You can create a good whiteboard video is a simple process. But when one thing is lacking or too much of another, that desired video turns into something disappointing. It is a complex recipe, but when done right, it can transform our messages and stories into engaging, entertaining, and memorable animations.

What is a Whiteboard Video? 

A whiteboard animation video is a form of explainer video that combines excellent narrative, high-quality animation, and instructional value into a single package. They have a strong sense of engagement.

The whiteboard animation video looks exciting. It seems so simple, yet there are several essential elements. In marketing and education, whiteboard explainer videos are commonly used because these videos simplify complex concepts effectively.

In this blog, I have listed a few whiteboard video creation tips and mistakes you should avoid as you create a whiteboard video.

Mistakes to Avoid while creating Whiteboard Animation 

Try not to Avoid the content in the Script

Content may not be the primary thing that rings a bell when you think about the whiteboard video creation process, yet they indeed are the foundation of any great whiteboard video. Elegantly composed content is one of the top whiteboard video creation requirements. 

Content in the script is a gift that secures the story being told, making the remainder of the whiteboard video conceivable. Your selection of words establishes the vibe of your story, and it should be custom-fitted to the length of video you are creating. 

Setting Goals is Important

Before you rush into producing your whiteboard video, you need to understand what you want clearly. Before getting started with your whiteboard video, you should set your goals as to where you will use it. Also, considering key questions will help you in making the video.

Changes can be made after production has started, but it may be too late to make positive adjustments; at the very least, they will increase the cost of production. 

So, it is more important to set goals to ensure the foundations are in place. You will always have a clear vision of what you want to achieve by setting goals. Also, while keeping track of everything in the production process, you will be able to notice when something is going wrong or not working. 

The whiteboard video can also be planned in advance with regard to your strategies and bigger plans.

Recall what makes Whiteboard Videos Work

Whiteboard videos have an exceptionally specific arrangement of abilities. These make them phenomenal at making your message draw in and important. Still, you would want to incorporate their critical fixings to guarantee that when you make a whiteboard video, it has all that it needs to supercharge your story. 

These key fixings are:

  • Great narration: Narration is the extraordinary flavoring that diverts your message or exploration from intricate or dry into an interesting and important one. Without it, the correspondence improving force of whiteboard videos isn't by and large wholly utilized.
  • The hand: Over an exemplary image from the beginning of the whiteboard movement, the hand directs a watcher's consideration and sets up the learning outlook in a watcher, making them more responsive to what you're clarifying.
  • The white background: Use background colors that don't make it difficult to comprehend your video. For example, marking can work yet ought to be utilized with care.

Try Customizing rather than using a Format

A colossal strength and part of the delight of making whiteboard videos is that you have the artistic liberty to bring whatever you can envision to the screen. 

Being customized like this permits you to fit your whiteboard video to your association, story, and crowd – it's a strong method of bridging the force of whiteboard videos. Additionally, try not to utilize formats and make a wholly customized animation. 

Make a Series of Drawings that are Interconnected

A well-executed whiteboard video will always keep your audience engaged since they will be anticipating what will happen next in the presentation. This is due to the fact that your audience is seeing how the tale is being created and how it takes shape, and as a result, it will maintain the spark of curiosity in your viewers, building anticipation.

As opposed to individual drawings, whiteboard videos indicate a continuous and interrelated series of drawings. You'll inevitably have to clear the whiteboard at some point; however, attempt to do so just a few times each narrative because doing so may lead the story to be broken up into too many parts, causing you to lose your audience's interest.

Use Great and Quality Voiceover

Have you truly paid attention to a video with terrible sound? In the event that you have, you'll know the significance of sound and, significantly, the importance of voiceover quality. 

When these are poor, a video can become unwatchable, and the low quality will demean the incredible skill that you have put forward in creating the animation. 

Make it Unique

Your story is unique, so your delineations should also be unique. After all, making a whiteboard video and not utilizing the practically limitless imaginative potential it offers resembles purchasing a Ferrari and just involving it for the sound framework. 

Making unique representations is the ideal way to keep your story interesting. You can create situations, characters, and illustrations that catch your story and its focuses impeccably.

Don't make the Video Excessively Long

People's attention spans are quite short, so you don't have a lot of time to introduce your substance. Hold your whiteboard video under two minutes or cut out any unnecessary material that doesn't talk straightforwardly to the current theme. 

Assuming it runs throughout as far as possible, it is an indication that you're attempting to cover a lot in one video. Plan a subsequent video on related subjects.

Make use of Emotive Connections

Whiteboard animated videos have the potential to communicate a complex idea in a straightforward manner. Make use of the emotions of your audience to your advantage. 

This may be achieved by including emotional aspects in the tale that will elicit feelings such as nostalgia, happiness, empathy, and so on, so making your film much more memorable. To build an identity or leave a mark, you must appeal to your audience's emotions.

Make it Instructive

Whiteboard videos are excellent tools for capturing and holding your audience's attention for extended periods of time. This is why whiteboard animations make an excellent educational video, especially since people learn more effectively when they are interested and have fun with the subject. 

The educational potential of this explainer video type is enormous, so make use of it to your advantage.

Wrapping Up

A whiteboard animation video is a great tool to explain complex concepts with utmost creative freedom. Next time you think of creating a whiteboard animated video for your business/brand or organization, keep in mind the pointers shared in this blog. 

You can make other types of videos, such as motion graphic videos, 2D animations, character animations, etc. No matter what the video is, quality should never be compromised. And if you are looking forward to creating the highest quality videos for your business, brand, or organization, visit or contact us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good whiteboard animation is characterized by several key elements. Firstly, it should have a clear and engaging storyline or message that is well-structured and easy to follow. The use of visuals should be simple, yet impactful, with a focus on clear and concise drawings that support the narrative. Additionally, the pacing should be well-timed, ensuring that the drawings align seamlessly with the narration. A good whiteboard animation also employs effective use of color, utilizing a limited palette to highlight important elements. Finally, the overall tone and style should resonate with the target audience, whether it's educational, informative, or entertaining.

A high-quality whiteboard video shares many of the same characteristics as a good whiteboard animation. It should have a compelling and well-organized storyline that captures and maintains the viewer's interest. The visual elements should be clear and purposeful, using the whiteboard format to illustrate concepts in a way that enhances understanding. The pace of the video should be deliberate, allowing viewers to absorb information without feeling rushed. Additionally, a good whiteboard video often incorporates engaging narration or voiceovers to complement the visuals. Lastly, it's essential that the video's style and tone align with the intended message and audience.

When creating a video, there are several pitfalls that should be avoided. Firstly, overloading the video with information can overwhelm viewers and lead to reduced retention. It's important to strike a balance between providing enough information and not overloading the audience. Additionally, poor audio quality or narration can be a major deterrent, so it's crucial to ensure that sound is clear and easily audible. Overuse of complex visuals or animations can also be distracting, so it's best to keep visuals clean and uncluttered. Finally, neglecting to consider the target audience and their preferences can result in a video that misses the mark in terms of engagement and effectiveness

Creating a simple whiteboard animation can be achieved through various tools and software designed for this purpose. Firstly, you'll need to prepare your content, including the script and any visual elements you plan to include. Next, select a whiteboard animation tool that suits your needs and expertise level. These tools typically offer features for animating elements to simulate a drawing effect. Follow the tool's guidelines to create individual frames or scenes where elements are gradually drawn on the whiteboard. Finally, compile all the frames together, ensuring a smooth transition between each, to create the final animated whiteboard video.