I am quite sure that all the webdew followers have been waiting for the time when they can know what's new about webdew's achievements and goals for the month of September. So, here comes webdew Agency updates in September 2021.  

Well! webdew always believes in maintaining transparency and helping their customers achieve their business goals in the best possible way.

That's the reason I always focus on setting targets for each month and align the entire department accordingly so it becomes easy to take the business to the next level. I am overwhelmed to see that each member of webdew has given their best to hit the targets, irrespective of my unavailability. 

By keeping this in mind, I am excited to share all the facts and figures for September that help in scaling the growth of webdew. 

If you are a continuous reader of my blog, then you might be familiar I am sharing each update by keeping the HubSpot flywheel model in mind, i.e. Marketing, Sales, Services, and Operations hierarchy.

As of now, I am figuring out the best possible way to publicize my sales achievement. Till then, have a look at what's all-new this month about webdew. 

Welcome to our September Updates


Learn Teach and Grow

Learning is a never-ending process, and sharing knowledge with others is one of the best ways to grow together. That's why everyone in webdew is aligned towards this learn, teach and grow the campaign.

Each webdew member not only believes in enhancing their skills but also shows the same excitement in transferring the knowledge with others. 

Yes, the zeal for learning and teaching will continue for the coming months as well. In the month of September, we have published 15+ more blogs of LTG campaigns on our website. And I can see that this campaign has helped a lot in getting more traffic to our webdew blog. 

On a monthly basis, it is a treat to consider the blog analytics for the month of August 2021 vis-a-vis the analytics for the month of September 2021, have a look- 

  • Impressions increased by 1.62% 
  • Clicks increased by 4.74%
  • Click-through rate increased by 3.07%
  • Have 5.58% more sessions in the month of sep 
  • The bounce rate decreased by 12.96%

Visit https://www.webdew.com/blog to read all the blogs shared by webdew professionals. 

Social Media Campaign

There are no two opinions about the fact that social platforms are the way to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. That's why I always keep the social media campaign as my top priority. 

For the month of September, there is nothing new that we started; rather, we focused on building relations and visibility by sharing informative and appealing content in the form of carousels, infographics, reels, images, stories, polls, etc. As of date, webdew has released around 43 Instagram reels, out of which 20 reels have more than 1000 views each. 

Besides LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, we have started building our brand visibility on Twitter as well. Due to all the efforts put in by our social media team, we have seen an increase of 3200% in tweets, 457.7% boost in impressions, 1397.4% increase in profile visits, 866.7% increase in mentions, and 12 more followers in the month of September. 

As of September, we are now a family of 282 on Instagram, 1118 on Facebook, and 1865 on LinkedIn.

Our reach on Facebook has decreased 16.6 % and 29.8% on Instagram. This is all because we have stopped our paid ads campaign because, as per the analytics, the results we attain from organic traffic is way more than paid ads campaign. 

Just as other social media platforms, we also try to show our presence on the Pinterest profile by spotting excellent and appealing infographic content.

After all the sincere efforts, we have seen an improvement of 42% increase in impressions, 28% increase in engagement, 251% increase in audience, and 192% increase in an engaged audience. 

Along with all these analytics, I would be more than happy to share that our polls on LinkedIn are performing really well. Here is the analytics of one of the polls-


SEO is the foundation of every business. Whenever you stop focusing on SEO, then probably you won't be able to see the results as per your requirements. That's why my marketing team tried to spend some time improving the website's SEO. 

Talking about SEO, we continued to update 50+ blog page titles and meta descriptions, due to which we have 1300+ maximum clicks in a single day, which is a great achievement for us. In the coming days to come, I have some more plans to scale the SEO campaign to the next level. 

Based on data provided by Google, webdew happily shares the result of the efforts put in throughout the year. Attached below is the data of September 2020 vis-a-vis September 2021.

Along with this, our link-building campaign has also helped a lot in spiking webdew traffic. In the month of September, we achieved 76 high-quality backlinks. Each website is of high DA and good quality content.

With the successful publishing of content on excellent websites, we have seen that there are many blogs that are ranking at the top of Google. 

High ranking blogs- 

HubSpot Community Campaign 

To grow webdew, it is important to share the knowledge and help people fix their queries. And this can be easily done through the HubSpot community campaign. People share their problems over the HubSpot community platform, and all the members linked with HubSpot try to resolve their problems by sharing the best possible solution. 

In the month of September, we answered various questions, out of which 51 solutions got Accepted. I am really proud to announce that we are in the Top 5 (overall rank).

Last Last year: 2nd

Last Six months: 2nd

Last Three months: 2nd 

Last Thirty days: 2nd 

Last week: 2nd


Webdew Website Campaign 

Truly, a website is the biggest marketing asset for every business. If you have an optimized and error-free website, then you can easily catch viewers' eyes, retain them for longer and convert them into loyal customers. That's why I always keep on twigging my website and adding some flavors to it to make it more appealing. 

In September, we successfully converted our entire webdew career website into boilerplate, that was created in HubSpot CMS, which enables marketers to make changes to the webpages without depending on developers. 

Along with this, we have launched a new practice that is our gigs page. The primary objective behind it is to showcase service as a product. Here you can avail the services as per your requirements instead of customized packages. 

Including this, we have also fixed some website errors that were making it difficult for the viewers to navigate through the website easily. 

HubSpot Tutorial by webdew

Another derivative of community and LTG campaign is HubSpot tutorial videos. The objective behind this campaign is to help people in using the HubSpot tool easily, even if you are a beginner. 

We still stand at 28 videos when it comes to HubSpot tutorials. You can refer to the YouTube page and see all the HubSpot tutorials by webdew.


Review campaign

Indeed, reviews have the power to make or break your entire business. Having a single positive review can influence the people, which further strengthens the organization's credibility. To ensure everything goes in the right direction, I have been considering a review campaign as a top priority.

As we have listed webdew services on different directories, the number of reviews we received in the month of September are- 

  • HubSpot Directory: 9
  • Clutch: 7
  • G2: 6

In September, clutch directory helped us gain 173 click throughts and 287 profile visits. 

Once I get time, I have some plans to take this review campaign to another level. 

Internal Knowledgebase Campaign 

Webdew not only believes in helping clients but also works around the objective of “Grow Together.” In this internal knowledge base, we tried to share information by going through which any member or webdew viewer can have an idea about the particular concept. 

Till the month of September, we have published 129 articles (12 in September), and all of them are helping a lot in achieving the goals. 

Recruitment campaign

In the month of September, my primary focus was to expand the recruitment team so that we can scale our company from every perspective. There are two new members who joined webdew's recruitment team in September.  

In total, we have conducted 167 interviews, out of which 5 members joined our webdew family. Last month, we utilized the LinkedIn recruiter portal, and it helped a lot in helping candidates join the right company. Surprisingly, from this portal, we have interviewed 80 candidates that are right first for the organization. 

For helping the fresh talent and inspire the ones who are on the wrong path, webdew started an initiative on YouTube last month. All the content shared on Youtube will inspire all the members to choose the right path for their career. 

The Final Say

Creating the agency blog not only makes me feel proud of my team but also gives me insightful perspective to my future plans. For now, that's all for September updates. 

You will have a lot of new things to see in the coming webdew updates blog. So, stay tuned and wait for webdew agency updates October 2021. 

Visit webdew.com to know more about our organization. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us