With video content for a user, you can drop the content out overtime to ensure that your customer recognizes the topmost and completed content at the right time and does not have to wade through the shores of knowledge. Whether short videos or long defining videos, it will surely make your customer believe the product and develop trust easily.

Video onboarding sets a stage for a good relationship and long-term practices with your new clients or users. An onboarding video can be said to be corporate video that can be used effectively by companies for onboarding not just new employees but also new clients. 

If you're working to improve your recognition and want to create an onboarding experience that gets your users to stick around, you are in the right place with video content. In this blog, we will focus on the aspects of the sales cycle that are wholly neglected, and we will go through onboarding users with video content.

However, it is important to note that video content is worth pointing at no matter what you sell. Now let's dig in!

What is onboarding?

Onboarding simply means the first impression with your new customer or user that can build value with the user while interfacing for the very first time.

Onboarding is a first chance to maximize the opportunity with an easy solution. For an initial experience with the customer, you can't just be brief about the product. You need to find value and fix the thoughts of the new user.

One of the best practices in today's hybrid workspace is to use onboarding videos for communication with the client.

Why do you need video onboarding?

As per a study, a video presentation is a valuable tool for a user to easily understand and proceed with the product you are trying to display. As videos have become part and parcel of everyone's daily lives, it is a point to be noted that the benefits of videos in business are well-known.

In the onboarding process, videos offer many advantages, and it is an easy and efficient way of explaining concepts to the new or any of the old users. Here are a few advantages of using onboarding videos:

Don't miss out on points

Video works well for content that must be delivered frequently. It ensures the right tone, particular terminology, and coverage of the information. The new customer can always rewatch the video to understand the process further or check if they missed out on something.

Live onboarding talks might be hurried or interrupted. This can be bothersome for both the new customer and the onboarding manager/ point of contact. With onboarding videos, the process becomes much easier, and the product or service can be understood better.

Saves time and is efficient to use

Onboarding videos help new customers to view onboarding videos with product or service details, take notes, and receive their information swiftly. These meetings and talks are no longer repeated over and over again, which saves time for the company. 

The new customer also saves time by not having to sit through long sessions listening to already understood knowledge, which would otherwise be required.

Builds value

Quality onboarding will not only educate your new users but also explain the value of your product. Your worth is instantly jeopardized if your buyer doesn't comprehend the objective or benefits of your product. Your consumers should be able to see how your product makes their life simpler throughout their initial tour of your product.

How to use onboarding videos

Homepage of the site

The most important factor in making a good impression in your first impression. The goal is to demonstrate to your consumers that you're with them every step of the process. Write a video screenplay and produce a video that gives the sort of instruction they're seeking, and then put it on your website's homepage.

Create a video to greet your customers and give them a quick rundown of the product's most important features. This video should be brief and informative in order to demonstrate to clients that you care about them.

Demo videos

They're still considering you and your goods while they're just beginning to know you. They're still undecided about becoming a long-term customer of yours.

A demo onboarding video is a great opportunity to guide consumers, demonstrate the possibilities of the product, and encourage them to continue their customer journey. Demo videos will demonstrate to them how much the product can do for them and why they should start using it as soon as possible


Using customer onboarding videos at various phases of the onboarding process is a viable option. It's not over when a consumer begins utilizing your product. It's only just getting warmed up now, though.

Customers will encounter a variety of issues as they progress through the sales funnel. Tutorials on these issues should be prepared in advance. Helpful information and solutions to common problems may be found in tutorial videos.

You should make onboarding tutorial videos to assist customers who have reached a stage where they are unable to go further.

Make sure the videos' content is useful and educational. A skilled scriptwriter may be hired through these paper writing service evaluations. You need to provide your consumers with clear and simple directions.

Get to Know The Team

Onboarding videos are a great opportunity to showcase your company's culture and people, rather than just your product.

This will help you build a stronger relationship with your consumers and develop a more personal connection with them. Your clients' perceptions of your product will be radically altered if they meet the person behind it.

Sending Video Emails

If you're utilizing email as a method of onboarding, videos might be a fantastic complement to your efforts.

Emails with video attachments perform better than those without. In other words, think outside the box and incorporate email onboarding videos into your company's email welcome letters. Your goods and brand may be introduced without the buyer ever visiting your website, thanks to email videos.

Video Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to client onboarding, the FAQ area of your website is one of the most often frequented. There is nothing more frustrating for consumers than having to call customer support or give up using your product because they can't find a solution to their questions.

The FAQ section may be more active and amusing if you incorporate videos. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to watch rather than read FAQs, so provide both textual and video responses. Find the top writers online if you need help creating the FAQ part. They'll take care of the writing.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved: fewer calls to customer support and satisfied consumers.

Wrapping Up

Customer onboarding videos have the potential to convert even the most doubtful clients into loyal customers who utilize your products and services on a regular basis. All they want is the appropriate help and instruction, and videos are unquestionably the most effective means of doing this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Effectively onboarding a new client is crucial for building a strong working relationship. Start by conducting a thorough assessment of the client's needs and objectives. Communicate clearly and set expectations for the partnership, outlining the scope, timelines, and responsibilities. Develop a customized onboarding plan that aligns with the client's goals, providing a clear roadmap for the collaboration. Regular and transparent communication is key throughout the process, addressing any questions or concerns promptly. Additionally, ensure the client has access to necessary resources and support, empowering them to navigate the partnership effectively. Continuous feedback and evaluation should be part of the onboarding process to refine and adapt strategies as needed.

A good onboarding video is characterized by its ability to engage, educate, and inspire. It should be concise and visually appealing, conveying important information in an easily digestible format. Start with a compelling introduction that captures the viewer's attention and clearly outlines the value of the product or service. Provide step-by-step instructions or demonstrations, highlighting key features and benefits. Incorporate real-world examples or success stories to illustrate the product's impact. Ensure the video is user-friendly and accessible across different devices. A well-designed onboarding video should leave clients feeling confident and motivated to explore further.

The most effective method for providing customer onboarding depends on the nature of your product or service and your target audience. However, a personalized approach often proves successful. Begin by understanding the customer's specific needs and goals. Tailor the onboarding experience to address these individual requirements, offering one-on-one guidance if necessary. Provide clear and concise documentation, tutorials, or video guides that customers can access at their own pace. Maintain open lines of communication, offering responsive customer support and regular check-ins to address any questions or issues. The key is to make the onboarding process as smooth and user-friendly as possible, adapting to the customer's unique circumstances.

Streamlining client onboarding is essential to save time and resources while ensuring a positive experience. Start by automating routine tasks and processes whenever possible. Use software tools and templates to standardize documentation and communication. Implement self-service options like knowledge bases or FAQs to empower clients to find answers independently. Simplify complex procedures and minimize unnecessary steps. Conduct regular reviews of your onboarding process to identify bottlenecks or areas for improvement, and be open to feedback from both clients and team members. Continuously optimizing and streamlining the onboarding process will lead to greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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