In 2019, the number of email users worldwide reached 3,9 billion people, which is 50% of the world's population. However, the ROI on email marketing is colossal. Every dollar spent generates about $42 in income. However, this is not the limit.

Next, we'll show you how to exceed this milestone by increasing conversions with the new solution. Today we're going to talk about the thing that makes emails interesting, colorful, and engaging – interactive elements.

Why should your Business use Interactive Elements?

Better user Experience

One of the key tasks in website optimization is shortening the customer's journey to purchase. The fewer actions a user needs to perform, the higher the likelihood of making a deal. It is true for all kinds of sales.

However, earlier, there was no opportunity to perform all the actions (examination of goods, clarification of information, purchase) in the mail client. Interactive elements solve this problem. Now you can provide users with more options while minimizing page transitions.


Technology is all around us. Ease of use, convenience, and the ability to anticipate user desires are significant competitive advantages of companies.

The better you accomplish these goals, the closer you are to leadership. Interactive elements make static emails interesting and multi-functional.


Interactivity dramatically increases the effectiveness of brand interactions. Users are more engaged. It allows marketers to get more data and use it to better personalize emails.

For example, a user responds well to an email that suggests gamification. It can be used by further submitting proposals in this format.

Competitive Advantage

Interactive elements in emails are a fresh trend. Few companies use them. By implementing interactive elements in your mailing list, the brand is guaranteed to be remembered by users.

Moreover, in this matter, there is currently low competition. So by starting to use interactive elements in emails now, you will easily outperform the competition.

Before getting down to Business: Technical Issues

We mentioned above that interactive elements in emails are a fresh solution. It is because of this that users remember them. However, there are subtleties in innovation.

At the moment, interactive elements are not supported by all email clients. The percentage of compatibility largely depends on the quality of the code used, which determines the importance of carefully choosing a programmer. An experienced professional is needed.

With well-written code, emails with interactive elements will be supported:

  • Apple Mail–90%;
  • Gmail–50%.

However, this does not mean that the issue cannot be resolved. You just need to remember this feature and act accordingly.

First, interactive elements are implemented using CSS. In the CSS Campaign Monitor manual, you will find information about the interactive elements supported by a particular type of mail client. It also contains descriptions of some compatibility issues. It will help avoid them.

Secondly, interactive elements are also implemented using some services—for example, HubSpot and Stripo. The latter provides publicly available information about the supported interactive elements and the indication of devices and mail clients.

Thirdly, before starting the mailing list, double-check the letters. It should always be done. However, it is when using interactive elements that this step is critical. Make sure email rendering isn't broken.

It can be affected by changes in the code. By checking them before sending emails, you can make changes in time, prevent mistakes, save money, and protect your reputation.

Remember, you should pay attention to such a thing as grammar. This greatly affects the quality of the content, and even an insignificant typo can spoil the impression of the brand.

Furthermore, you can use services like Essay TigersGrammarly, etc., to avoid such situations. It can prevent mistakes and make the content presentable.

5 Interactive Elements in Automated Emails that will boost Conversions 

Image flip Effect

It can be used in many ways. Some marketers, with the help of a coup, provide the most realistic product presentation. For example, showing it in close-up. A more interesting option is to show the product from the backside.

However, the effect can be made even better. What if using it to tease a customer with a product? In this letter, for example, users were asked to choose an answer from three suggested ones. It is a great way to improve your new product presentation. After all, gamification is always attractive.


This interactive element allows you to provide users with more useful information. It saves time and reduces the amount of information presented on the page. So why do not use it in your email newsletter?

The first thing the user will see is a simple image. Additional information will appear only when you hover over it. And you can add anything here:

  • Information about the product;
  • Additional discount;
  • Arguments handling objections.

Tooltips are especially useful for newsletters. They allow you to get all the information without interrupting the session. The user does not need to go to the site. All information about the offer is contained directly in the letter and is available with one click.

Anchor Links

In sales, it is not only the quality of the offer that the company makes but also the time that matters, especially if your clients are busy people. The fact that someone is forcing them to waste time reading little interesting information can be annoying. Anchor links help to exclude this.

In fact, they shorten the path of the reader through the letter. The user can immediately jump to the part that is really interesting. And it will take just a couple of seconds.

Erasing Effect

Engagement is essential in the buying process. Therefore, it should be stimulated. The higher the level of engagement a person has when interacting with the brand, the higher the likelihood of making a purchase. The erasing effect is a great way to stimulate her.

Its essence is simple: a person receives a letter informing about a discount or new offers. However, to use it, you need to do more than just read the text. You need to erase the code.

This effect is one example of buying gamification, which is always good. In addition, it is a highly interactive process and is highly likely to be the first such customer experience. He will definitely interest and be remembered.

In addition, it is applicable to any area. Do you want to present discounts more interesting? The erase effect will help with this!

Time Counters

The best way to incentivize a user to buy is to combine marketing solutions. For example, add a time counter to an email.

This interactive element is often used on websites, especially during the sales period. It is one of the tools of FOMO marketing, and it gives the feeling that the user might be missing out on a great opportunity. This lends importance and urgency to the proposal.


Interactive elements are a fresh trend that has the potential to transform the way email is viewed. However, even they are not omnipotent.

In order to get the most from your email marketing, you also need to have a sound strategy. Nobody canceled it. After all, one of the secrets of leadership is the ability to combine fundamental things and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Interactive emails are emails that let you do more than just read text or view images. They have special things inside them that you can click on and use, like buttons to rate things, put stuff in your shopping cart, or even play games without leaving your email. Interactive emails make it easy and fun to interact with content right from your inbox, without needing to go to a website.

You can make emails more exciting and engaging by adding things like GIFs, videos, surveys, and more. When you do this, it makes the emails more interesting, and the person who gets the email is more likely to do things like clicking on a link, watching a video, or taking a survey. This way, the email isn't just something to read, but something you can interact with and have fun with.

Creating interactive emails in Gmail involves using HTML code to add elements like radio buttons, dropdowns, and forms. However, this requires custom development, typically by businesses. It's important to note that email service providers (ESPs), including Gmail, do not fully support interactive emails at the moment. So, while you can create them through coding, their functionality may be limited in certain email clients. Make sure to test thoroughly to ensure compatibility across various platforms.

Email dynamic content is like a magic email that changes its content for different people. Instead of sending lots of different emails, you send one special email that adapts itself to what each person likes or needs. It's like having a personalized conversation with everyone in a single email. So, you save time and make your emails more interesting and helpful for each person receiving them.