The month of March has been so action-packed in webdew. At webdew, we encourage quality actions rather than actions and decisions taken in a rush. 

There should be a balance in personal and professional life. As I was away for personal commitments, I was not able to consistently connect with my team. But, I feel more proud than ever that my team managed it well and this time, webdew March achievements are all the hard work of the team. 

There is a quote that I have read recently-  “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” And as I read this, I am starting this blog informing you about what webdians have done in March 2022. 

If you have been following us for quite a while, a few changes must have caught your eye. Without further ado, I will share with you how webdew has moved a step further. 

Welcome to our March Updates

Let’s get started…


Social Media Campaign

Social media has become part of our daily lives, and growing on social media is something webdew has been looking forward to. The social media team started off the month of March with tremendous achievements. 

Not just is the effort of the social media team, but each and every webdian's contribution counts in the rapid growth of webdew's LinkedIn page. In the month of March, I am overjoyed to tell you that webdew crossed 10K+ followers on LinkedIn. 

webdew 100K followers on LinkedIn

Talking about Facebook and Instagram, we are a family of 1125 members on FB and have gained 55 new followers on Instagram. With our team making interesting reels and employing amazing strategies, our Instagram reach has grown by 11.7% in March.  

webdew instagram metrics march

Our Twitter has just skyrocketed from the February stats! In March 2022, we achieved 1114 tweets, 25.7K impressions, 24.1K profile visits, 80 mentions, and 40 more followers

Do wait patiently for next month's updates to see how we are growing! Be a part of our social media pages and check out our exciting posts. 

Learn Teach and Grow

They say “learning multiplies by the number of people.”  Webdians continue to share our knowledge and expertise through this campaign. This helps not just generate traffic, but to help our website visitors enrich themselves with useful knowledge and information. 

Our blogs are written such that it identifies a problem and provides a solution in a simple language that everyone is able to understand. We have, in the month of March, published 25+ blogs on a wide range of topics. To read our blogs, visit

webdew blog march 2022

Search Engine Optimization

SEO algorithms keep changing, and quality content brings more traffic. The more the traffic, the more is the lead generation. 

We have our SEO team working on link-building activities energetically establishing fruitful relationships and networks. We believe that good SEO habits will help us throughout our digital growth. 

Speaking in statistical terms, in the month of March 2022, we gained significant growth in website traffic. As per our Ubersuggest report, our monthly traffic is 60501. Also, Our domain authority has increased to 38 and our organic keywords are 64577. 

Here I have listed for you our top-ranking pages:

HubSpot community campaign

Being a HubSpot Diamond partner since 2020, our HubSpot experts are dedicated to resolving any queries regarding HubSpot. webdew has provided 440 solutions to the questions and is maintaining the 4th position. 

Let’s take a look at the detailed rankings of the month of March by our HubSpot community:

All Time Rank-

webdew community all time rank march

Last Year Rank-

webdew community last year rank march

Six Months Rank-

webdew community six months rank march

Three Months Rank-

webdew community three months rank march

Thirty days Rank-

webdew community thirty days rank march

Seven Days Rank-

webdew community 7 days march

If you are facing any glitches or have queries related to HubSpot, our experts will be there to help you out for free!


Website campaign

I do not believe that having a website and maintaining it is a loss. It is, of course, worth all the investment. As you might have noticed, webdew has made significant changes to the website. 

We have added Brand domains that help you buy premium domains from our website. 

brand domain webdew updated

You can also find that our services are listed out to you for the convenience of our website visitors. You can also find a plethora of blogs and download our e-books from the resource section too.

What’s more, check out our client testimonials and reviews on our website. We also keep revamping our website design. It’s nice to keep up with the latest trends and ensure better user experience. 

Backend changes are also something we have done in the month of March. It is important as we have to ensure everything is organized and our website visitors and clients have an enhanced experience in our website. 


Directories campaign

I believe feedback and reviews are the best way to analyze where you stand and how you are growing as a business. In webdew, therefore, reviews and feedback are a priority. We value our clients and their feedback, be it negative or positive, is valuable. 

In the month of March, we have gained 19 reviews:

  • HubSpot – 6
  • Clutch – 5 
  • G2 Crowd – 5
  • Good Firms – 1
  • DesignRush – 1
  • 99 Firms – 1

In Clutch, webdew has gained 115 click- throughs and profile views in March 2022. 

Recruitment campaign

I strongly believe that a fresher with potential has every right to get a chance to make their way in any job. Hiring the right people who align to the company’s views are important for the growth of the company. 

It is true that teamwork makes dreams work. And our recruitment team has done a wonderful job in recruiting talented people into our team. In March, 250+ interviews were conducted and 3 new members joined our team. 

Follow us on Youtube to get insights on acing job interviews. You can also check out our career blogs and discover many things that might help you in many ways. 

Internal knowledgebase campaign

As I have stated in the previous agency updates, webdew's goal is to not only educate viewers, but also to educate webdew members, allowing them to better serve their customers.

In March, we updated previous blogs and started working on new blogs that can be very useful for any website visitor. 

In a crux

No matter what, even though I have a packed schedule, the importance of webdew agency updates should go on. That way, we maintain transparency and keep ourselves aligned. 

Stay in touch with us, and I am more than happy to keep you informed about how webdew is growing. Visit to know more!

Have any queries? Contact us! We are at your service.