I am sure you might be excited to know what we have done in the month of February. By keeping this in mind, I make sure that you get the updates every month and always get connected with webdew.

No matter how busy I am, we always keep on maintaining transparency by keeping you informed about what we did in the month and objectives behind each campaign. That helps us to reach the targets and win the goals. 

Now, without any further discussion, let's have a look at each campaign and know how it is helping us to grow and reach the targets, just like I tried to mention in webdew agencies update January 2022

Welcome to webdew February Updates!

Let's begin… 


Social Media Campaign 

The month of February was a great achievement for the social media team. Each team member of webdew has put in a lot of effort to generate traffic and sales through videos, stories, content, etc. 

In February, we are now the family of 9468 on LinkedIn. We gained 2.5 k unique visitors, 3.9K followers, 93.5K impressions, 273 custom button clicks, and 3.8K search appearances. Indeed achieving such targets is not a cakewalk, but the efforts put in by the team helps in hitting the goals. 

We have done 852 tweets on Twitter gained 18.9K tweet impressions, 10K profile visitors, 73 mentions, and 11 new followers. 

Now, if I talk about Facebook and Instagram, we are now the family of 1123 on Facebook and 334 on Instagram. On Facebook and Instagram, we have seen a tremendous increase in our reach by 733 and 7895, respectively. 

Moreover, page and profile visits on Facebook and Instagram have also increased. Facebook page visits have increased by 12.8% and Instagram profile visits by 13.1%. 

Are you also excited to see the numbers for the coming months for different social media platforms just like me? Do read our coming webdew agency updates blog. 

Search engine optimization

Indeed SEO plays an important role in making the website visible to visitors. As we all know that Google algorithms keep on changing with time, that's why it becomes more important to focus on SEO. That's why we keep on focusing on SEO and generating leads through inbound. 

Now, If I talk about analytics, then in February, we gained a good amount of traffic. As per the Google analytics report, we have gained 73,535 sessions, 62,675 users, 108,913 page views, 85.44% bounce rate. 

Another good news for webdew followers is that our domain authority has been increased from 37 to 38. Also, the organic traffic has increased by 39924 by February. 

Are you excited to see which all pages and keywords are top-ranked and helping us to get ranked? Have a look at the below listing:

Now, let's jump onto the keywords that are ranked at the top-. 

Have a look at Google Analytics Traffic Comparison of January month to February month.

Learn Teach and Grow

Sharing knowledge and helping others is always the vision of webdew. That's why we keep on sharing knowledge through this campaign. This campaign is not only helping us to build strong relations with the viewers but also allowing us to generate more traffic to our site. 

In the month of February, we have published 15+ articles that are written and edited by the professionals of webdew. If you want to read the blogs of our experts, visit https://www.webdew.com/blog

HubSpot Community campaign 

There are no second thoughts that the HubSpot experts have putin a lot of effort to solve the queries around HubSpot. Till the month of February, 428 questions are marked as solutions. Yes, we still stand at the 4th position. 

Have a look at the detailed ranking report of the February HubSpot community. 

All-time rank- 4th 

Last year rank- 2nd 

Six months rank- 2nd 

Three months rank- 2nd 

Thirty days rank- 2nd 

Seven days rank-2nd 

Are you also facing any trouble while using HubSpot? Feel free to reach out to your HubSpot experts and get the best advice for free. 


webdew website campaign 

I believe that a website is the face of any business, especially in the time when everyone is working from home and offering services online. Having an SEO-optimized and error-free website will not only allow you to rank higher on search results but also help in converting quality leads. 

To make sure our website stands at the top, we keep on making small efforts to add some flavors to make the site more engaging. 

Now, you can see that the mega menu of our services is more defined and appealing.  

One major point that I would like to cover here is marketing pages. Yes! In February, we recreated all our marketing pages

HubSpot Tutorials by webdew

Just like other campaigns, HubSpot tutorials are also helping us to share knowledge among visitors at every stage of the funnel. For the last 2 months, we were not investing much time in this campaign, but from February, our HubSpot team resumed working on this campaign and trying their best to take it to the next level.

In February, we published 30 videos on our HubSpot YouTube channel. Till now, we have videos in 66 total that allow us to use HubSpot professionally. Moreover, you can refer to the YouTube page and see all the HubSpot tutorials by webdew.


Review campaign 

I believe that reviews are one of the best ways to understand the quality of services we are offering to our clients. A single positive review has the power to influence people that further boost the company's credibility. Thus, to make sure we keep on focusing on the client perspective, we analyze the number of reviews. 

In February, we have gained 9 reviews in total. It includes:

  • HubSpot Directory: 2
  • Clutch: 4
  • G2: 3

In February, we gained 125 click thoughts, 403 profile views through clutch. 

Internal knowledgebase campaign 

webdew objective is not only to boost viewer's knowledge but also to make sure that each member of webdew keeps on enhancing their knowledge which further helps them to offer the right service to the right customer.  

In the month of February, we have published 5 articles on our internal knowledge base. Now, we have 192 articles in total that can be referred by visitors to boost their skills. 

Recruitment campaign 

It's well said that “Hire people who are smarter than you are—whose talents surpass yours—and give them opportunities for growth. It's the smart thing to do, and it is a sign of high personal humility.” That's why our recruitment team is going the extra mile to hire the right talent within the company. 

In the month of February, we conducted 182 interviews and 3 new members joined our webdew family. 

To help our candidates, we have also been sharing career videos. So, if you also need any help to make your career more aligned, don't forget to visit our youtube.  

In a Crux

Honestly, sparing time from my schedule for this agency update blog is not easy, but I believe it's also important to keep everyone aligned with you all. So, that's all for February. 

Thus, stay in touch to know what we are planning for March 2022. Visit webdew.com to know more about our organization. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us