Landing pages have the power to lead consumers towards a particular service/offer and motivate them to make the right choice. Creating a landing page can be very vital for a business as it builds up opportunities, such as creating more connections and developing the consumer base.

Nowadays, online business is flourishing, and landing pages are the main part of it. It is not enough just to create a new blog or article and post it every other day or week to achieve new business. 

The best landing page tools can also provide you with advanced features. Also, landing pages should and can be used for most of the sales pages as they are said to be one of the best choices in terms of effectively and efficiently recording and gaining different email addresses, which are very important for email marketing

There are some key reasons that marketers and website owners are very reluctant to use landing pages in some situations. Because-

  • They take more time and are also difficult to create.
  • Some of the owners don't know how to enhance their landing pages according to the changes.  

These issues could be solved if the marketer's know-how and what landing page tools to use like Thrive content builder, Visual Editor, and Optimize Press. 

Top 10 Landing Page Creator Tools

Following are 10 creator tools that you can use to produce better landing pages for your website in a much easier manner get more subscribers for your websites and build a good customer base.

1. Instapage

It is a service that helps you build up landing pages for operations like online marketing and promotional campaigns for your business in a much more easy way. It contains features like A/B Testing, an easy manner of building a landing page, and much more.

The Instapage editor is said to be much easier than the Unbounce editor (mentioned below). It can be seen as a positive point and as a negative point too, according to your needs and wants.  

2. Unbounce

Unbounce is known as one of the best creator tools for the landing page. Its name suggests that the people who visit the landing pages that Unbounce builds don't “bounce” to other meaningless sites.

It helps all the custom website development agencies or businesses to grow their relevance, leads, and sales. It is a drag-and-drop builder that helps you create and publish your own landing page without the requirement of a developer who will code them. 

3. LeadPages

It is one of the most known landing page creator tools among business people and online sellers. LeadPages is unique in its features as it has a separate template selection.

They provide you with a large number of templates to select from, and also you can sort them on the basis of conversion rate. This is why LeadPages is the most preferred and known landing page tool. 

4. Hello Bar

This platform has been of benefit to thousands of marketers and online businesses. In this, you collect emails and show the messages received by potential consumers.

There is a simple thin bar that appears on the top of your website that is of use for a number of reasons and can also help you in converting your subscribers into email marketing efforts. 

5 Second Test

The name suggests what they want to convey. Similarly, the visitors to your websites do not like to search or think so much about what they want and what you are offering. It should be clear and obvious to them in less than 5 seconds.

This tool helps in achieving this and uses surveys or asks questions, which in turn helps you to learn about your customers and vice versa. 

6. Crazy Egg

It is one of the platforms that have a lot of reviews from a number of webmasters that will surely convince you to use it. It is built up in such a way that it helps you understand how your visitors make use of your website or a landing page.

Also, it is very simple to download Crazy Egg on the website. This is the reason why it is used a lot by many website owners compared to other landing tools that you may find. And also, it has a centre of attention towards building content.

7. Browsershots

How a landing page is displayed depends upon two key factors. First is the device visitors are using, and second is the browser, which makes it necessary to check how your landing pages are shown in multiple browsers. Browsershots help you determine the browsers in which your landing page is not displayed correctly.

It provides you with over 100 browsers to choose from, and you don't need to check every one of them. You can just use or pick the few latest versions of browsers you know from the best and most popular ones and check from them. 

8. Optimizely

This helps in split-testing your website and landing page. If you are thinking of creating a page from scratch, then this is a good tool for testing the efficiency of your page.

There is also a free plan provided to you to get used to this software. When you use this tool, it provides you with a simple code at the end of the process that needs to be copied and pasted on the head of your business's landing page.

This content builder makes sure that the people who visit your website or landing page are divided between the two or more versions that you have built up. 

9. Olark

This tool helps you in knowing your real visitor's responses and recording them. The people who view your landing page and who are interested in your business are those who matter. This helps create a little chat box on your landing page where visitors leave messages or feedback.

Olark is one of the most reputed live chat software solutions, among others as well. In this, there is no requirement for you to be the only person who talks with customers solves their queries and answers their questions in real time.

There are different packages provided by it, from which you can choose the one you like and can operate the live chat as a single person or as a team. 

10. UserTesting

You often need to have a much deeper review of your landing page. With this tool, the people visiting your website record voice messages related to their interaction with your landing page. They show up on your landing page and then search through it, and they are recording their experience, which you receive at the end.

But it is known to be very expensive, so an alternative that can be used is ‘Peek' which is free. Peek includes a person who gives a review for your website and records it, but you cannot choose who will review your landing page. It is a random operation, and the videos are made 5 minutes long, not 15 minutes as done in UserTesting. 

The Final Say

Thus, landing pages are an essential component of a successful online business. But if you are not building up landing pages for your online business because you think they take a lot of time, then you are not reaping the full benefit of their power.

And if you are not building up high-converting landing pages, then you tend to leave a lot of money and waste it. They are the best way in which you can capture the attention of customers and build up the reputation of your business in the online market, too. Want some help in designing a landing page? Contact us

Frequently Asked Questions

To create your landing page:

  • Choose a platform: Use a website builder or landing page builder like WordPress, Wix, or a dedicated landing page tool.
  • Select a template: Pick a pre-designed template that suits your campaign's goal.
  • Customize content: Replace template text and images with your own compelling content.
  • Add a form: Include a form to collect visitor information.
  • Optimize for mobile: Ensure your landing page looks good on mobile devices.
  • Test and refine: A/B test elements like headlines, images, and CTAs to improve conversions.
  • Publish: Make your landing page live and share it with your audience.

A landing page creator is a software tool or platform that allows users to quickly design and build landing pages for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns, lead generation, or product promotions.

These tools typically offer templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and customization options to create practical and visually appealing landing pages without extensive coding or design skills.

The expense of creating a landing page can vary widely depending on factors like complexity, design, and whether you hire a professional designer or use a landing page builder tool. It can range from being free (if you use a free builder tool) to several hundred dollars for custom design and development by a professional.

Landing pages provide a focused and persuasive webpage with a specific call to action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take a desired action, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing. They are designed to limit distractions and provide relevant information to convert visitors into customers or leads.