Productivity is a complicated thing. Everyone desires to be extra productive, and over 1,000,000 methods, sites, programs, and apps declare to be the answer.

There are calendar apps, to-do listing programs, virtual notebooks, conversation sites, and different types of equipment claiming that will help you enhance control and get extra done regularly. 


However, sometimes having too much productive equipment ends up a drawback to performance instead of an aid. If you need to cross from tab to tab among structures, type each time you want to find conversations, etc., a lot of time is wasted trying to be extra productive.

In fact, it is now no longer unusual for researching, configuring, and dealing with productiveness aids to be a way of procrastination.

So, if having all of the brand new tech geared closer to productiveness is not the answer, does that imply it is hopeless? Not at all. 

It is simply how you want the proper tool to solve this problem. HubSpot is that one tool you might be searching for. You might see HubSpot as only a CRM. However, it is so much more than that! 

Let's cross over HubSpot's Project Management software program and all of the different equipment they offer that will help you enhance undertaking control and business productivity

What is the HubSpot Project Management Tool?

HubSpot's Project Management, or Projects, is a software program designed to combine CRM and different merchandise to let you handle your business or organizational tasks all in one place.

All your mission management-associated files, messages, and obligations may be saved within the identical without problems in a convenient location. Since it is an identical platform, you could use it to attend client service, manage sales and marketing, assign obligations, talk projects, and whole them, all on one platform.

One of the numerous matters that make HubSpot so liked alongside the advertising and marketing network is the ease of use of HubSpot products. When you first start putting in place your account, it could be overwhelming. 

They have many capabilities and assets to assist your commercial enterprise in developing and thriving, just by understanding a way to use all of them or what to do, which at first would possibly appear impossible. Luckily, HubSpot has an easy-to-use format with an intuitive layout that makes it an awful lot less difficult to understand what to do.

HubSpot desires to make sure that everybody is aware of precisely what to do to get the maximum out of the platform. They have pop-up recommendations that stroll you through the features on the platform. 

Projects also have checklists that allow you to manually go through the technical setup and obligations for inbound advertising and marketing procedures like client personas and content material offers. This gives a clean onboarding method to get you aligned quickly without losing time on trial and error. If that isn't always enough, you may usually flip to the assist middle for steering in case you get stuck.

How to improve Web Project Management on HubSpot?

Work together as a Team

When you've got your marketing, sales, and customer support groups seeking to determine who does what and when, matters can get confusing, and being green will become problematic. With Projects, you could assign duties to every member of the group and carry out the tasks collectively seamlessly. 

You can even:

  • Give each project a due date
  • Attach files
  • Link blog posts, instructions, or information

And a lot more. 

Everything can, in the end, be well-organized and delegated, all in a single place, so that the team can successfully complete the project.

Use and create Templates

Project Management Tool offers you a lot of templates that are vital for inbound advertising and marketing success. Each template comes with the tasks required to finish the particular project. The plan, the tasks, the timeframe, and the resources to assist are all outlined. 

Templates are created by HubSpot's own marketing professionals and are available right in your HubSpot platform, where you operate on the platform. 

The templates are formatted as checklists. Each time an undertaking is completed, you could click on the container subsequent to that undertaking, and it will be checked off. 

However, if you've got any repeating tasks that you want to finish, which HubSpot would not have a sufficient comparable template for, you could make your own without difficulty. You can create your own template with all of the tasks, deadlines, and attachments you want. Then, with one click of your mouse, you could flip it right into a template.


Integration to increase Productivity

All of HubSpot's software programs are made to seamlessly integrate with each other. It creates a wonderfully unified, all-in-one platform to manipulate nearly any region of your commercial enterprise. They have many functions and offer you all the gear and aid you want so as to enhance assignment management. 

However, it'd not be possible for them to create a device that satisfies all your commercial enterprise needs and wants. So the HubSpot project management tool provides for integration with many third-party platforms.

Here are a number of the awesome and beneficial HubSpot integrations: 


Running a commercial enterprise calls for a variety of emails. To work collectively, you need to keep in touch with the rest of the members. Having your email at the identical platform wherein you've got your CRM to manage marketing campaigns and create an income strategy, amongst different things, becomes very handy than switching back and forth.

Google Calendar

Projects additionally need to be integrated with calendars to see your schedule and whole it without switching platforms. Integration of Google calendar on Hubspot helps you schedule meetings instantly. By doing so, you no longer need to worry about a clash of meetings and know the availability of everyone in the team. 

Wrapping Up

HubSpot's Project Management software program has a ton of equipment and integrations for what it does not have inbuilt that will help you develop your commercial enterprise. It has many effective software programs that come collectively flawlessly to create a one-stop-keep on your commercial enterprise needs. 

There's no higher manner to develop your commercial enterprise that ensures organized workflow of the project and team productivity than HubSpot. Try it out and notice if you adore it as much as their different clients do. The new HubSpot CMS has everything for you to manage your business easily. 

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