There is no denying the fact that a company is successful by virtue of its talent. Whether you are a B2B business, a B2C business, a product-based company, or a service-based company, you need talented and skilled team members to stand out and scale forward. 

But why am I telling you this? Because candidates and employees are the core of the LinkedIn life page, that's our focus for this blog.

Well, initially, it might seem a big investment to you, considering the yearly package for LinkedIn career pages is quite an expense. But trust me on this; this will get you even more value out of it. So, getting started, in this blog, we will be discussing how to set up and make the most of your LinkedIn Life page.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, it is important that you understand the overall concept of the Career page. 

Let's roll…

What is the LinkedIn Life Page? 

LinkedIn Life page is a separate entity tagged to your original LinkedIn page. This page is like the premium version of LinkedIn that unlocks a lot more functionalities than available on the regular page. 

The chief purpose of this page is to attract talent and engage existing employees of a company. It enables companies to activate the Job Tab on the company page and post job postings, so prospective candidates can easily apply for the available jobs from LinkedIn itself. 

webdew linkedin jobs page

Another highlight of the LinkedIn life page is the Life Tab. This tab provides a selective group of audience with a personalized look into your company's culture, events, structure, and other insights.

webdew linkedin life page

You can also track pixels on the LinkedIn life page. In this blog, we will be specifically focusing on the Life tab and how to make the most of it. 

How to set up the LinkedIn Life Tab?

These are the following fields you will need to update for your LinkedIn life page:

Main Image or Video

It is basically the banner of the Life page, and it is the first thing that visitors will see when they land on your page. It's a great opportunity to capture the attention of prospective candidates and showcase the essence of your organization. 

Try to add a group image that sends out the right message that you are a team and you love working together.

Company Leaders 

This is where you will put your leaders' names and other information. This is a crucial part of the page, as you showcase the most important and authoritative people of the organization in this module as per the hierarchy. 

Make sure that the designations are accurate and the profile of each leader is active. 

When it comes to candidates, they tend to check the profile of the leaders besides that of the said company. 

The more the leaders seem connected to the company, the better.

Custom Spotlight Module 

Here you can add 2-3 custom modules from your website to showcase what's relevant for you. Here you can add and showcase any aspect of life at your company, ranging from group activities to individual achievements to client reviews, etc.

In my opinion, this module should not be something that comes across as salesy or too cheesy. Don't be scared to go candid and highlight the real culture of your organization.

webdew linkedin

As you can see, we have added three sections. 

In the first section, we have put out a general description of the company culture and what we believe in. Additionally, we have included the links of our Career Website where a candidate can find the relevant information about webdew and joining webdew. 

In the second section, we have captured one of the recurring activities in the company, Thursday Talk. This practice is growth-oriented and shows the visitors how the company works on developing the soft skills of employees and gives them a platform to put across their thoughts.

The last section is all about candidates. It shares a glimpse of our Career Paradise campaign, where they can find actually valuable tips on their career. It presents another opportunity for us to showcase our helping mindset and establish our growth-oriented culture.

Company Photos 

People love to look at images. When visitors land on your Life page on LinkedIn and see the smiling faces of your team, they will feel connected even though they will be looking at strangers. 

Don't be afraid to go goofy and quirky on this. Add images where people can be seen having real fun. Let the visitors know that you work hard and you party hard. A friendly approach will help you attract more candidates.

Employee Perspective 

It is where you engage your existing employees and inspire them to stay more active on LinkedIn. The employee perspective module on the Life page is where you can share the content your employees published on LinkedIn. 

You can publish at least two and a maximum of three blogs here. You can keep changing the articles, so all your employees can have their moment. This way, you can also showcase the skills of your employees.

In webdew, we run a blog campaign where all the members share a blog each month, sharing their expertise and new learnings. If you have any such campaigns, you can definitely showcase them here.


Whether it's clients or candidates, people want to verify the value of a company from the people who have actually had their experience. The testimonials section is your gateway to earn a reputation among prospects.

We have shared the testimonials of two of our oldest members to send across the right message. Make sure the reviews are not shallow and short. They should be humble and honest. Don't put up something that does not agree with your internal policy.

After you have added all the relevant information and set up the tab, you can preview it. If you are not happy with the changes, you can go back and start over, and if you are satisfied with the results, you can go ahead and hit publish.  


When you enhance your Career pages on linked in, you get some added advantages from LinkedIn as well. LinkedIn targets all the audience worldwide except for the company employees. 

The ad will appear on the profile of your employee. 

Whenever someone comes across the profile of any of your team members or employees, they will see the ad post of your company. It will extend your reach and prompt visitors to check out your page and follow it.

In a Crux

Please note that the life page is entirely to build an authoritative presence of your company on LinkedIn, and it serves entirely from an employee perspective. It has nothing to do with the clients, and you can not expect it to get you conversions. 

Instead, it will get you credibility, establish your organization's social media presence and attract a richer pool of talents. So, be relevant, stay honest and enjoy the perks of your new career pages!

Need any help in setting up a Carrer or Life page for your company? Feel free to contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

To modify your LinkedIn Page's “Life” or “What We Do” section, access your Page's super admin view. Click on the “All Pages” tab at the page's top and choose either “Life” or “What We Do” from the dropdown menu.

The Life page offers companies a versatile platform to convey an authentic narrative. Admins wield control over page content and can craft diverse customized views known as Target Audience Pages. By default, visitors encounter content tailored to their LinkedIn profiles.

Posting frequency guidelines vary across social media platforms. Typically, aim for 1-2 daily posts, with a maximum of 3-5 on most platforms. On LinkedIn, it's advisable to post daily, but not exceeding 5 times. Surprisingly, brands posting just once a month on LinkedIn have experienced sixfold follower growth compared to those maintaining a lower profile. Tailoring your posting frequency to the platform can enhance your online presence and engagement.

A LinkedIn Life Page is a key component of the LinkedIn Career Pages package, aimed at aiding businesses in connecting with ideal candidates and stimulating job applications. Although Career Pages require payment, the package is adaptable to suit your company's size and unique requirements.

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