Nonprofit Insurance Alliance availed HubSpot Management Services from webdew

For a successful working of an organization, it's vital that every single process is working fine. For this, one needs to understand the platform they are using. For example, Nonprofit Insurance Alliance wanted to automate their event registration automation process for their brokers, and for this, they would need assistance.

So, they planned to take the help of the right agency like webdew. webdew is one of the best HubSpot Diamond-certified agencies offering high-quality services to their clients without breaking the bank. 

No matter whether you want to set up your HubSpot, or create a workflow, webdew is a one-stop solution to all the HubSpot Management services. Read this case study, and know-how webdew helped Nonprofit Insurance Alliance by offering the right agency partner.

Project Overview

Nonprofits Insurance Alliance is a group of cooperative 501 nonprofit insurance organizations that provide liability and property insurance exclusively to other 501 nonprofits. NIA conducts webinars for their brokers on a weekly basis on Zoom. 

They aim that three webinars, Coverages & Appetite, Navigating the Broker Portal, and Member & Risk Control Resources, should be mentioned on the form with the dates for three months so that contacts can select one date for each webinar type.

Once the person submits the form, a confirmation email will be sent to him that will further be added to calendar links. Then the reminder emails will be sent a day and an hour before the event. These events were created in Google and Outlook calendars with Zoom invitation, and the links were added to the emails. Later on, when they moved from Zoom to GoTo webinar, they wanted everything, including emails, to be sent from GoToWebinar only.

The client discussed this entire case with us, after which our professionals took the initiative to set up automation. With proper dedication and hard work, our team successfully completed all the tasks and delivered the project without any loopholes. By going through the final results, the client was highly satisfied and shared positive feedback with the audience. 


Nonprofit Insurance Alliance has 31 years of experience helping nonprofits make efficient use of their insurance dollars and reduce accidents and injuries. The primary objective of the organization is to serve 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organizations by offering the most stable source of reasonably priced liability insurance tailored. They also assist these organizations in developing and implementing successful loss control and risk management programs. 


The main challenge in this entire project was to create triggers for the workflows so that whatever combination of dates is selected by the contacts for three webinars, the confirmation mail with the same event date added to the calendar links will be sent. To accomplish this, every possible combination for 22 event dates/webinar type were created and added to workflows to send confirmation emails.

Fast and Efficient
The webdew team quickly understood our goals and found solutions for our complex automation goals. Starting with several integrations and working through detailed rules to automate sign-ups for recurring meetings with save to calendar functionality and reminders, the system they engineered will serve us for years to come. The team was very responsive and easy to work with.
Nonprofit Insurance Alliance
Dottie Lechtenberg,



Requirement gathering 

The project started when webdew HubSpot professionals started conversing with the client to understand their needs and collect their requirements. Here, we get an idea of the current situation of the organization and what they expect from us. 

Products usage

After having a proper conversation, we evaluated all the HubSpot products that will be used in making the website successful. For completing this Nonprofit insurance Alliance project, we used Properties, marketing emails, workflows, lists, and forms. 

Strategy Implementation 

Once everything was sorted, the webdew team started working on the implementation part. 

As the client's primary objective was to invite the contacts for Zoom/GoTowebinars webinars, send them emails with add-to calendar links and reminder emails, create lists for registered and attendees, and update the property of those who attended the webinars. As we faced a challenge in setting up the triggers, but after all the possible combinations of 22 events, we were able to send the confirmation emails. 

Basically, NIA conducts webinar for their brokers on a weekly basis on Zoom. Three webinars were to be mentioned on the form, with the dates for three months. Three radio-select field properties with webinar names with the upcoming webinar dates were created.

These properties were then used in the form, where the contact can select one date for each type of webinar. Once the user submits the form, a confirmation email is sent to him with add-to-calendar links. Earlier, these events were created in google and outlook calendars, and the links were added to the emails.

Then the workflows were created to send reminder emails a day and an hour before the event. 

The whole setup was done for one 2021-22. year. But later, the client switched from Zoom to GoTo webinar, so we set up the entire thing on the GoToWebinar tool for the year 2022-23.

Events were created in GoToWebinar, then registration links were added to the emails. Once the contacts selects the dates from the form, confirmation emails will be sent to register for the events. Once the contacts register for the selected events, they will receive emails from GoToWebinar with add to calendar links. 

Reminder emails were created in GoToWebinar to be sent one day and one hour before the event. Later on, lists for registrants and attendees were created to know which contacts had registered for the particular event and who had all attended that webinar. Based on those lists, workflows were created to update the property ‘Attended webinar' so that the sales reps could know which contact had attended which webinar.

Testing & Delivery

After the implementation of the task, we did the testing thing so that every single task, whether it's sending emails or creating events, could be performed without any challenge. Once we were sure of the project quality, we delivered it to our client by going through which they were highly satisfied and shared a positive review on the HubSpot directory. 


We successfully created events, workflows, and emails to send the confirmation emails with the add-to calendar and webinar links; we first did the whole setup for zoom and HubSpot and later smoothly transitioned the whole process on GoTowebinar. Thus, Multiple emails, workflows, and lists were created for the whole process. 


nonprofit alliance review

The client was very happy with the HubSpot Management services offered by webdew professionals. As per the review shared, the webdew team was quick and understood the client's requirements. Our client found it very easy to work with the professionals at webdew, who are highly responsive and passionate about their business. 

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