webdew performed HubSpot Marketing and Sales Onboarding for Healthcare Brokers Online

Are you new to HubSpot and want to know the ins and outs of HubSpot so that you can make the best use of HubSpot within your business? Then getting in touch with the best HubSpot agency partner is the easiest way to fulfill your dreams and enhance your business needs.

To get started with HubSpot, Healthcare Brokers of America LLC planned to take the help of webdew in knowing the HubSpot functionality. webdew's HubSpot certified experts did their best to let clients know how they can utilize the HubSpot tool in their business and generate excellent results. Read this case study to know what all webdew did for Healthcare Brokers of America LLC.

Project Overview

When it comes to HubSpot marketing and sales, there are various things that one needs to consider. Healthcare Brokers of America LLC chose webdew for this task, and the expert team at webdew put their extra efforts into making them utilize the software to the fullest. Basically, the client was new to HubSpot, so he wanted to understand the basics of HubSpot, import his data into HubSpot, and create properties to map data with the help of webdew experts. 

Well! The client's database of the client was very large. There were around 3k contacts and companies, so organizing huge data and performing other tasks was quite challenging, but webdew fulfilled its objective by delivering high-quality services without breaking the bank. When the project was about to be completed, the client shared an amazing review on the HubSpot directory that clearly showcased how satisfied the client was after availing webdew services.


Healthcare Brokers of America LLC is an insurance broker firm with a hefty database. They offer the right type of insurance to their customers, including medicare, short-term medical, dental, and vision insurance, prescription drugs, etc. It is one of the most trusted insurance companies that recognize its customers as people first and clients second.


In this entire onboarding project, webdew didn't face much difficulty. But yes, organizing the hefty data took more time than expected. Managing 3k contacts and companies is not easy, but webdew HubSpot certified people managed to perform every single task easily. Thus, overall, the completion of this project was done without any major concern. 

So far working with Webdew has been the right choice. They got started on the projects right away and within a few days, I had a lot of it already in the works. They have a big, professional team that is courteous and responsive. I am confident I will get the end result I was looking for and the investment will prove to be worth it. Glad I found Webdew.
Healthcare Brokers Online
Bruno Nascimento,


Understanding client objectives

To achieve the results, our first step was to get on a call with the client and understand all the points and objectives so that we could deliver the right solution as per their expectations. After which, we defined the project objective, which is to educate the client about HubSpot functioning, how we can import data into HubSpot, how to store contacts and companies and how to associate them, connect website with HubSpot, how to create deals, tasks, meetings, emails to contacts, and create reports.

Task Implementation

Once the client's requirements and project objectives are clear, we begin with the implementation of the project. We performed the onboarding sessions for our client so that the entire process can proceed smoothly. As our main task was to organize/correct the hefty data in the excel sheet provided by the client, so we created properties, and then imported it.

After organizing data in the excel sheet, properties were created in HubSpot and then data was imported associating contacts and companies. 

Then the data segmentation was done based on the enquiries by contacts so that further HubSpot marketing or sales activities can be done accordingly.

Testing Delivery 

After the implementation of all the tasks, we performed the audit. By going through the testing phase, we will ensure that every single task is working properly so that clients can easily achieve what they aim for. Once everything was all set, we successfully delivered the project to our client and waited for their response. 


For Healthcare Brokers of America LLC, we successfully created all the required properties in HubSpot, organized all the data accordingly, and imported it into HubSpot. Along with this, we also completed sales onboarding for this client. Thus, by using contacts, companies, imports, deals, and reports of HubSpot products, we were able to achieve what we aimed for.


By going through the review shared by the client, it's clear that the client was very happy after availing the HubSpot onboarding services. The professionals at webdew helped the client by being responsive and passionate about their tasks. 

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