactive features and responsive design collectively contribute to its success in capturing leads.  

Unlayer has one of the best coming-soon page examples in the market for email templates. It would be best to take cues from this page to build your coming soon page.

Unlayer comingsoon page

10. BoxyHQ Coming Soon Page

BoxyHQ is a remarkable example of a coming soon landing page. It captures users' attention effectively and builds anticipation for an upcoming SaaS product. Its design makes it stand out as one of the best examples in the industry. Let's delve into the key elements that make BoxyHQ's coming soon page so compelling:

  • BoxyHQ's page boasts an eye-catching and modern design. It immediately grabs the user's attention. It utilizes a clean and minimalistic layout. At the top of the page, BoxHQ presents a compelling value proposition, clearly describing its service.
  • The page effectively communicates the purpose of BoxyHQ. It provides a short overview of the product or service. The messaging is crafted to generate curiosity and excitement among visitors. 
  • The messaging is accompanied by a prominent “Sign Up” Call-to-Action button. Users are encouraged to take action and join the pre-launch waitlist.
  • Below the value proposition, BoxHQ showcases its service's key features and benefits. The page uses concise and visually appealing sections to highlight how their product solves specific problems and improves the users' lives or businesses.
  • To entice users further, BoxHQ displays a limited-time special offer and induces users to join the pre-launch waitlist. This exclusive incentive creates a sense of urgency and scarcity, motivating visitors to sign up immediately to secure the benefits of being an early user.
  • To build trust and credibility, BoxHQ includes genuine customer reviews and testimonials. BoxHQ takes advantage of the press mentions it has received by featuring snippets of positive reviews from reputable sources.
  • To instill confidence in potential users, BoxHQ displays logos of well-known and trusted investors or partners to create a sense of assurance.
  • Recognizing the importance of fostering a community around their product, BoxHQ invites developers to join their community.
  • The page loads quickly, and the navigation is intuitive. It allows visitors to explore the content and take the desired action easily.

BoxyHQ's coming soon landing page exemplifies the best design and user experience practices. It effectively creates anticipation and captures leads for the upcoming product or service launch.

Boxyhq comingsoon page example scaled 2

Ready to create a Coming Soon Page for your next launch?

With the power to captivate your audience and build anticipation, the coming soon page is a strategic tool that can set the stage for a successful unveiling. 

Remember, a well-designed and carefully crafted coming soon page can generate buzz, attract leads, and establish a connection with your target audience. 

Keep in mind the key elements we explored in the best coming soon landing page examples above.

Incorporating these elements into your coming soon page creates a compelling and irresistible pre-launch experience. 

So, harness the excitement, and leverage the potential of a well-executed coming soon page to ignite anticipation and make your next launch a remarkable success. 

Get ready to leave your audience eagerly awaiting the grand reveal—your time to shine is just around the corner!

If you feel like connecting with our design experts, please contact us. We are here to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On a coming soon page, you should include a brief overview of your upcoming product or service, highlight key features or benefits, capture visitors' email addresses for updates, incorporate captivating imagery, and provide a clear call-to-action.

Something exciting is on the horizon! Stay tuned for our upcoming launch and be the first to experience innovation like never before.

The coming soon section of a website is a dedicated page or section that serves as a teaser or preview for an upcoming product, service, or event. It typically includes information about the upcoming offering, captures visitors' email addresses for updates, and creates anticipation for the official launch.

The benefits of a coming soon page include building anticipation, generating excitement, capturing leads, creating a sense of exclusivity, and setting the stage for a successful launch.