If you are spending an extra penny to attain business goals, then perhaps it's time to start using HubSpot tools and reap all the benefits. Because who wants to waste their hard-earned money.

New to HubSpot and don't know what HubSpot tools have in store for you? Well, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Since most of us fail to utilize all the HubSpot tools correctly, I have jotted down the list of HubSpot tools you can use to its fullest.

So, let's dive deep into the list and get a deeper insight into use of HubSpot sales tool.

HubSpot Marketing Hub

Let's take a look at the tools located within Marketing Hub.

HubSpot Ads

With HubSpot Ads, you can track and optimize your ads experience in one place without any hassle. Moreover, you can easily target your audience through google ads. You just need to follow a few steps, and you'll be there to delight your customers. Honestly, you'll get one step closer to measuring the performance of your spending on ads strategy with HubSpot Ads.

HubSpot Forms

HubSpot forms are one of the strongest tools in HubSpot. Through HubSpot forms, one can conveniently create any form by drag and drop options. So, build custom forms that connect to your contacts database and eventually turn your next potential buyers into promoters. 

All you need to do is customize the information you collect with up to 1,000 form fields and a dozen different field types and then trigger automatic emails and notifications based on form completions.

Website Pages/Landing Pages

Website pages and Landing pages are some of the best features in HubSpot and assist many marketers in driving traffic to their websites believe me these serve as a great source to generate quality leads. Furthermore, you can easily create and optimize content for users and publish it accordingly.


With the HubSpot blog tool, you can publish quality blog content to drive traffic to your website and convert visitors into customers with blogging tools. One can write, format, and edit blog content with ease. So, what are you waiting for? Start writing your first blog and get it published using the HubSpot free tools for blogging.

Call To action

With Call-to-action (CTA) button, you can drive prospective customers to your website to convert on a form and be added to your contacts database.

CTAs should be visually attractive, action-oriented, and easy to locate on your pages and emails. Therefore, you should start using CTA from today only to get better results.


Discover the automation tools offered by HubSpot.


Workflows is the automation engine in HubSpot, and with workflows, you can automate manual tasks, eventually saving yourself a lot of time while smoothing out the entire process. Automation beyond email indicates you can scale your growth and spend less time on repetitive tasks.

Automate your email campaigns so you can move prospects further down the funnel and generate more qualified leads.


With HubSpot Sequences you can automate messages to your contacts and opportunities which eventually saving you time in your outreach. You can frame your own email or you can choose from email templates.

Also, you can track the performance of emails that you are sending to prospects. If a contact replies or book a meeting from the sequences, the contact will be unenrolled from the sequence. So, start nurturing your leads and make them your next potential customer.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Here are the tools within Sales Hub that can help you streamline your tasks.


With the HubSpot tasks tool, one can keep track of your to-do list. There are so many benefits that you can reap from the HubSpot task, i.e., You can complete each task from the associated record, the task dashboard, or by using a task queue.

Therefore, a task tool will ease your life, and one can easily prioritize the task among the team members to achieve business goals.


With the HubSpot Deals tool, you can predict revenue and identify roadblocks in your selling process. Also by defining Deal stages in your pipeline will signify to your sales team that an opportunity is moving toward the point of closing.

So, what are you waiting for? Without wasting any second, start using HubSpot deals to monitor your sales process over time.


With HubSpot tickets, you can organize all of your customer inquiries in one place and track trends over time. Also, you can create individual tickets from your dashboard, a contact record, or your conversations inbox. Tickets also allow automating the process using workflows and the support form.

HubSpot Reports

Check these reporting tools that can help dive deep into the performance insights.

Custom Reports

Your marketing, sales, and service dashboards have default reports, but you can customize these dashboards and any custom dashboards you've created with reports and filters. So what are you waiting for? Customize your sales, marketing, and service dashboards with a custom dashboard app.

Custom Dashboard

Your marketing, sales, and service dashboards have default reports, but you can customize these dashboards, and any custom dashboards you've created, with reports and filters. So what are you waiting for customize your sales, marketing and service dashboards with custom dashboard app.

HubSpot Contacts

Get the details on contacts tools offered by HubSpot.


With HubSpot contacts, you can create as many as  1,000,000 detailed contacts and company records in HubSpot. Also, you can add new contacts manually by adding prospect's email address. Moreover, HubSpot automatically pulls the contacts coming organically via forms or CTA and gets stored as a contact.


With HubSpot companies, you can store and track information of individual's business organization. You can also get insight into associate contacts and deals with the company to better understand the company. So without wasting time, start using HubSpot companies to track all the information. 


Lists are an essential part of your marketing. Beyond sending an email, lists can help you identify how many contacts in your database have certain common traits. But HubSpot's Lists App becomes an even more powerful tool when you're using lists to create reports.

Every report should begin with a segmented list. The most specific your report's starting list is, the more influential the report is.


With HubSpot CRM, you can do multiple tasks like track your contacts and customer details in one place. You can send bulk emails all using the same tool. It's easy to use. So buckle down and start Using CRM to manage all the business data.


HubSpot Conversations offers you various tools like live chat, Facebook Messenger, chatbots, and team email, a universal inbox that gives all customer-facing teams to communicate in one place. The conversations tool will be beneficial for all marketers or sales reps to reach their visitors.

With live chat, you can automatically connect visitors to the right people on your team by routing a customer inquiry to your services team or passing a lead to the salesperson who owns that relationship.

Page Performances

With the HubSpot Page Performances tool, one can measure the traffic of the website. The data is collected through the tracking code. If your site is created in HubSpot, the tracking code is automatically installed.

In a Nutshell

HubSpot offers powerful customer-centric tools to grow business. All you need to do is utilize those tools in the right way to get the best result out of it. Hope you get an insight into HubSpot apps, and now you'll start using those apps to fulfill your desired business results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To use HubSpot more effectively, you can send automated follow-up emails to show appreciation to customers and verify the authenticity of email addresses. You can also create automated follow-up emails to thank those who have downloaded or signed up, helping you identify valid emails by checking for soft or hard bounces. This ensures that your email list is accurate and that your communication with customers is more efficient.

To make the most of HubSpot, focus on creating a growth strategy. Business growth is crucial but can be time-consuming. Setting ambitious yet realistic goals is a challenge. A growth strategy is a key HubSpot tip to drive your business forward. It helps you plan and execute your growth objectives efficiently, making the most of HubSpot's tools and features for achieving success. By outlining a clear roadmap, you can harness HubSpot's capabilities to boost your business's growth and achieve your desired outcomes.

HubSpot offers many tools to help businesses manage their online presence. They include Marketing Hub for automating marketing tasks, Sales Hub for managing customer relationships, Service Hub for customer service support, CMS Hub for content management, Operations Hub for operations management, and Commerce Hub for B2B commerce solutions. These tools cater to different aspects of a business's needs, from marketing and sales to customer service and content management, making HubSpot a versatile platform for improving and streamlining various online business operations.

HubSpot offers a range of benefits for businesses seeking growth. With its intuitive and clean user interface, it's user-friendly. As an all-in-one tool, it simplifies marketing, sales, and customer service tasks. Customizable features make it adaptable to unique needs, and its no-code customizability eases adjustments. HubSpot benefits from an extensive marketplace and a wide network of partners, expanding its capabilities. Plus, reliable support ensures you're never on your own. Lastly, user feedback continually shapes its development, making it a dynamic solution for businesses looking to thrive and succeed in their digital endeavors.