Just think for a moment, what is the main thing that your partners or clients come across your business? Yes! You are right! A logo is the one that represents your business and conveys the brand values and mission.

If your logo is professional and unique, then it will make the audience familiar with the business presentation and other marketing material. 

Having a cool logo not only improves your brand personality but also captures the attention of more visitors. A compelling logo ensures to take the engagement one step forward.

Click on the video and see some of the most impressive logo animations created by the team of Webdew.

Well! To up your video marketing game, you might be looking for the best ways that will help you make logo animations without efforts. But, before we focus on the steps, let's first understand the importance of logo animations for business without any hassle.

Why does your Business need Logo Animation? 

With the help of the right logo, customers can easily identify your brand and serve as the face of your business. If you invest time and money in improving your services and products, it's vital to go the extra mile and improve the company logo. Want to know why?

Here are some reasons that will inspire you to create an excellent logo animation for free

  • Animated logos hold the viewer's attention 
  • Animated logos improve brand awareness
  • Animated logos make emotional connections 
  • Animated logos convey the seriousness
  • Animated logos build brand recognition and many more. 

Now that you have realized the importance of animated logo and motion graphics, let's take a look at the steps that will help you understand how to make logo animation without investing huge time and effort. 

How to make Logo Animations without After-Effects?

Wondering how to make a logo animation or how to be an animator? Well, this step-by-step guide will show you precisely how to create a logo animation, and that too without using After-effects.

Let's roll!

Step-1 Select the right Logo Animation Template 

One of the most vital steps that directly affect the quality of your logo is the selected template. By evaluating the Placeit's Logo Animation Maker library, choose a suitable template that goes well with your business. Indeed! It might be the most challenging part of the entire process, but it will make your entire logo animation process super effective if chosen the right way. 

Its search option will help you in making the right decision. Using the right tag such as baseball, explainer videos, cartoonish, you can easily choose the most appropriate logo animation template. Moreover, if you don't want to explore the search bar, you can always select the filter by style option from the screen's left side and choose the best logo animation template.

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Step-2 Customize your Selected Logo Animation Template

Once you are done with the selection of templates, it's time to edit the template according to your business requirements and needs. Using the drag and drop option, you can easily update the text, font, style, add images, music, etc. Furthermore, you can also change the animation to give a fascinating look at your logo animation. 

As there are thousands of cool fonts and styles, so always go through them all. The more you evaluate, the better you customize your animated logo. 

Step-3 Select the main graphic for your logo 

Are you done with the customization? Great! Now, it's time to choose your main graphic. No matter what you think about making, you can select various types of graphics such as sports, finance, games, etc. You can choose from fierce animals, mobile legends styles logos, etc. It will make your entire photoshop process easy. 

Still, if you don't have a brand yet, you can easily build one by customizing your new animated logo without breaking the banks and putting in huge efforts. 

Step-4 Download your Animated Logo

Once you are done with the editing process and completely satisfied with your design, just click on the download button. Your amazing 3D logo animation will be ready. It will be in an mp4 file which can further be shared and posted on various platforms. 

Furthermore, you can also download a static version of your logo by clicking on the image's bottom. By doing so, your logo is saved as a PNG file. Whenever you plan to download your loo, make sure you look at the preview of your animated logo. It will give you an idea about whether your design needs any updates or good to go. 

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Tips for easy Logo Animation 

Are you excited about creating one for your business? Indeed! Creating an animated logo without after-effects is easy, but still, there are some points by considering which you can make the most out of your animated logo. 

Tip-1 Always be Consistent 

Whenever you create a logo animation, try to be consistent. Make sure each logo design has the same visuals. Having the same animation effect will improve your brand identity and make the viewers remember your brand.

The more the people retain the information, the easier it becomes to convert the visitors into leads. So, always try to be consistent with the visuals of your logo. 

Tip-2 Make a Shirt Logo

Always try not to make your logo animation overwhelming. If your logo looks too big, then then it might affect your entire brand reputation. All the visuals you use or the text you add must be according to your website.

Also, make sure it's not too big. Another thing that you should consider is not to add an animated logo on a plain background. Prefer adding it on a video or image instead. 

Tip-3 Make your background noticeable 

Another tip that will make your animated logo noticeable is by using a contrasting background. By using the right color combination, you can make your content highly attractive. It is a practical tip that will help you create your logo to stand out from the rest. 

Tip-4 Sometimes it's better to have no Animation

It might sound silly, but sometimes it's ok to create a static logo. This tactic is most helpful when you plan to add a logo to your video. The video itself is compelling and moving, so if you add on the top, it might be overwhelming for the people landing on your video. 

Tip-5 Explore and Learn 

It's always good to explore different logos and get new ideas. By looking at other designs, you will learn new ideas that will make your logo more noticeable and out of the box. Moreover, you will also get to know about other helpful resources that you might be unfamiliar with.

The more you watch, the higher you learn. So, never think that the time you spend on research has been wasted. It will definitely pay off. 

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In a Nutshell 

Making a logo animation might be entertaining and easy, but only if it is created correctly. If your logo is represented in an exemplary manner, then it will work best for your brand. 

I hope the information added above is quite enough to make you understand the importance of animated logos, the process of creating animated logos, how to make animation video, and the tips that will help you create excellent logos effortlessly. 

Still, if you want any guidance in creating animated logos for your business or having queries, feel free to contact us. Our experts will help you resolve all your queries and make a logo animation the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a free animated logo can be achieved using online design and animation platforms like Canva, Kapwing, or Renderforest. These user-friendly tools offer logo animation templates and customization options. Simply upload your logo, select an animation style, customize it to match your brand, and export the animated logo. While the options may be limited compared to premium software, these free tools provide an accessible way to add motion to your logo.

Several software options are available for animating logos, catering to different skill levels and budgets. For professional logo animation, Adobe After Effects is a widely used industry-standard software. Blender is another powerful and free option that allows you to create both 2D and 3D logo animations. For simpler animations, online platforms like Canva and Kapwing offer easy-to-use interfaces and animation templates.

Transforming your logo into a 3D animation requires software with 3D capabilities, such as Blender. Start by importing your 2D logo into Blender, then use extrusion and keyframing techniques to give it depth and animate its movement. Blender provides a range of tutorials and resources for 3D logo animation, making it accessible for those interested in creating immersive 3D logo animations.

Animating an SVG logo involves using animation software like Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, or even CSS and JavaScript if you're working on the web. Start by importing your SVG logo into the chosen software, then apply animation techniques like keyframes, transitions, and effects to bring your logo to life. SVG files are particularly suitable for animations, as they are vector-based and scalable, ensuring your animated logo retains its quality across different screen sizes.