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Read this case study to know how webdew  helped Velo Residential with their high-quality website development services.

Project Overview

Velo Residential wanted to revamp their website to get rid of the outdated and stagnant elements so as to replace them with editable sections and drag-and-drop features. They also wanted to optimize their site for fast loading speed, which leads to a promising UX. They chose webdew, one of the leading website development, marketing video, and HubSpot organizations, to complete this task.

webdew clearly understood the client's requirements and delivered the project successfully by overcoming all the hurdles and challenges.

The client had the following requirements:

  • Easy-to-use and optimized website
  • Editable sections and images
  • Custom sliders for service display
  • A great blogging platform

By looking at the final delivery of the project, the client was happy and also shared positive feedback with us.

  • Have 60+ or 70+ DA and 5K monthly organic traffic.
  • Produce little to no spam.
  • Should provide do-follow or no-follow links.
  • The content should be impeccable.

By keeping all things in mind, webdew helped Simplilearn in achieving the goals by offering good quality services. 


Velo Residential provides property management services for apartment properties in Dallas-Fort Worth. They also work in real estate investment. Velo Residential is providing solutions for property management by utilizing the best technology through in-house virtual staffing support and prop-tech.

Velo Residential follows a simple process to help you align operations with your business objectives. And they do it at a reduced cost and with greater efficiency.

The founders of Velo Residential have owned and managed large-scale apartment properties for over a decade.


When Team Velo came to webdew, they were using a worn-out website with redundant features. Their features were neither optimized, nor could they edit the website on their own. The client precisely needed a new framework and a new CMS. But yes, webdew professionally resolved all the errors and delivered the project successfully.

Great service. webdew team did a great job onboarding us for sales and marketing hubs. 
Velo Residential
JC Castillo,
sales provider


As the client previously used an outdated website, the primary task was to redesign their website from scratch. We developed the custom theme according to the needs of the client. To ensure better performance, we chose the HubSpot boilerplate.

Building a brand new theme for the website

The theme we created had the same features as the boilerplate. It has an easy drag-and-drop feature, and changes could be made from a single panel. We developed the following:

  • Custom module for sections
  • Custom slider for services display
  • Custom blog template as per requirement

We provided the following things on the website:

To build a brand new theme for a website, we considered:

Filtering post

The client wanted the posts to be filtered through a tag click, so we created a custom JavaScript for the tag. The users can now filter the posts on the same page using tags.

Blog Listing

As per the client's requirement, we developed the Spatial module for blog listing. Using this module, they can display the blog listing anywhere on the website.

Showcasing their webinar

We developed three separate pages to showcase their webinars. The first template can be used to display the older webinar listings or cards. The second template is for the pages that have detailed listings of the posts.

This particular page has a video module that helps to showcase the webinar videos. It also has a section for forms and upcoming events.

The last template was for email registration. We created this template using HubSpot forms without the usage of any third-party integration.

Site Optimization

After the website development, our next challenge will be site optimization. For this, we have used the lazy load feature for images, used the original fonts, minified the CSS and JS files, and reduced the extra size of images.


Till date, we have gone through 1.5 lakh websites and successfully generated 2000+ backlinks for Simplilearn and created content as per requirement. As a result of that, both their DA and traffic saw an upsurge. 

When Simplilearn initially approached us, their DA was around 38; it has improved drastically and presently stands at 64. The organic traffic on their website has also increased during our service period. It has risen to a monthly volume of 1,419, 010.

Our consistency and dedication have inspired their reliability. Therefore, Simplilearn always chooses us for SEO, content, and backlink support. 

  • The client can now edit their site using functionalities like drag and drop. 
  • Their visitors can now filter the blog posts by tag on the same page.
  • They can display the blog listings anywhere on the website.
  • They can showcase their webinars more vividly with three new pages but no third-party integrations.
  • The website is optimized for loading speed and UX.


We successfully revamped and optimized complete website of Velo Residential by going through which client was very happy. 

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