2022 started off, and as I said in my last agency update blog, the year 2022 will definitely bring a lot of new things. One month of the year is over, and I have come up with the latest updates through this blog that we achieved this month. 

I know you might be curious to know the hidden aspects of sales, but believe me, in the coming agency updates blog, I will definitely figure out how to present those game-changing numbers. 

But for now, let me take you through the achievements for the month of January. 

Welcome to our January Updates 

Let's get started…


Social media campaign 

It would not be wrong to say that social media keeps on changing the way we live our lives. That's why our social team is putting their best efforts into hitting the targets and winning the marketing game.

To reach the peaks of popularity, we keep updating personal stories, infographics, reels, educational content, etc., on different platform, like  InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook. 

It's very proud to announce that the target that we set for social media is achieved with good numbers. To give a clear view, I would share the updates on a platform basis. 

On Twitter, we are now a family of 442. In January, we did 778 tweets, got 20.9K impressions, 17.1K profile visits, and 26 new followers. 

Now, if I talk about LinkedIn, then in just one single month, we have gained 2K followers. We are now a family of 5582 members and gained 2.2K unique visitors. 

When it comes to social media, then how can I forget Facebook and Instagram. Till 31st January, we are a family of 1124 on Facebook and 314 on Instagram. 

That's all we have for social for now; now, let's take you towards another campaign which is one of the most favorites of mine- LTG. 

Learn, Teach and Grow

Our webdians do follow the words of Mahatma Gandhi, which goes like- “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” That's why we keep on learning new things and transferring knowledge with others through blogs. 

In the month of January, we have successfully published 20+ blogs on our site that were written and edited by the experts of webdew. If you want to have a look at the blogs, visit https://www.webdew.com/blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a never-ending process. To make a search engine view your website, SEO experts need to work on the website and make sure that it meets all the latest algorithms. To achieve the goals, SEO experts keep on working on the errors, and all their efforts are worth it. 

In January, we got 46.3K clicks, 4.41M impressions, 1% average CTR, and 38.9 average CTR. But the bounce rate of the website remains constant at 82%. 

If I compare the traffic of the site with the previous month, which is December, then it's quite similar. You can have a look at the below-added screenshot. 

As you know that we are very focused on generating backlinks not only for our clients but also for ourselves, that's why our SEO team keeps on generating good quality links. According to Ubersuggest, there are almost 210 keywords that rank on the 1st page of SERP.  

If I talk about link building, then in January, we have built 191 links for webdew. If you want to generate excellent links for your company/product, feel free to contact us

Also, webdew's domain authority has been increased from 36 to 37, which is another great achievement for our SEO team. 

HubSpot community campaign 

From all the analytics and reports, I found that the more we educate and help, the better we grow. That's why I made the decision to run this community campaign and help people to get their queries resolved around HubSpot

In January, we still stand at 4th position by getting 381 solutions marked as solved. 

All-time Rank: 4th 

Last Year Rank: 2nd 

Six months Rank: 2nd 

Three months Rank: 2nd 

Thirty days Rank: 2nd


Website campaign

When it comes to websites, then there are a lot of to and forth activities that we did in January. I am proud to announce that we have made a talent page live whose main objective is to help clients hire the right talent for their company and provide excellent services to their clients. 

Also, to make the website more aligned and error-free, we have updated the design of some pages like the contact us page. Also, our developers have put-in a lot of effort into resolving all the SEO-related errors that were shared by the SEO expert. 


Review campaign

webdian's always keep their clients feedback on priority that is why this review campaign is always close to my heart. It not only helps us evaluate our work performance, but also helps us improve our services and achieve our targets. 

Now if I talk about the analytics, then in January, we have got 17 reviews in total, which is divided as follows: 

  • Clutch – 3
  • HubSpot – 2
  • G2 – 12

Through the clutch, we have got 215 profile views, and 1 contact form. To know more, you can refer to below screenshot- 

Another best part about January was that we have got 1 video review from one of our clients as shared below. 

Internal Knowledgebase campaign 

Knowledge transfer is always the priority of webdew. Not only with the viewers, but also with the internal team. The primary objective behind running this campaign is to help people grow independently. 

In January, we published 9 more articles in our internal knowledgebase campaign. Now, we have 493 total blogs in our internal knowledgebase. All the content shared in the internal knowledge also allows them to perform each campaign with proficiency. 

Recruitment campaign 

It's well said- “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This is what webdew believe. That's why our recruitment team is putting a lot of effort into hiring the right talent that fits the goal. 

In the month of January, we have interviewed 216 candidates, out of which 9 new members joined the webdew family. 

Are you planning to make your career more aligned? Follow us on YouTube and go through these videos and achieve whatever possible. 

The final say 

The month of January was nothing less than a roller coaster ride as we had to plan a lot of things for the year 2022 along with the monthly target. Yet, we managed to introduce new campaigns and planning for some more.

Are you ready to see what comes up in the coming months? Stay connected with webdew.com. Still having any concerns? Feel free to contact us